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EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights) is putting out a CfP with specific objective "to pilot a multi-country resource hub, focused on addressing the dynamics (shrinking, opening) of civic, democratic and civil society space." Taiwan is one of the eligible countries in the "Asia and the Pacific Lot". Deadline 2020/11/20.

EEAS - European External Action Service - European Commission

EIDHR 2020 Global Call for Proposals

EEAS - European External Action Service - European Union External Action

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跨國會聯盟(IPU,Inter-Parliamentary Union)正在編寫第三次全球國會報告(GPR,Global Parliamentary Report),徵求各國 CSO 提供經驗,關於國會可以如何強化與 CSO 的合作。相關經驗可以提交到
> The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are preparing the third Global Parliamentary Report (GPR), which will focus on how parliaments engage with different publics and will include recommendations for strengthening the way parliaments and civil society organizations (CSOs) connect. CSOs around the world are invited to share their experiences as an integral part of gathering good practices and informing the report’s recommendations for parliaments around the world.
> If you have experience working with Parliament in your country or you are interested in strengthening how civil society and parliaments collaborate for change, we would welcome your contribution. We are glad to share with you the Call for contributions: Civil society perspectives for the Global Parliamentary Report on Parliaments and Public Engagement. It is available at , as an online form in English, French and Spanish (the preferred language can be selected in the surveyGizmo form), as well as in Arabic language in Word format.
> For more information, please contact my colleague Maya Kornberg ( or me (


Global Parliamentary Report - CSO Contributions / Rapport parlementaire mondial - Contribution socié

English Parliaments surveyed: All countries Status: open to responses Available at URL: <> Downloadable version: see attachements below Deadline: 31 Oct...


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FWD50 2020

Don’t miss your chance to represent your region!

We’re giving two general admission conference passes to the first two applications from any municipal, territorial, provincial, or state government!


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Government Accountability and Responsiveness during COVID-19

Combining innovation, technology and citizen engagement to ensure COVID-19-related spending, stimulus, and safety net measures benefit those most in need