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@ronnywang Hi, the staff of APC (Association for Progressive Communications) send me email ask again if there is more information of your live-stream online hackathon system. Do you mind if loop you & jothon & g0v-intl in the same email?
小蟹 has translated the hackmd about the online hackathon. You can provide the link to APC.
haha, just in time!
lulu 的圖感覺可以加進 hackmd 文件欸


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下週一、二的線上活動 Oslo Freedom Forum Presents COVIDCon


Oslo Freedom Forum Presents COVIDCon - Crowdcast

How Tyranny Sparked and Exploits the Pandemic.

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想請問一下,國際交流會有什麼跟愛沙尼亞政府做數位政府相關的 contact 嗎 XD
可以找 Maarja-Leena Saar
pofeng (ocf) 2020-04-15 00:40:01
pofeng (ocf) 2020-04-15 00:43:42
晚宴時我問過 Margus Arm Estonia eId 是否有重大的資安事件, 他說沒有, 結果後來就爆出 2017 年的資安事件
pofeng (ocf) 2020-04-15 00:46:10
"事件開始是位於捷克的密碼暨安全研究中心(Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security,CRoCS)於 2017 年揭露了德國半導體業者英 飛凌(Infineon)所生產的 TPM(Trusted Platform Module,可信賴平台 模組)韌體含有一演算法漏洞,致使它所產生的 RSA 金鑰強度不夠,一 旦駭客得知公鑰,就能計算出私鑰,並用來執行各種攻擊。研究人員將 此威脅稱之為 The Return of Coppersmith's Attack (ROCA)。 愛沙尼亞政府所發行的 eID card 也是此波資安事件的受害者,在 2014 年 10 月之後發行的 75 萬張 eID card 可能存有資安漏洞,受影響人 數約為該國 2/3 領有 eID card 人口,最後清查結果有 40 萬張 eID card 受 影響,經透過更換金鑰及憑證的方式,讓原卡可續用"
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當時我手上的 Estonia eID 也有影響, 要線上更新
我找一下他們 2018 年科技長的名片 ><



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Hi all, I think you may know Dr, Ai Fen 艾芬. She is the first doctor in Wuhan noticed the new virus is serious and provided document to other doctor. Unfortunately, she seems in the unclear status since late March.
There is one interview article of Dr. Ai Fen' story. It is a perfect article state how the new virus became the terrible outbreak in the beginning. The article is deleted soon by China authority, but many people help to save the copy to share. Several international partners worked hard to translate this important article into English.
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I sincerely recommend you read this and share the hinding truths,


How did the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak start in Wuhan, China?

A detailed story of a Chinese doctor who first noticed the virus.

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I think we can re-post to
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it's blockchain based and it can generate the post link to make sure not to be deleted or disappeared.
好歐好歐~~ 我來研究看看怎麼放



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Online meeting hosted by FabCafe Tokyo and joined with FabCafe Taipei, talked in English. 4/24 17:00-19:00 at

看起來蠻有趣的線上活動 <|>


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Code for All board meetings use Zoom...
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I don’t think I want to download that
If you are not host of the zoom event, you can just use browser to open it. Don't need to download or install anything.
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If you have/had installed zoom, it’s hard to uninstall and back to clean…


Zoom Zero Day: 4+ Million Webcams &amp; maybe an RCE? Just get them to visit your website!

Vulnerability in the Mac Zoom Client allows any malicious website to enable your camera without your permission. The flaw potentially…

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@wildjcrt I hope it is easier to erase Zoom on iOS devices?
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let me check. My phone is android. 😛
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it’s ok to delete zoom app on iOS as usual.
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HackMD of Social Hack Day of Code for Japan today

第14回:2020/04/25 Social Hack Day online - HackMD

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Code for Japan 有專屬拍照姿勢!!g0v 合照到底要比什麼啊
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