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FB Messenger Bot 被臉書拒絕了。理由是使用者經驗不夠好。(思)
dirty 22:32:31
webpack 好像不能用 js 傳 var 到 jade 裡喔
au 23:24:55
dirty: 好像可以傳 `locals` 進去



jade to html loader module for webpack

dirty 23:34:19
au: i know, 不過那個得是寫死的, 不能是個 js variable <= 但想想也是, variable 是在 runtime 才有值, 不過 loader 是在 compile time 做事啊~~~
au 23:35:46
對,runtime 只能自己呼叫 `jade.compile`


pofeng 00:07:35
@miaoski: 使用者經驗 ??
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fumi 00:38:20
之前好像有跟旅遊相關的github(要給summit講者的),忘了打星星,找不到,這是我最近做的台北市旅遊查詢(但是以我自己工作相關的為主),如果有需要可以連著用喔!實在想不起來有沒有用。而且只是google doc啊 Orz
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PubPub is a platform for totally transparent publishing. Read, Write, Publish, Review.

miaoski 09:45:43
@pofeng: 不知道。他們的回覆就那樣寫的。
pofeng 09:45:55
pofeng 10:28:26
請問有人知道有幫忙備份 FB group 資料的 web service 嗎 ?
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pubpub: You cannot 'unpublish' once a document has been made public.By publishing, you agree to a Creative Commons By license for your work.Creative Commons License - 所以連測試也刪不掉了 XD
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新聞小幫手 is currently down. The Error Code is: [0].
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台灣公司登記資料 is currently down. The Error Code is: [0].
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開放政治獻金 is currently down. The Error Code is: [0].
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台灣公司登記資料 is now back up!, Total Downtime: 00:22:26
@null 17:29:21
新聞小幫手 is now back up!, Total Downtime: 00:23:56
@null 17:31:15
開放政治獻金 is now back up!, Total Downtime: 00:22:55
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@clkao 太扯了這個
jackymaxj 21:29:16
jackymaxj 21:29:27
但是有 版本紀錄跟討論真的很厲害
@null 21:29:30
<shadow> 有掌握C++的同学吗
jackymaxj 21:32:07
HackMD 目前 0.4.0 資料庫合併跟轉移已經完成,接下來也會加入版本紀錄功能
想說往 KB 的方向發展,有興趣或是經驗的朋友請多多指教!
jackymaxj 21:34:03
@kiang: 真的刪不掉耶,pubpub 也是個社會實驗的感覺
jackymaxj 21:36:08
pubpub 可以自訂插入 iframe 似乎有點不安全?
jackymaxj 21:38:05
啊,他 reply on firebase ,這如果自己架有點麻煩
jackymaxj 21:38:39
不過真的是很好的參考,謝謝 @clkao


clkao 05:46:18
jackymaxj: doh 沒注意到 firebase deps… 墨西哥市在用這個 draft 新的憲法
jackymaxj 07:29:11
@clkao 用來 draft 新的憲法 wwww,有點不可思議哈哈,不寫程式的朋友居然能接受 markdown 蠻令人驚奇的,是覺得就像是寫論文有特殊格式(例如: LaTeX) ,所以願意學習嗎...
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Mexico City is crowdsourcing its new constitution using in a democracy experiment

Mexico City just launched a massive experiment in digital democracy. It is asking its nearly 9 million residents to help draft a new constitution through social media. The crowdsourcing exercise is unprecedented in Mexico&amp;mdash;and pretty much everywhere else. Chilangos, as locals are known, can petition for issues to be included in the constitution through <|> (link in Spanish), and make their case in person if they gather more than 10,000 signatures. They can also annotate proposals by the constitution&amp;rsquo;s drafters via PubPub, an editing platform (Spanish) similar to Google Docs. The idea, in the words of the mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, is to &amp;ldquo;bestow the constitution project (Spanish) with a democratic, progressive, inclusive, civic and plural character.&amp;rdquo; There&amp;rsquo;s a big catch, however. The constitutional assembly&amp;mdash;the body that has the final word on the new city&amp;rsquo;s basic law&amp;mdash;is under no obligation to consider any of the citizen input. And then there are the practical difficulties of collecting and summarizing the myriad of views dispersed throughout one of the world&amp;rsquo;s largest cities. That makes Mexico City&amp;rsquo;s public-consultation experiment a big test for the people&amp;rsquo;s digital power, one being watched around the world. A city is born Fittingly, the idea of crowdsourcing a constitution came about in response to an attempt to limit people power. For decades, city officials had fought to get out from under the thumb of the federal government, which had the final word on decisions such as who should be the city&amp;rsquo;s chief of police. This year, finally, they won a legal change that turns the Distrito Federal (federal district), similar to the US&amp;rsquo;s District of Columbia, into Ciudad de M&amp;eacute;xico (Mexico City), a more autonomous entity, more akin to a state. (Confusingly, it&amp;rsquo;s just part of the larger urban area also colloquially known as Mexico City, which spills into neighboring states.) However, trying to retain some control, the Mexican congress decided that only 60% of the delegates to the city&amp;rsquo;s constitutional assembly would be elected by popular vote. The rest will be assigned by the president, congress, and Mancera, the mayor. Mancera is also the only one who can submit a draft constitution to the assembly. Mancera&amp;rsquo;s response was to create a committee of some 30 citizens (Spanish), including politicians, human-rights advocates, journalists, and even a Paralympic gold medalist, to write his draft. He also called for the development of mechanisms to gather citizens&amp;rsquo; &amp;ldquo;aspirations, values, and longing for freedom and justice&amp;rdquo; so they can be incorporated into the final document. The mechanisms, embedded in an online platform (Spanish) that offers various ways to weigh in, were launched at the end of March and will collect inputs until September 1. The drafting group has until the middle of that month to file its text with the assembly, which has to approve the new constitution by the end of January. An experiment with few precedents Mexico City didn&amp;rsquo;t have a lot of examples to draw on, since not a lot of places have experience with crowdsourcing laws. In the US, a few local lawmakers have used Wiki pages and GitHub to draft bills, says Marilyn Bautista, a lecturer at Stanford Law School who has researched the practice. Iceland&amp;mdash;with a population some 27 times smaller than Mexico City&amp;rsquo;s&amp;mdash;famously had its citizens contribute to its constitution with input from social media. The effort failed after the new constitution got stuck in parliament. In Mexico City, where many citizens already feel left out, the first big hurdle is to convince them it&amp;rsquo;s worth participating. According to a 2013 survey (Spanish, pdf) by Mexico&amp;rsquo;s national electoral authority: Most Mexicans, 66%, consider there is little or no respect for the law. Half of them see democracy as a system in which everyone participates but few benefit. Nearly a third have no trust in the federal government at all, and more than 40% distrust political parties and lawmakers. More than 70% don&amp;rsquo;t trust their fellow Mexicans. To engage with its jaded residents, the city built the site with eye-catching drone video of the city. And it&amp;rsquo;s been posting videos on YouTube of members of the drafting committee, encouraging citizens to participate. One of the drafters, Carlos Cruz&amp;mdash;a former gang member who has created several programs to keep youth from getting involved in organized crime&amp;mdash;talks about raising the minimum wage and reducing inequality (Spanish). Kiosks where citizens can participate.(Mexico City)There are various levels of participation on offer, from ranking the city&amp;rsquo;s biggest problems in an online survey to making detailed comments on draft proposals. For people without internet access, 300 computer kiosks have been set up throughout the city with staff to guide them through the process. &amp;ldquo;For this to be awesome, there have to be hundreds of thousands of answers,&amp;rdquo; said Diego Cuesy, a city policy analyst who helped build the platform. Making sense of it all Convincing chilangos to share their views is just the first step, though. Then comes the task of making sense of the cacophony that will likely emerge. Some of the input can be very easily organized&amp;mdash;the results of the survey, for example, are being graphed in real time. But there could be thousands of documents and comments on the <|> petitions and the editing platform. Ideas are grouped into 18 topics, such as direct democracy, transparency and economic rights. They are prioritized based on the amount of support they&amp;rsquo;ve garnered and how relevant they are, said Bernardo Rivera, an adviser for the city. Drafters get a weekly delivery of summarized citizen petitions. Audience by signature The drafting group has pledged to respond to petitions on <|> with more than 5,000 signatures, and to have a few of its members meet with petitioners who gather more than 10,000. More than 50,000 signatures earns an audience with the full committee. An essay about human rights on the PubPub platform.(PubPub)The most elaborate part of the system is PubPub, an open publishing platform similar to Google Docs, which is based on a project originally developed by MIT&amp;rsquo;s Media Lab. The drafters are supposed to post essays on how to address constitutional issues, and potentially, the constitution draft itself, once there is one. Only they&amp;mdash;or whoever they authorize&amp;mdash;will be able to reword the original document. User comments and edits are recorded on a side panel, with links to the portion of text they refer to. Another screen records every change, so everyone can track which suggestions have made it into the text. Members of the public can also vote comments up or down, or post their own essays. But will it work? In nearly three weeks, <|> has collected more than 200 petitions, which have been signed by more than 10,000 people. So far the most popular, with some 3,500 supporters, calls for politicians to be considered service providers, not staffers, and to be paid only for the time they work and &amp;ldquo;not for weeks when all they are seen doing is sleeping or playing with their iPads.&amp;rdquo; The next most popular is about animal rights. Meanwhile, on PubPub, only one member of the drafting group has published a document&amp;mdash;a dense academic essay on the legal framework the city should use to protect human rights&amp;mdash;which has picked up two annotations. A group of university students has added around 20 texts, though most of them remain unedited. To be fair, it&amp;rsquo;s early days yet. Things may pick up as more events are held to get citizens engaged. But even if many of them participate, says Antonio Mart&amp;iacute;nez, a digital rights lawyer, there&amp;rsquo;s nothing spelling out how the inflow of ideas will influence the drafting group&amp;rsquo;s decisions. &amp;ldquo;It&amp;rsquo;s a bit of a show,&amp;rdquo; he says. Others argue that there&amp;rsquo;s still value in the platform even if all the citizen comments end up in some lawmaker&amp;rsquo;s drawer. Luis Fern&amp;aacute;ndez, president of Participating for Mexico, an NGO, says it will help generate discussion. &amp;ldquo;The more information there is about the topics that have to be incorporated, the more information sources constitutional delegates will have to better do their job,&amp;rdquo; he said. Cuesy, from the city, admits that it&amp;rsquo;s hard to track whether and how citizens&amp;rsquo; digital input can modify officials&amp;rsquo; views and behavior. It&amp;rsquo;s a question that the city is trying to answer through the experiment. &amp;ldquo;We&amp;rsquo;re going through a learning curve,&amp;rdquo; he said. Still, the platform represents, at the very least, a commitment by the government to listen, Cuesy added. There will also be an electronic record for everyone to see, and potentially to hold the constitutional assembly accountable if, for example, it skips a topic that hundreds of thousands of citizens said was key. (The top challenges for the nearly 15,000 people who have answered the survey so far are corruption and jobs.) That&amp;rsquo;s an improvement over the demonstrations that frequently bring the city to a halt, Cuesy argued. &amp;ldquo;I love protests,&amp;rdquo; he said. &amp;ldquo;But if I go out to the street, there is no legal mechanism that requires the drafting group to consider what I have to say.&amp;rdquo;

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PubPub is a platform for totally transparent publishing. Read, Write, Publish, Review.

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看起來參與的人不多 ( 41050 / 9000000 ) ,第一名的條目是定義每個居名最少可以擁有的綠地、第二名是民選公職的薪水應該納入考績制度,感覺好先進的想法 XD


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g0v summit 2016 口譯組支援前線,誠徵有線網路孔筆電、48k 以上 USB 麥克風、3.5mm 頭戴式耳機、3.5mm 音源分接線,歡迎 5/13 ~ 5/15 有設備閒置的人跳坑 XD口譯設備支援前線跳坑認領區 cc @lanf0n @pennyken @wiltchen
yhsiang 00:40:22
記錄組需要 1T 以上的 USB 3.0 外接硬碟 cc @orangeorange
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yhsiang: wiltchen: pennyken: 剛剛有聽說 yutin 他們可以直接從廠商的口譯設備接音源,這樣還需要 icecast 嗎? cc lanf0n
yutin 11:35:11
@etblue: 如果要並行 作為備案, 這是無妨. 確定有廠商因此直播會從廠商收音 比較不會delay
yutin 11:35:20
cc @yhsiang
lanf0n 11:35:20
我要失業了?!(咦 ((XDDD
etblue 11:36:12
yutin: 喔喔喔瞭解! lanf0n: XD
yutin 11:36:45
@orangeorange: 有USB3.0的外接硬碟?2.5寸的嗎? 直播會需要兩顆1T 2.5寸硬碟 cc. @yhsiang
yutin 11:37:22
@lanf0n: xDD
yhsiang 11:50:17
etblue: 直播 跟 icecast 跟口譯設備 用途都是不一樣的
yhsiang 11:50:35
yutin: 他就是在徵硬碟啊 XDD
yutin 11:51:09
yhsiang 11:51:44
etblue: lanf0n: icecast 提供給有智慧型手機或筆電的人, 口譯設備僅提供 400 組,然後直播 就是給不在現場的人
yhsiang 11:52:21
直播收音 跟 icecast 存在無直接影響
yutin 11:53:38
話說 記錄組要幾顆1T的外接硬碟?
yhsiang 11:58:14
pofeng 12:06:47
自問自答, 感謝 @t0mst0ne & marr 幫忙, 備份 FB group 的工具 (至少能動了)
etblue 12:20:15
yhsiang: 喔喔喔原來設備只有 400 組... 瞭解,恭喜 lanf0n 我們沒失業 XD 那我的徵設備文件要來更正一下
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yutin 14:47:34
直播設備總租金 9562 當天支付
orangeorange 17:17:24
嗨嗨~我是紀錄組組長柳丁,速度快比較重要(USB 3.0)
orangeorange 17:17:45


ronnywang 11:10:07
因為最近新聞提到林全內閣女生比例過低以及平均年齡過老,我就在想有沒有地方可以收集到歷任內閣的性別組成和年齡,後來就從 wikipedia 收集了
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au 11:41:09
yeah, old bug. use or link for now
au 11:41:48
the ticket is ftr


bookmarkable &amp; prerenderable posts URL · Issue #13 · g0v/ · GitHub

e.g. <> should work.

clkao 12:00:05
au: btw, asia foundation 六月多在舊金山有個 civic tech panel… 我推坑 pingyeh 去 :stuck_out_tongue:
pofeng 13:18:15

Open Source Bike Share

The world's first low-cost and open source bike sharing system.

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evan 16:17:34 台北流浪動物 Line Bot 還想不到有什麼對話可以溝通 … 主要參考



LineBotTaipeiPets - Taipei Animal Adoption Platform on Line Bot (台北流浪動物需要你 Line 機器人)

clkao 16:19:40
@jslee 消失好久了
evan 16:27:13
恩 那邊資料是舊的 Taipei Open Data API 網址似乎也換了有些時間


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evan 09:12:08
請問 像這種頁面是不是就不能再修改?
evan 09:13:13
Line Bot API 好像一個Line帳號只能做一個機器人?
evan 09:23:27
有人可以幫忙加入 github g0v 嗎? github ID: kkdai
noracami 09:48:35
evan 那是發佈用的靜態頁面,這個頁面應該可以編輯
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evan 11:00:47
noracami 感謝喔...
RS 11:53:53
@pm5 我們是不是要確認一下議程助理的流程跟工作須知?owo)
RS 11:54:39
然後想問一下 @clkao Day 0 晚上有無需要協助接待講者//
pm5 11:59:45
@rschiang: 是
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konklone 12:01:55
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@konklone: !
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我來啦~~~ 很不錯喔 Line Bot~
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jslee: 忙著賺翻~不來烤山豬嗎
jslee 17:42:53
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<!channel>: 大家好 , 我們正在蒐集六月份電子報的素材 , 如果大家有覺得值得推廣的文章連結, 拜託推薦一下


六月電子報 素材累積 · Issue #31 · ocftw/ · GitHub

= 六月電子報素材 = 開放原始碼的單車分享管理系統 <> 分散式 TensorFlow 0.8 來了! <> 開源版 slack <> 104年刑...

clementtang 22:58:05
嗨嗨我是 Clement,發現前面有朋友在討論 Bot,我有開一個 的 FB 社團在討論 Chatbot 唷,歡迎一起加入討論
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etblue 23:03:23
clementtang: 出現惹
clementtang 23:29:30


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零時資料中心 is currently down. The Error Code is: [500].
fly 14:39:39
@etblue: HI~~
.michael_li 18:29:46
2016-05-09 片名:《新聞不死》/12:40 新光一廳/台灣國際紀錄片影展團體場(媒觀)
2016-05-10 片名:《後勁反五輕+苗客勞資抗爭事件》/10:40 華山A2廳/台灣國際紀錄片影展團體場(媒觀)

2016-05-09 片名:《新聞不死》/12:40 新光一廳/台灣國際紀錄片影展團體場(媒觀)


2016-05-10 片名:《後勁反五輕+苗客勞資抗爭事件》/10:40 華山A2廳/台灣國際紀錄片影展團體場(媒觀)


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etblue 18:52:23
leo424y: hi~
@null 19:32:41
零時資料中心 is now back up!, Total Downtime: 07:45:10
miaoski 22:12:09
au: 請教一下 window.PRERENDER_LANG 是幹嘛的。我打開這個後,比方說點選搜尋框,應該出現 /#:posi 的會變成 /:posi 那個 # 不見了
miaoski 22:13:00
它會跑到 `return if isPrerendered`
miaoski 22:37:57
@au: anyway 別介意了 ^^; 我這邊好像用不到這個旗標 ^^;
clkao 22:40:51
🚩 4
miaoski 23:06:12
clkao: 唔,不然要怎麼講 (可惡,突然有年紀的感覺 QQ)
@null 23:15:56
miaoski: 芙賴格
au 23:26:43
miaoski: 板狀砂岩
miaoski 23:31:35
au: 為什麼是板狀砂岩?
miaoski 23:32:16
au: 我剛把有蔡中涵「阿美語大辭典」的 Android App 上傳到 Google Play 了。iOS 版再麻煩你。感恩~~
au 23:32:21
在地質學上的翻譯 XD
au 23:32:24
miaoski 23:32:52
@CindyLinz: 胡辣谷
fumi 23:51:39
@michael_li: 請問訊息可以借轉嗎?謝謝!!已轉


.michael_li 06:36:20
@fumi 轉阿~不能轉的我會打上馬賽克  //深夜有看到你轉臉書了
kiang 09:23:03
有個問題想要問問大家意見,我們在討論是否要將完整的門牌轉為 QRCode 貼紙在民眾申請時一併提供(或甚至直接寄給民眾),讓有意願的民眾可以在自家門口貼這個 QRCode 貼紙。掃描後會對應到台南市政府的一個網站,提供完整的住址與地理座標等資訊。只是在想會不會有更好的方式去解決這個問題( NFC tag ? ),想知道更多意見
pofeng 10:26:40
好像提供地址對座標的資料庫比較有用 ?
或者利用發 QRCode 貼紙 的時機, 校正地址對座標的資料庫 ?
kiang 10:30:30
pofeng: 這也是一個想法,大部分的座標其實是人工點選的
@null 10:32:47
問題是誰來校正? 收到貼紙的民眾自行校正?
kiang 10:33:45
kcwu: 掃描後會進入市政府網站,如果提供的座標資訊錯誤可以線上通報,貼紙掃描出來預期是 "" 這樣的網址,網站上面的資訊保留變動可能
kiang 10:36:22
.michael_li 10:37:55
我外行 我隨意丟個點子 給你們想想有沒有可行性 就是要設計專用的APP 可以讀取條碼 同時也可以啟動手機的GPS資訊。 這樣的話 只要讓該住址的住戶 把QR碼貼在門牌上(原則上) 人就站在門牌旁邊掃描 自動把「地址」跟「GPS定位資訊」
@null 10:40:21
技術上可以做到, 民眾掃描 QR code 連到, 該網站自動要求手機的定位權限, 於是網站就自動取得該 QR code 跟實際位址
.michael_li 10:40:21
上(原則上是建物旁邊 而不是距離很遠的巷口) 人就站在門牌旁邊掃描 自動把「地址」跟「GPS定位資訊」送到中央資料庫裡  //群眾外包 建築物GPS定位數據收集
kiang 10:41:31
kcwu: 現有問題是手機取得的地理座標偏差很大,我們透過 1999 取得的資訊事實上很多都得人工重新定位,這個門牌想法有部份是想要解決這個問題
kiang 10:42:06
michael_li: 其實官方已經有相當完整的住址對應座標資料庫,只是卡在相關法規並未開放
pofeng 10:42:56
@kiang: 配合電線杆定位 (真的)
kiang 10:43:14
pofeng: 市區電線杆蠻多都地下化了 XD
pofeng 10:43:20
ttcat 10:43:32 國會大代誌當了好幾天 @@
pofeng 10:47:15
@kiang: 那只好用配電箱了 (無誤 但好像數量少)
kiang 10:47:38
@null 10:47:42
民眾自行定位想解法怎麼樣的定位問題? 既然說資料庫內資料其實很準,只是少數人工手誤. 手機定位 50m 以內, 可以當作過濾條件找出相差太遠的, 並不是直接把手機的位置拿來用
👍 1
@null 10:49:16
kiang 10:51:02
其實民眾通報之後會進入很多人工程序,透過 QRCode 掃描後通報會簡化一些(雖然掃描的門牌並不一定是事發地點,但至少不用要求民眾輸入住址)
pofeng 10:52:42
那發個地址代碼 (類似電話號碼 /車牌號碼 )
pofeng 10:52:58
還是可以發行 QR code
kiang 10:53:40
其實設計 uuid 就是希望作為地址代碼,刻意設計編碼規則有點痛苦(也不是我的職權)
.michael_li 10:53:53
(我只能看 要出門 抽空再回)
kiang 10:55:10
而且在縣市合併之後接下來行政區、門牌可能會大洗牌,早點建立編碼對應應該可以避免屆時電話接不完(雖然也不是我接電話啦 XD)
pofeng 10:59:34
我是覺得另外用 uuid 不會比較好就是了, 編碼本來就是有點管理(政治)問題, 如果上面沒支持, 應該作不久, 請參考中文萬碼奔騰歷史 XD
kiang 11:01:01
uuid 至少在縣市層級的實做容易些,要想根本解決這個問題就得透過中央制定標準囉
kiang 11:02:21
pofeng 11:02:55
也對, 加油, 台南市的 地址vs定位 的資料庫有可能 open data 出來嗎?
kiang 11:03:21
還在努力中吧,遙遙無期 XD
pofeng 11:03:36
ok ok 辛苦了 請原諒我嘴砲 XD
pofeng 11:06:32
啊, 有聽說我們的門牌號碼都沒預留空間, 會亂插, 所以位置定位, 沒辦法用門牌號碼猜 (內插法)
所以可能連門牌號碼發放的行政流程都需要 review , 聽說美國門牌號碼發放比較平均分散
kiang 11:07:34
恩,門牌資料庫光是 "之" 的用法就沒有統一了,更別說舊有系統沒有樓層欄位等問題 XD
kiang 11:08:17
最訝異的就是 戶政門牌 跟 地政的權狀 居然對不起來 XD
pofeng 11:10:06
哈哈哈 所以是行政流程就有問題 資訊化只能幫忙找出 bug 沒辦法 debug XD
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muyueh 12:51:57
哈囉有人知道我假如想要聯繫 g0v Facebook 的粉絲頁面的經營人員,我可以找誰嗎?
muyueh 12:52:55
因為我在幫助講者 Liz Barry 徵求風箏的事情,我想要在接下來有宣傳 g0v summit 的地方可以順勢發相關的訊息
ttcat 12:55:22
@muyueh: 目前負責議程跟大會宣傳的有 @joeylee @ipa 和我~
muyueh 12:56:19
嗨嗨 @ttcat
muyueh 12:56:35
👍 1
ttcat 12:56:39
或是將你想發布的先丟到 新聞中心討論
muyueh 12:57:45
接下來還會有 Liz 的嗎?
muyueh 12:57:55
(我剛剛在 hackpad 上沒有看到)
ttcat 12:58:38
yes 預計 May 11, 2016 at 6:00pm
ttcat 12:58:53
因為太多講者了所以我只留一個範例其他都直接排程 😛
muyueh 12:58:59
ttcat 12:59:17
do you want to change wording?
muyueh 12:59:25
那我可以把 Facebook 的 post 的內容貼在 hackpad 下方嗎?
muyueh 12:59:42
等等,已經有 Liz 的文稿了嗎(因為我剛剛沒有看到)
ttcat 13:00:26
Liz 目前排程的文稿在上面
ttcat 13:00:46
ttcat 13:00:56
我會再 pin 其他人來看
muyueh 13:01:09
muyueh 13:01:33
我貼現在的版本,你們審核 final 的 wording
ttcat 13:03:17
muyueh 13:06:15
ttcat 13:06:37
muyueh 13:06:38
muyueh 13:06:45
👍 1
ipa 13:21:53
@muyueh: 你要不要幫忙寫一小段公民科技介紹(一兩句)+ Liz 演講簡介(一兩句),我已經寫了一點點,你來接力?
ipa 13:23:43
ohoh 我錯了, @ttcat++ 已經寫在另一個pad
muyueh 13:34:12
fumi 15:14:24
@michael_li: 想說你都放g0v後勤中心了應該沒什麼不能PO,想說放FB比較多人知道有機會
fumi 15:52:20
@johnny 請問立委投票指南的政見是抓選舉公報API嗎?最近立委聯繫資料(立委咖電喂)方面想抓立委的專業領域,這方面想請問一下 感謝 @soidid 提供訊息 我一開始以為是LY做的(實在滿丟臉的 XDD
marvin 16:27:24
@marvin has joined the channel
johnny 16:33:22
fumi: 不會,據 ly說很多人跟你一樣XD 是接中選會選舉公報API沒錯,
johnny 16:34:22
最後的數字:2 全國不分區、3區域立委、4山地原住民、5平地原住民
yhsiang 16:46:02
johnny: 所以 summit 由我上台報告吧 :smile:
yhsiang 16:47:31
muyueh: 請問會場在那裡?
johnny 16:48:24
yhsiang: 兩年後就交給你了(握
fumi 17:58:48
johnny:謝謝。幫了大忙!看了很久API後發現是網址後面數字改變啊 XDD
還好sodid告訴我!不然我會騷擾錯人 更丟臉 XDD 我小松時還跟 @dongdongchen @meisheep 堅持是yhsiang,他們一定會內心氣死 XD 超蠢的,以前都會先查好pad的 :( (
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etblue 22:28:02
@yhsiang @wiltchen 報告:口譯 icecast 設備看目前進度應該徵不齊,但我手上的設備再加上某台 mac 就剛好可以湊到一間會議室所需,我會再找個倒楣鬼凹 mac 筆電 XD cc @lanf0n @pennyken
lanf0n 22:30:50
clkao 22:47:26
yutin: still broken?

直播 :: 啥米零時政府 g0v 2016 summit

2014 之後又跳過了一整年,g0v summit 2016 再次邀請全球公民技術社群來分享公務員,技術人員,和非政府組織工作人員之間的協作經驗。我們很高興邀請到 Filipe Heusser 擔任今年的專題演講者,他也是 the Chilean NGO Ciudadano Inteligente 的創辦人和前股東,以及 Berkman Center 的成員。

clkao 22:52:14
又開了一堆 summit 網站小卡:



<|> - g0v summit website

pennyken 22:57:34
@etblue: 我沒多的mac啊


etblue 00:21:37
@pennyken: 不要怕我沒有要徵收你 XDD 目前預定徵收的對象是 @caasi ... XDXD
caasi 00:22:15
@etblue: 咦!?
yhsiang 00:23:58
@etblue: 我不是說我有一台?
etblue 00:25:04
@yhsiang: 總召你的電腦還是留在身邊吧...還是是多出來閒置的?
.michael_li 03:50:19
昨天被朋友拉進一個計畫(政府給經費) 今年結束前要辦10場工作坊 到時還想找找 g0v 族群 找講師
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xsquare 10:05:34
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yhsiang 10:19:39
etblue: 我有兩台
@null 10:53:09
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lanf0n 11:03:18
我以為 ly 有三台.... (咦
yhsiang 11:05:38
lanf0n: 個人只有兩台,還有一台等你買給我 :simple_smile:
😜 1
kiang 11:45:37
台電2016年「高壓 AMI 資料創意應用競賽」活動 - (裡面現在都是測試資料...)

AMI 2016


kiang 11:46:20
@null 11:51:20
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pofeng 11:58:53
@etblue: @macpaul @ttcat FYI:

東鞋西煮 v2


2016/5/10 update : 目前已全面開放粉絲專頁透過發佈工具直播,不用藍勾勾了 在F8 2016釋…

pofeng 12:04:34
@kiang: 數位門牌聽起來很炫 XD 看起來可以用來該記者會 XD
kiang 12:04:58
@null 12:12:58
kiang 12:13:15
mizuho: hello, 吃飽沒
@null 12:13:41
@kiang 這是我第一次使用irc
@null 12:14:02
kiang 12:14:28
可以踹踹 ,宅男其實跟 bot 沒有太大差異的
@null 12:15:20
@null 12:15:57
@null 12:16:59
mizuho 12:21:41
@mizuho has joined the channel
@null 12:31:13
etblue 12:33:00
yhsiang: hooray 那就湊齊一間了 XD 什麼時候方便跟你拿筆電?
etblue 12:34:24
pofeng: fb 啊…..有點卻步 @@ macpaul 你覺得呢?
@null 12:36:11,那裡只有一個slackbot,沒有其他人,是進錯地方嗎?
@null 12:39:34
宅男都要註冊 callback ,發生事件才會動(誤)
mizuho 12:39:51
mizuho 12:40:01
@null 12:40:32
兩邊被 slackbot 連在一起了,
@null 12:40:42
別對那句 callback 認真啊啊啊
mizuho 12:40:55
mizuho 12:50:24
harrischeng 13:11:33
@harrischeng has joined the channel
mizuho 13:12:38
@null 13:25:57
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kiang 13:39:13
這個頻道應該是最多人的,可以試試發些會引起反應的主題? XD
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