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Hi, it’s been announce that the same level 3 restriction extended to 6/28.

I agree with Taipei Mayor Ko that current plan seems to be “remain level 3 until vaccine enough people on July or Aug”.

The current expectation is to receive at lease 2M vaccine on June, and some rumor said it could be as much as 10M (depends on shipment stats from drug factory and donation from Japan/US)

And expect another 10M domestic production vaccine before end of July, which is currently on end of phase II experiment and should be unblind this week.
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@liuleecheetah and I are going to give a 12 min talk on June 17th at 7 am UTC+8 (Taipei Time) in TRANSFORMATION conference online. It is a conference focus on sustainability. We were invited to share the experience of g0v community in Taiwan. We are going to record and send out the video tomorrow afternoon.

Cheetah will share his observation of digital technology and environmental activism in Taiwan; I will share my observation on g0v community and participation in #disfactory .

Here comes the draft slides we just made for community review. Please leave your comments to help the presentation better. For instance, we are struggling on the title.


Slides (working on it)

g0v talk in TRANSFORMATION conference 2021 - HackMD

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hi~ this project aim to collecting think tanks basic info (website, FB, RSS, youtube ..)
• already finished 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 
• next step will try to upload sheet data to airtable, more easily to tagging


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Congratulations @sampeterrobbins 🎉🎉

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Oh the image doesn’t show… for passing 口試 🤩
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