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ael 00:13:53
Hi @kwangyin.liu,  @cstsai and I finally finished the draft of the English article on Disfactory for CommonWealth Magazine. Photos are not yet all added. Please let us know your thoughts on the pad or on this thread.

We would also like to hear from everyone in this channel on the article and its title. And any other suggestions are welcomed <3

Disfactory English article on CommonWealth Magazine - HackMD

@kwangyin.liu We finally finished the draft with English diagrams and photos. The part to be on the column are Title and Article. Please let us know what you think, thanks!
kwangyin.liu 2021-05-10 15:11:42
Hi @aelcenganda I think it looks good. Will let you know if I need anything else.
kwangyin.liu 2021-05-11 19:32:41
Hi the article is online. Thanks for your hard work. And please share:
@kwangyin.liu Thank you so much!
@kwangyin.liu Hi, deeper and I are the main authors. Can you put SL, bdon and Caleb as contributors or also contributed to the article? They are part of Disfactory team, comment and copy editing. Nevertheless, the opinions are deeper’s and mine.
kwangyin.liu 2021-05-12 11:25:33
Hi I have made the change. Please take a look and let me know if it’s ok
@kwangyin.liu great, thank you!


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`2019年夏天起,IRI就和抱持「開放政府資料讓政府透明、人民更容易作主」態度的g0v國際交流工作小組,討論該如何研究假消息。「討論是協作的開始,也是貢獻的一種,」 g0v貢獻者游知澔指出。` @pm5 @isabelhou @ipa


獨家專訪》台美如何聯手 防堵中國惡意的防疫假消息?|天下雜誌

國際共和研究所(IRI)近期在台設立辦事處,與台灣攜手對抗中國假訊息,並把台灣成功經驗傳播至世界,背後其實來自總裁特維寧(Dan Twining)逾20年的夢想。

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chihao 15:09:13
這樣 quote,還蠻有趣的⋯






chihao 17:32:39
Programming of RightsCon 2021 is... super impressive... @anna.marti @pm5 @isabelhou @besslee
chihao 17:33:08
How can anyone choose!
bess 17:34:57
So just…don’t choose? XD I was registered anyway.
chihao 17:39:57
Random playlist? XD
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chihao 13:06:11
@kwangyin.liu some of us are working on an article on the project `0archive`, a open data archive of social media and web content aimed for disinfo research. Is it a good topic? Also the discussion is happening in the #disinfo channel
kwangyin.liu 13:26:35
That would be awesome! Please go for it
chihao 13:48:17
Alright 😄 I’ll add you to the channel as well
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b3n 20:15:36
Hi everyone!
I just joined and am looking forward to connect to the community, experience the g0v-vibe and get engaged to strengthen civil society. I have a background in mathematics & psychology, worked in academia and the German NGO and startup sector and have experience in data analysis, group facilitation, and product development. I speak English and German but unfortunately no Mandarin. Please send me a pm if something resonates! (#serendipity) 🙏🏻🤸‍♂️🏼
Hello and welcome~~🤸
Is cartwheeling your hobby?
Haha, no. I played Capoeira some years ago, but this is more about bringing the joy of life into the digital sphere ;)
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chihao 20:21:37
b3n ++ welcome 🙂
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chihao 20:22:35
@appbestellt currently many people are collaborating on COVID-19-related issues. A community-driven info platform is here:


COVID-19 Info 疫情資訊野生整合平台 powered by - HackMD

本平台為 g0v 貢獻者彙整而成,非政府官方所設,所有內容僅供參考。轉傳資訊前,請注意資訊來源,勿協助傳遞不實資訊。

chihao 20:23:05
Some channels to checkout: #covid19 #translation #contact-tracing #vaccine
chihao 20:23:14
And there are many more 😄
Thank you, that looks like a great start!
Guo-Jim 20:31:51
Can also check out #general-en for English content or #吉祥物資料蒐集_マスコット_mascot and share some photos of mascots~~
Thanks! I’ll have a look 🙂
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Let the record show that I spent time to read this
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The TICTeC Show & Tells notes today on geodata civic tech


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轉角國際 udn Global

疫情新聞都看無:韓國「不說外來語挑戰」怎會那麼難? | 轉角國際 udn Global


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