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Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 13:11:38
哈囉,我有點想辦個活動,不知道g0v程序是什麼,剛剛跟Newbloom 破土聯絡一下,討論要不要辦一個活動,邀請幾個社區的人介紹專案,討論一下他們在g0v的經驗之類的,開放Q&A,Newbloom 應該有不少人聽過g0v也想參加但是不太知道細節或具體怎麼參加。大家覺得如何
Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 2021-08-05 14:32:52
Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 13:13:10
我只有跟Newbloom 提一下,細節都沒有確定,只知道如果確定要辦,會等到疫情好一點再辦實體的。歡迎大家幫忙安排,到時候邀社群講者也當然會開放邀請大家參加


Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 12:22:02
活動共筆在這裡 想要來報名演講,或者想討論活動怎麼安排,都可以寫在那邊,現在只有確定newbloom 願意舉辦,其他都不確定

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gustavodias 08:25:24
Hello all! My name is Gustavo and I've been adapting the g0v budget visualization website to my city's budget for the past 2 months. The website is gaining popularity in Brazil (where I live) and I'd love some help from the g0v community to help me improve the website and potentially help me create a branch of g0v here in Brazil ( Is there anyone I can talk to about the specifics of this?? Thanks all!
Great to see you here Gustavo! For the budget visualization project, I’ll suggest a quick ping to @clkao & @ronnywang
Some friends in HK just decided to adopt the name g0v and started their own so… fork welcome? :stuck_out_tongue:
@gustavodias Do you have the link to your website to share here?
tagging intl task force members @isabelhou @pm5 😛
gustavodias 2021-08-25 11:45:39
I talk a little bit about the Taiwan project in the website. And we are also refering to ourselves as
@gustavodias great to know you have forked the budget visualization website in BR. I am thinking about what kind of help from g0v,tw will meet your need and would like to start by by introducing g0v manifesto and g0v Code of Conduct to
gustavodias 2021-08-25 19:31:47
Awesome! Thanks for the resources @isabelhou. I have read the manifesto and the code of conduct, and I completely agree with them. I was more worried about the legal relationship between g0v and its branches.
gustavodias 2021-08-25 19:31:58
Like, if we replicate projects that are originally from, are there any intellectual properties we should be aware? And are we allowed to use a similar logo?
gustavodias 2021-08-25 19:32:08
Of course we do not want to misrepresent the movement, and we plan to keep every creation open source and free for anyone to use.
gustavodias 2021-08-25 19:34:30
But it would be nice to have a more formal conversation to understand the limits and requirements that stem from this association
@gustavodias in terms of forking projects, my understanding is that since projects are all open-source projects, owned and governed by the project contributors (per Manifesto), anyone who forks them would have to follow the licensing agreement of the projects themselves
and since is polycentric, and has no single representative, I feel chatting here is as formal as any other arrangement, arguably better because of the diversity of an open conversation :smile:
@gustavodias thanks for raising these important questions. Let’s continue our chatting here and also collaborate a note for documenting our discussion on hackmd. Please feel free to edit the note. We can schedule an on-line meeting for discussion later.
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Sam 羅翔鈞 ㄙㄚㄇ 18:35:42
Hi! OCF is hosting a webinar to discuss our new civic internet of things project. We plan to collaborate with local communities across the world to install environmental sensors to monitor air and water pollution. If you are interested in participating, please sign up ! All info can be found here:

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