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Hey we setup a bridge between #facing-the-ocean and the fto channel on code for korea slack. Everyone is welcomed to go and say hello to your korean fto friend there 🌉
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is this still true???? Can ppl from away essentially not use YouBike anymore unless they have a credit card?

Taiwan News

New YouBike rental policy blasted for discriminating against expats in Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2019/12/17

Change to YouBike rental policy criticized for excluding foreigners, dampening tourism.Expats in Taiwan are in a fury for being excluded from renting YouBikes with their countless smartcard EasyCard, saying it constitutes discrimination against foreigners in the country.

my YouBike experience was like the shining example of Taipei’s superiority over my city, which has a terribly inaccessible and restrictive bikeshare system. YouBike made so many of my very best experiences possible, and it is so sad if visitors can no longer use it unless they have a credit card 😞 (i don’t)
haha oh man, i’m getting nostalgic for my YouBike adventures 🤩 ✨
I think the problem is due to the insurance policy, and ministry of traffic had fixed that
I am afraid this is still true, due to the mandatory insurance plan.

Shortly after the news, Taipei city government announced that they modified their system so that people with resident certificates can also register youbike members.
thanks for the context! I’ve been using Taipei as an example of a place with a very inclusive bikeshare policy. In Toronto, the requirement for credit cards means many people can’t use the bikes easily, which mean less mobility for those who need it most.

But on further consideration, since it’s just foreigners affected, Taipei is still _much_ more accessible to its locals than Toronto is, and that’s the most important thing. Most foreigner probably have good credit 🙂
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Code for All 這禮拜的活動~
Good Governance, April 8th at 16:00 UTC
Disinformation, April 13th at 16:00 UTC


Good Governance Community of Practice 2021 Meeting

Explore what the Code for All Good Governance Community of Practice has to offer!


Disinformation Community of Practice 2021 Meeting

Explore what the Code for All Disinformation Community of Practice has to offer!


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I'm thinking there are maybe some people here and there doing things for Myanmar people but there is no public place to discuss about them, so I created a #myanmar channel
I was on a call (about international fiscal sponsorship of nonprofit projects), and heard that traditional institutions are having to pause work in #myanmar due to legal constraints on nonprofit work 😞
Makes me think it's all the more important for looser and messier grassroots connections ❤️
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明天週二台灣時間晚上十點,TICTeC 有個關於 online deliberation 的分享,看有沒有人有興趣免費報名參加


Hearing every voice: lessons learned from online deliberation projects

Join us for six energetic and to-the-point Show & Tells related to the impacts of technology for citizen engagement.

It is happening now~
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It is happening now~


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@armin.reinartz ist hier! (am I using that right)

Dear G0V Community, your activities continue to inspire like-minded people all over the world! International activists, policy makers, city planers, architects and engineers are discussing the future of Smart Cities in an international Seminar by FNF (Friedrich Naumann Foundation). We are looking for G0Vers who want to present and discuss their opinion and experience from Taiwan in an one hour session. You can find more information here: <> Happy to answer any question you might have. Looking forward to engage! :) Armin - FNF Academy for International Leadership

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DATE CORRECTION! There was a typo in the original announcement. The date of the session is not tomorrow but TODAY, Sunday 25ht, 9.15pm Taiwan Time. Apologies for the mistake! Hoping very much many of you can join us! 🙂 Please find all relevant information here:

<@U01V0P72291> ist hier! (am I using that right)

DATE CORRECTION: TODAY! Join the discussion with international activist! How can citizens participate in their Smart City? - HackMD


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Hi everyone 🙂
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Hi @anna.marti 👋 👋 \o/


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@kwangyin.liu 我們 Disfactory 還在寫這個月的專欄,這禮拜會完成,目前還在寫作中,還請指教

Disfactory English article on CommonWealth Magazine - HackMD

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kwangyin.liu 22:00:11
好喔 期待中
@kwangyin.liu 雖然還沒寫完,但現在就有一些想法意見的話,也可以先寫上去 ><
kwangyin.liu 2021-05-03 13:55:06
Looks great! Please remember to provide photos and graphics in English