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pm5 18:31:14
明天晚上有 Code for All Board Meeting 喔
chihao 22:19:12
bess 22:22:46
chihao 22:24:47
傍晚與 @ronnywang @pm5 聊到的劇本共筆

開源劇本 - HackMD



chihao 18:16:06
I’m in the cfall board meeting now
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chihao 09:57:45
I am waitlisted for Coconet ._.
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Shota(Japan) 12:31:24
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bess 21:40:17

COSCon(上海)與 OSC Tokyo(日本)徵稿中~ `都到 9/30 截止` 有旅費補助 <>

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pm5 22:33:05
Code for All is having ExCo biweekly meeting now.
Mostly discussing about the two candidates of communication lead.
Kelly will be moving to Berlin around the time of the next ExCo meeting, so the next meeting will be postponed.
Kelly is great. that is all


Lulu Keng 00:22:52
我忘記有沒有 po 過,但現在有一個真的很酷的,針對如何增加人權工作者 & 科技人彼此合作的訓練計畫,but.... 明天截止,而且10月就要去西班牙

Internet Freedom Festival

Community Empowerment Program | Internet Freedom Festival

Join a unique program designed for community builders working at the intersection of human rights and technology. Applications open until September 6, 2019.

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ael 14:01:26
如果 10 月要去西班牙可以順便投這個 conference,9/16 截止。是之前做 Decide Madrid 的團隊出來做的民間組織,我應該會投投看。他們徵的是開源科技、民主(尤其是參與式民主相關的

Call4Nodes - Call4Nodes - DecidimFest 2019 - Metadecidim

DecidimFest is an intense 3-day program of activities devoted to the Decidim project, participatory democracy and open source tools for collective intelligence in the era of Global Democracy. Join the Call4Nodes and share your work with researchers, developers, activists, public officers, and citizens interested in building together free and open infrastructures for the global democracyDecidimFest is taking place in Barcelona, 29-31 of October 2019. On the 29th, the annual meeting of the Decidim community will be held. The rest of the program, which will take place on the 30th and 31st, will be announced soon. Stay tuned.Please submit your idea to be part of our program. Below you’ll find all the info you need. Feel free to contact us at fest@decidim.orgIf you need travel stipend, please mark the box displayed in the form.The organization will evaluate each proposal and will contact each submitter during the second half of September. Travel stipend applications will be also answered in those days.

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bess 22:06:25
跟加拿大 `The Life-Sized City` 的記者聊了兩個小時介紹 g0v
他對 g0v 超有興趣,10 月底來台灣預計會拍攝 g0v、人生百味、特色公園聯盟跟康旻杰老師
10月底是募款會? XDDDD
@macpaul 募款是 11/16~
那10月底不就是拍小松和坑主訪談之類的了? XD
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isabelhou 23:08:47
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LYC 15:29:29
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chihao 11:59:02
大家好, `g0v-talks` 收到來自柏林的邀請,請 g0vers 去參與名為 `United Nations of Innovation` 的會議,詳細的邀請內容 `g0v-intl` 已經列在這裡,請大家參考 如果有興趣參與,歡迎把自己的 id 加入文件,這幾天會在這裡討論,希望週五能給對方回覆。這是 `g0v-intl` 成立以後第一次嘗試這麼做,希望建立流程,幫助更多 g0ver 參與國際交流,如果有什麼做得不夠完善的地方,也請大家提出討論。
這個跟聯合國有關嗎 (UN Innovation Network, UN Technology Innovation Labs)
還是單純名字有 United Nations
有更多 前後時間需求、或是實務執行上的資訊嗎?
@mrorz 忘了問 😂 @b8208241 沒有,而且是已經追問過一次了 😂 所以聽起來蠻 free 的,我的設想是去 1. 介紹 g0v 2. 介紹自己在 g0v 的貢獻這樣
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Lily 13:36:19
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mrorz 13:40:15
這個跟聯合國有關嗎 (UN Innovation Network, UN Technology Innovation Labs)
還是單純名字有 United Nations
robin 20:21:00
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chihao 20:21:44
今天 jothon + intl + 美國正在揪松的朋友的會議紀錄

Hackathon in NYC - HackMD

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@vanson @crlee here
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isabelhou 10:13:08

Code For Japan Summit 2019 <>

ael 13:02:26
大家正在打 Code for Japan 的共筆,有興趣來看
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patcon 14:32:23
i can be in NYC if there's a hackathon happening and someone needs any support in animating it 🚀
patcon 14:32:53
who is it who's in NYC who's hoping to run one?
@vanson @easonlalala (not sure which irene is it) ^^^^
yihsuan.hsu 2019-09-30 20:18:46