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ael 15:29:07
@aaronwytze @jsl do you know that there are govnews and on Medium? Strongly suggest you to put the logo photo on, which I guess it is the one you are running rigtht now
ael 15:30:03
also, how to use "publication" to curate and recruit writers can be important. oh there is also another publication called "" on Medium
canadian_aaron 16:17:21
@aelcenganda we registered both
canadian_aaron 16:17:43
but you’re right, maybe we should take down one.


clkao 10:37:16
@pellaeon 結果有投 rightsCon 嗎?
pellaeon 11:47:15
@clkao 覺得抖抖的啦,明明就什麼事情都還沒開始做,計劃連經費都不確定,覺得也還不夠瞭解狀況,不太敢投


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clkao 16:18:47


How Tech Can Help Save Democracy

One of the major lessons from the 2016 election cycle is that a large percentage of Americans feel our government doesn’t serve them, and…

jsl 17:56:41
chihao 19:37:34
1. 大規模公民參與
2. 更敏捷的政府
3. 值得信任的資訊來源
chihao 19:41:04
3: *建立一個信任網絡圖*
3a. 讓所有人追蹤自己相信的資訊來源
3b. 一個人的 *信任指數* 不只從他的追蹤者數目而來,而是從其他追蹤他的 *值得信任的人* 的人數及歧異度而來
chihao 19:43:04
聽起來很有趣,有點想要討論:如此計算信任值,跟Facebook用讚來決定哪篇貼文出現在News Feed的機制有什麼不同?這種互相按讚/按追蹤的機制不會造成信任的壟斷嗎?
poga 21:12:45
聽起來很像 pagerank
chihao 22:56:59
他也說 `We needed a better democracy, and instead we got better ad targeting.` 😛 @poga
tkirby 23:20:04
這就像是在流動民主中引入專家概念?但這好像會讓權力集中 感覺很危險 ( for democracy 的話 )
chihao 23:31:41
是說liquid democracy嗎?如果往好的方向發展有機會變成meritocracy,可是大概不會往好的方向發展?XD
tkirby 23:31:49
poga 23:32:21
@chihao 大家想的都差不多 XD
chihao 23:33:45
@poga 所以只是缺乏一個巨大的危機讓大家能一起做點什麼 ._.
yhsiang 23:34:33
pagerank 或 newsfeed 到最後的問題都一樣啊,怎麼讓資訊公平的被呈現
yhsiang 23:34:46
一旦採取演算法一定會有人被 filter 掉 QQ
chihao 23:42:22
poga 23:43:36
poga 23:43:55
只從文字跟 timeline 輸入人心蠻難 scale 的


mglee 00:10:41
@chihao where can we download the original logo of Both logo and the cover of card. Tks!
chihao 00:12:56
@chihao pinned a message to this channel.

g0v news design files are here: <>

chihao 00:13:12
@mglee: here you go :simple_smile:
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clkao 03:23:24
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chihao 15:52:01
@mglee Just found out that pinning a message would not make it reappear in the thread of the desktop client… You did get the repo link right? (Just in case:



g0v-news-gd - g0v news graphic design.

mglee 21:38:55
Yes I got it. Tks. cc @jsl
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chihao 23:20:41
I can’t help to notice that some images when used on different platforms are blurry, compressed weirdly, or some anti-aliasing is weird. If needed, I can try to help to improve.
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ttcat (not_staff) 00:36:34
@jsl @canadian_aaron


박근핵닷컴 - 박근혜 대통령 탄핵 청원 서비스

박근핵닷컴은 지역구 유권자들이 국회의원에게 박근혜 대통령 탄핵소추안을 찬성하도록 청원하기 위한 사이트입니다.

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yurenju 11:05:38
@ttcat do you know how do they do “precise precisely” to certain politician?
ttcat (not_staff) 14:35:29
@yurenju: I think they somehow find the MP's cell phone and exposed it to public and make the user can send SMS to them through the website.
ttcat (not_staff) 14:40:29
So they are creating huge pressures to the ruling party MPs, then turn out some MP just changed their cellphone, but also few started to change the position to support the impeachment
ttcat (not_staff) 14:40:50


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clkao 15:44:02


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of #OGP16 Summit – Open Heroines

This post is a reflection of a long and intense week in Paris for the Open Government Partnership summit. I feel after this week like I…

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yutin 01:12:03
OpenHeroines: 比起 OGP 的確台灣 summit 在議程安排上比較好. 不過圓桌會議的模式也許以後可以試試
canadian_aaron 18:47:28


canadian_aaron 20:03:30

Before the Korean President was impeached, there was a Park Geun — “Hack”

Seven days, four developers, and 900,000 web users helped in the fight to impeach South Korea’s scandal-ridden President, Park Geun-hye.

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ttcat (not_staff) 12:51:47
Sorry wrong channel qq


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