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I released Android version of “Smilingual”.
It’s also free application.

Please use it.

大家好. My name is Hidehito Aoki. I’m leader of Code for Nerima. (Code for Nerima is one of the Code for Japan Bligades.) Thank you for your using my application “UD Talk” in g0v summit. Anyway, I released new translating application. Name is “Smilingual”. Smile + Lingual = Smilingual. You can use this application in a short time conversation. You can use easier than UD Talk. And if you set same languages “left” and “right”. You can use this app in deaf and hard of hearing communication. UD Talk can create real time caption and documents. In your holding event, you can use UD Talk in the stage, and you can use Smilingual in a reception and support. This is a free application. There is an only iOS version but I will develop Android version. Please use it! <>

Smilingual - Apps on Google Play

Smilingual is translation application which everyone can use easily. "Smile + Lingual = Smilingual" After you select your language, just you tap and speak to this application. You can share your favorite phrases. Smilingual has over 100 languages now from Android supported languages. We recommend "Smilingual" for your hospitality, travel, communication and so on. Use it now!

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I wanted to crreate matterbridge with Code for All slack here, but run into a limit:
> Your workspace can’t add more apps
> Workspaces on free plans can only install 10 apps, and your workspace has reached the limit. You can add Matterbridge-CfAll if you upgrade your workspace or remove one of your existing apps.

Do you know that you can use OCF non profit status to update this slack for free to Standard plan.


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Oli Bradford 17:37:06
Hey folks! Do you know *the best practices* how to use Slack effectively? *I spent 500 hours* to make a fantastic and super useful Slack Guide. Hopefully, it will be useful for you, for your mom and for boss👌

_Trust me! The URL-shortener is needed for statistics._

And sorry for off topic, of course. Dear Admin, if this is the wrong channel, please tell me where should I paste this.

How To Use Slack Effectively in 2019

"How To Use Slack Effectively In 2019" is the most extensive playbook on using Slack to the utmost. We spent 500 hours to make it worthy of your time.

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OGP Global Summit 2019 投稿最後一天,
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全球開放政府夥伴(OGP)Global Summit 2019 投稿者的資料欄位沒有 Taiwan 也沒有 Hong Kong 可以選…

是迫誘選擇 China 嗎…
Gua Tabidze 2019-02-07 00:37:40
I believe it’s all about the country list the developer decided to use for the website. Am I wrong or this thing is political?

If you don’t want to happen this much, update (It needs a two day work to inform everyone with cold/light email) every private and open-source country lists for devs(APIs, etc)
thebestsophist 2019-02-07 01:52:37
this happened to me when i was preparing to go to the g0v summit last year. i had to report that i was going to my agency’s diplomatic office. our internal tool did not include Taiwan or Kosovo, but the State Department’s did.
"We're not talking about allowing Kosovo or the Taiwan into the OGP, it's just giving people the dignity to say they reside in a certain place or country. Also, Kosovo is on the list this year, why isn't Taiwan?"
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robin 03:47:06 A vancouver-based journalist compiles female experts on china, taiwan, macau, and hong kong. 如果喜歡的專家可以跟作者提名. 好像是以英文為主。
@aaronwytze 你有看到這個嗎?我同事在slack 分享的
Michael_li 10:21:03
魔鬼終結者的 Skynet 系統發動全球網路攻擊 癱瘓人類的社會系統 這種事情不是幻想

克里斯·巴拉紐克 (Chris Baraniuk)

BBC 英伦网



Michael_li 2019-02-11 12:22:42
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Hello community,
Gender pay gap is worse than thought: *10% to 400%+* in some cases

*Whats the number in your country?*, funded by @civicsignal, designed to advocate for health labor market conditions anywhere. Open-sourced. Replaceable.

To replicate the solution in any country, it needs:

1. Domain name or /custom url with a hosting
2. Edit the gap % (choose your country
3. Edit share image
4. Done!

I can support doing this, if interested replay or DM
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(印象中有幾篇文章再講Apple,google fb組織的不同)
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有人知道為什麼到現在複製網址貼上後還是 Percent-encoding 後的樣子嗎?一想到都 2019 了還是一堆 % 真是不太好看(微抓狂)
What a life-saving information! Thanks!


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我最近覺得 ronny 的 slack archive 可以拿來瀏覽專案 XDDD

挑一個 message count 你覺得不錯多 + latest posted 很近的~
Holok_Station_HK 2019-02-12 18:59:39
add me!


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機師工會正在跟華航公司協商 in 交通部 我目前收集4個直播網址

Hsingyu Li

機師工會 要求協商時間在 凌晨一點 還沒看到直播 想看看 更新: ETtoday新聞雲正在直播   <> 公視有話好說正在直播。...

Michael_li 2019-02-13 07:11:57
收集從頭到尾 開會 的 直播影片
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Mart 16:39:14
新年快樂, Let me introduce myself: Hello, I'm Mart, from the Netherlands. Currently spending some time in Taiwan, mostly working from the OCF office, who also pointed me to this slack. I'm here mostly because I like your country, but also I'm intrested in what is happening in the open-source & data world here. In my professional life I'm working for, a provider which helps and host sites from activists, journalists etc. Myself I'm mostly in charge of our technical platform. I'm here to meet people, so please feel free to contact me anytime, or come by at the Mozilla meetings or the OCF office. Unfortunally my chinese language skills are still under developed ...
Come to the hackathon on March 9 if you are still in Taiwan
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ael 17:39:31
Come to the hackathon on March 9 if you are still in Taiwan
ael 17:42:53
今天突然覺得可以重啓 g0v 電台。想要線上 hangout 訪問介紹各個專案,以及把之前 HackNTU 公民科技課程沒有錄影到的部分補上。每個片段二十分鐘左右。等等來開文件
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--Sharing this from OpenHeroines slack group--

*International Women's Day*

What do you do to support other women working in the open web?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, *Open Heroines is organizing a virtual event on March 8 at 1600 UTC*. We’ll host a panel with 3 of our network members to talk about the work we do to develop capacity, share our skills with others, and train other fellow women to help them thrive in this sector.

*If you have experience working on capacity development initiatives and would like to share your story, tell us why it matters using this form* 👇

We’ll select 3 women to present their story and join the panel on March 8. This virtual event will be public and recorded, available later as a video on Open Heroines’ Youtube channel.

With this event, Open Heroines joins the #BalanceforBetter campaign, organized by IWD.
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g0v-talks 收到來信,美國商會邀請 g0v 貢獻者出席「不實訊息現況與展望研討會」,議程如附檔。對方表示:名額有限,僅一至二位,還請理解,意者從速 🙂
AmCham Misinformation Workshop.pdf
畢竟是週間下午 orz
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BBC 報導了「美玉姨」

BBC 中文網(繁體)

她叫美玉姨,她來自台灣。她在LINE裡面聽到有趣的謠言會跟你聊聊。您跟她互加好友了嗎?【美玉姨的使命:挑戰網路謠言 <> 】


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@bil @mrorz 你們可以去,不過全程英語進行歐。

clkao 12:50:14

Marp - The simplest markdown presentation writer

Let's write the presentation on multi-platform, with like a feeling of Markdown editor.

Thanks for sharing, I’ve been tracking this project for a while, it did a great job.
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2019/3 大松命名 - HackMD

2/22(五)12:00 截止!

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Don’t click, inappropriate ads.
mrorz 23:50:19
Don’t click, inappropriate ads.


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贈書:Richard M. Stallman的Free Software, Free Society(已贈) 和 王价巨主編的災害管理 買/換來一段時間但未畫線註記 不介意者可索取 索取者無論單本/全取皆須負擔7-11店到店運費60元 意者訊
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Doggie Charley 2019-02-17 06:02:47
Don’t click, inappropriate ads.
Doggie Charley 06:02:47
Don’t click, inappropriate ads.
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<gugod> 我把 Telegram 群的 invitation link 換了。同時,舊的也應該會失效。或許可以擋掉幾個想進來貼廣告的 bot
yzzuforuen 14:40:41
Are we going to have a Creative Coding meetup any time soon?
ael 16:57:47
所以 g0v telegram 的連結是什麼啊
為了不讓 bot 能輕易爬取到,暫不貼在公開的地方。
想取得的人請私訊跟我要 :)
gugod 18:17:10
為了不讓 bot 能輕易爬取到,暫不貼在公開的地方。
想取得的人請私訊跟我要 :)
Michael_li 18:39:38
從小是星戰迷 台灣工程師研究「數位替身」奪奧斯卡[影]

從小是星戰迷 台灣工程師研究「數位替身」奪奧斯卡[影] | 娛樂 | 重點新聞 | 中央社 CNA


Michael_li 2019-02-17 18:41:05


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大家好!OCF 將在 3/16 舉辦春酒活動,想邀請大家一起來春酒聊聊天、見見面,歡迎社群朋友報名參加唷 :))
:star2: 活動報名連結:

OCF 2019 常常酒酒聚 ft. PyCon Taiwan 志工回娘家

開放文化基金會感謝開源各界的好友支持,我們準備了 2019 的各成果報告給大家,也和 PyCon Taiwan 的志工朋友們一起同樂,伴隨著美味的下午茶(或是酒),大家一起來 2019 常常酒酒聚吧!

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週六下午一起來整理 CC0 中文對話語料,協助擴增 common voice 語音資料庫的發音涵蓋率(目前有三千句,共包含 55% 發音,已公開 40 小時錄音)

Common Voice Sprint 中文語料松 II

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阿軒 17:03:01
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ronnywang 12:42:57
關於 3月大松命名,突然想到一個名字…. 「不顧北京反對黑客松」 XD
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ael 12:52:55
kiang 13:05:15



邱威傑市民服務系統. Contribute to FroggyTaipei/froggy-service development by creating an account on GitHub.

😹 3
ronnywang 13:09:58
等下週一大松報名網址出來,我直接去呱吉的市民服務系統上面邀請他報名大松 XD
黑客松也不需要特別做準備,下週一報名就好了 XD
話說市民服務系統已經上線run了嗎? XD 請問有網址嗎 XDDD 找到了 自問自答 XD
10 2
ky 13:11:17
哈囉大家,Code for Japan 邀請 vTaiwan 和 PDIS 三月在東京和鎌倉舉辦workshop,有興趣一起來上台分享 vTaiwan 相關經驗的朋友歡迎報名參加喔,也歡迎編輯共筆內容:

Code for Japan open-legislation vTaiwan workshop(2019/3/9-10) - HackMD

4 👏 3 👀 1 🇯🇵 2
ky 13:17:50
也歡迎來本週 vTaiwan 小松聊聊:

20190220 vTaiwan 小黑客松

時間:2019-02-20 週三 19:00-21:00 地點:社會創新實驗中心 2F A9 會議室(地圖:<https://goo>.

2 2 ❤️ 2
lanf0n 22:47:41
竟然 open source 了 !!
ronnywang 23:01:35
話說今天 vtaiwan 小聚有閒聊到黑客松命名,雖然目前照 投票結果「不顧北京反對黑客松」可能會第一名 XD 不過子魚今天有提到之前「香蕉吃到飽黑客松」那次是他拉新參者最容易的一次的黑客松名,因為那個名字大家很有親切感比較不會害怕不知道這個組織黑客松到底在幹嘛 XD 所以或許可能也可以考慮一下以食物為主的命名,這樣偉大的食物組也可以超強的生出相關食物 XD


2019/3 大松命名 - HackMD

2/22(五)12:00 截止!

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ronnywang 23:02:19


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Jen 00:42:19
dazyang 06:50:39
<!channel> 請問這裡有沒有人認識從事消防或災難防治與救災相關工作的網友呢?我的小團隊目前正在開發一項救援系統,我希望能跟有這類工作經驗的人討教與討論防治與救災的相關事項。各位如果有相關經驗或是有認識的人可以介紹,麻煩請跟我聯絡 🙂 感謝!
I do. Some of my peers/friends: (a) (b), (c), Presentations about this topics -->
lilian0330 2019-02-21 08:48:05
mitsunchieh 2019-02-21 12:16:30
在 general channel 請盡量避免 tag @cha nnel,不然會有 4,437 個人收到通知 www 被notify了w 我有個換帖的好朋友是個在台北市的消防員,還有特種救護的執照,我本身是軟體工程師,也可以幫忙溝通,如果有需要可以msg我 : )
@devin Hi Devin, thanks for your response. Really excited to see this. It looks like we are working in the same vein in building community resilience during disaster episodes. I'll definitely get in touch with you later on for further info and questions. Cheers!

@lilian0330 嗨,謝謝妳的回覆!我非常有興趣跟防災產業協會的人聯絡,主要想要了解一下台灣的防災與災難救援。不太麻煩的話,希望可以與相關人員討教一些事項,電話聯絡或Email都可以喔,看哪個聯絡方式方便。謝謝妳!

@taiming 嗨,謝謝你的回覆!想請問你之前當消防替代役的時候,訓練期間有沒有接觸到相關的災難救援事項知識呢?我目前在收集參考各國的災難救援流程跟方式,所以任何相關知識分享都非常歡迎喔!未來有需要聯絡消防人員跟長官聯絡會再請你幫忙,謝謝!

@mitsunchieh 很抱歉!不常在這裡PO文,一不小心就把在別的頻道的習慣帶過來了。下次會注意!謝謝

@cklppt 嗨,謝謝你的回覆!我本身在團隊裡是負責軟體開發的部分,接下來幾個月裡有機會會與你聯絡!我們目前還在開發初期,正在捉摸很多程序,希望之後有機會交流!
mitsunchieh 2019-02-25 11:32:15 No worries,互相友善提醒而已~
因為 g0v 的 general group 比較大,加上人員來自四面八方,參與程度依個人意志不一。
所以通常我們比較會在各專案的 channel 做 @cha nnel 的全頻道 tag,而在 general 裡,則多以點對點 tag 為主。或是廣域發問,讓熱心者推介下一個點~(或是 @he re 只通知目前在線的人) 需要支援、討論那一部份?有需要tag一下.提供連絡方式。3Q
@gavin 謝謝你!我們目前還在收集資料中,近期會聯繫各位 🙂
👍 3
shiying 11:40:59
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mitsunchieh 12:16:30
在 general channel 請盡量避免 tag @cha nnel,不然會有 4,437 個人收到通知 www
liuxing3169 12:28:42
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bess 13:38:54
剛好沒有畫到滷肉飯 QQ
@chihao 來一碗嗎
danielian1121 15:11:20
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@null 16:17:07
滷肉飯小icon 還真不好畫....
kiang 19:43:16
在 GSN 環境設定 google wifi 設定到懷疑人生,最後才確認整個 GSN 的 dns 查詢不能使用指定以外的 ip ,然後 google wifi 居然笨到設定過程無法自訂 dns server ,而且沒有其他方法可用......
先在外面的環境設定起來,再用 `Google Wifi app -> Networks & general -> Advanced networking > DNS` 改 `` ?
沒踹過,今天才確認這個情況 XD
kiang 19:43:39
chihao 20:36:47
@gugod gugod[m]1 (irc) 也許飯上面只能有一塊小小的五花肉丁(餓了)
當然要是會動... (!?)
滷肉飯素材越來越多了~大家要把票改投給滷肉飯相關的黑客松名嗎 XDDD
Beijing Will Not Approve This Gun & Meat Rice Hackathon
748 施行法都那麼長了,黑客松名稱長一點有什麼關係 XD
tkirby 20:36:47

minced pork rice / Animate Thousands of Icons in Seconds ·

customize and build gif, svg and css from our handcrafted beautiful icon collection.

當然要是會動... (!?)