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ael 17:26:16

OMG, I found a Code for Africa project that collects projects and data of civic tech in Africa. There is even a project to map patterns of success and failures in civic tech (Although I went to <|> and it was blank) <>


Galaxian85 15:48:51
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Kelly Koh 14:53:12
Hi everyone 👋🏼 just dropping by to let you know that Sinar Project is looking for a technologist to join the team. We're a civic tech initiative based in Malaysia. This position is open for non-Malaysians too. Please help to spread the word if you know anyone is interested 🤗

Sinar Project

Staff Technologist

We are looking for a Staff Technologist to join as a full time member of our team.

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Lulu Keng 23:40:01
Hi all ~~ there are many good job opportunities released recently, don't forget the one Sinar Project posted above.

In addition, here are two other job opportunities:
Lulu Keng 23:40:24
1. 💪 APC is looking for *Southeast Asia Network Coordinator*
Lulu Keng 23:41:04
2. 💪 AccessNow is looking for *Asia Campaigner*

Campaigner - Asia-Pacific

The Organization and Role About Access Now  Access Now is a growing international human rights organization dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world, including issues of privacy, security, freedom of expression, and transparency. Our policy, advocacy,

Lulu Keng 23:52:30
Also, want to gain amazing training and the exchange opportunity with young leaders around the world? Here is another important information: *The McCain Global Leaders Program*

McCain Institute

McCain Global Leaders - McCain Institute

McCain Global Leaders Program Program Leaders FAQ Leadership Impact Advisors Apply Preparing Today’s Leaders to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: The McCain Global Leaders Program supports character-driven leaders from around the world who embody Senator John McCain’s legacy of serving a cause greater than oneself.  Structured as a 10-month fellowship and experiential learning experience, each cohort will […]


isabelhou 06:30:43
The applications being open to join the first TICTeC Action Lab (aka working group). The deadline for applications is by the end of next Wednesday 24th November. You can see all the details here:

The Action Lab members will work together to commission a piece of work that will be useful to tackle the issues raised in the first Civic Tech Surgery, to answer this question:

*What would help the global civic tech community to work more effectively with public and private institutions?*

Funding will then be available to those who apply to work on the piece of work identified by the Action Lab.


Action Lab #1

What would help the global civic tech community to work more effectively with public and private institutions? Consider joining this TICTeC Action Lab (aka working group) to help answer this question, alongside others who are passionate about helping the Civic Tech sector improve and unlock


chihao 13:01:22
這個 action lab 的工作內容看起來很 intense…


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