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有 NHK 的記者透過 hal san 想要了解 g0v 社群,但他強調不是採訪只是前期調查的訪問(?),希望在下週一或二,使用日語進行調查訪問,有人要一起的嗎?
有要來台南嗎 (誤)
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```I'm trying to track down a Taiwanese citizen participation platform called, I think, Ajoin. I know people who work on digital rights in China, but not Taiwan, and I'm kind of stuck. Are you familiar with this platform? It's based on Taiwan's digital minister Audrey Tang discussed it in a webinar where she said that half the population of Taiwan is a visitor to this platform- but I can't find anything about it online. Maybe I have the wrong name.```
或者是 vtaiwan
Very few English articles on it though.
應該是, 謝謝大家!他是直接用郵件跟我聯繫的,我會直接回答。 如果他有更仔細的問題,我就讓他跟g0v溝通。 是行政院國發會架的政府網站,不是 g0v 社群架的喔
@aelcenganda 原來如此,那他應該跟行政院聯絡吧?
@katharin.tai_g0v join 平台的話應該問 PDIS 唷
之前幫 OCF 寫的開放政府觀察報告裡,也有提到 Join (ch3) & vTaiwan (ch4)
這篇由 @olivebranch.a @sylin 等人寫的,應該是目前英文最完整的 vTaiwan process
很多外國人是因為聽了 au 的演講而有興趣,基本上都分不清楚 vTaiwan & Join


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Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 17:38:20
哈囉,我之前有在general講我的研究,但是因為我想要更了解g0v社群參與者的國際參與,我想也在intl po一下。我是Sam (羅維)是台大社會所碩士生,畢業論文想要研究g0v社群參與者的國際參與動機,模式等等。現在在找訪談者/參與者。研究問題,研究說明的共筆在這邊: 那邊也有附上我的英文的計劃書。直接在檔案回答我的問題是可以的,但是同時也希望可以找一些人做實體/線上的訪談。自稱為台灣公民科技社群/g0v社群的參與者都可參加~,有問題可以隨時跟我聯絡,檔案上有我的slack以外的聯絡方式,不見得是有很多國際參與經驗的人才能參與,對於g0v的國際參與,國際交流等議題有願意分享等想法都可以參加~


尋找研究參與者 - HackMD

# 尋找研究參與者 **研究簡介** 大家好,我是台大社會學的碩士生,名字叫 “ㄙㄚㄇ”Sam/羅維。我碩士論文是關於台灣公民科技社群的國際參與模式,策略,目的,等。 在我今年所做的觀察以來,我有

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來自智利智庫 Espacio Publico 的 Andrea Butelmann 想請教關於 & vTaiwan 跟民主審議相關的問題,約了我台灣時間星期日 (10/4) 晚上八點線上討論。歡迎有興趣的朋友一起來~


背景:智利在去年經歷大規模反政府運動後,總統讓步原定今年四月展開制憲公投,因為疫情而延到了一個月後的 10/25。Andrea 和幾個同伴試用了,覺得可以用來在公投前展開更多對話。她有一些操作的問題,希望能夠從 vTaiwan 的經驗中找到解方。

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mglee 21:30:59
Andrea Butelmann from Chile’s Espacio Publico is interested to learn and vTaiwan process. She and her partners are using to encourage meaningful conversation before Chilean’s constitution plebiscite taking place on Oct 25. We will be e-meeting this Sunday (10/4) evening 8pm (Taiwan time). This is just an exchange of thoughts and experiences. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome! (meeting link is as above)
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the Guardian

How Taiwan's 'civic hackers' helped find a new way to run the country

New social media platform vTaiwan cuts through noise and trolling to establish consensus – and create new laws

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Hi friends! I’m currently writing an article about Youbike system: (a draft for now)

I’m after some data or interesting facts about how Taipei city manage the bikes and stations. If anyone has something interesting facts to share about it, i’m all hear! I was especially looking into *how the city use data to make decisions* (add a new station? rebalance the station X instead of Y? etc..) I couldn’t find anything online so decided to ask here hoping to find something


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The [Youbike](<>) (or Ubike) bike sharing system in Taiwan is simply

That probably goes under Department of Transportation of taipei gov (台北市政府交通局局)? I don't have connections to them but someone here might have.
Yeah I don’t know anyone there : (
I’ve found that research paper about youbike pricing :

Also a friend shared me that other bike-sharing system are based on cluster rebalancing, but I’m unsure how true it is with Youbike
I’ve end up with this essay: with as much interesting data that I could gather. Hopefully it can be interesting data for people who are interested in Youbike and can shed some more lights on Taiwan :bike: !
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