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聽說 TICTeC 3/24-25 在雷克雅維克,call for proposal 1/17 截止 😛
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因為大會名稱裡有 impact 這個字,那個 jothon impact report⋯ 😏 @isabelhou
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@isabelhou 不是老早就說要去嗎?(放假消息)
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補充一下, Access Now 辦的數位權利大會 RightsCon,徵件延期到 1/21 。想要投稿的還有機會。今年六月初在哥斯大黎加


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Open call for Fellowship in Berkerman Internet Center 2020-21, Harvard. Deadline: Jan. 31 2020

Berkman Klein Center

Open Call for Fellowship Applications, Academic Year 2020-2021

This opportunity is for those who wish to spend 2020-2021 in residence in Cambridge, MA as part of the Center's vibrant community of research and practice.


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話說有個 WikiCFP

Civic Technology Call For Papers for Conferences, Workshops and Journals at WikiCFP

Civic Technology Calls For Papers (CFP) for international conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, events, journals and book chapters


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Hello, 的 Léa Klein ( 希望在 1/30 傍晚、1/31 早上和一些台北(地點應該會在 OCF 現在位置 mutix studio)的公民科技社群交流,如果有興趣參與的朋友請留言和您有空的時間,謝謝!


pm5 23:09:14
Code for All ExCo biweekly call now...
I updated what happened in Taiwan in the last month (a lot).
Codeando Mexico stepping down as ExCo. Code for Africa is coming on on next meeting.
CfAll Summit will be on 4/22 alongside PDF CEE
There might be some fundings for accommodations from CfAll if one of us is going.
Lailah from OpenUp is asking if there is any research paper on digital citizen engagement from behavioural economics point of view or others.
There will be an CfAll exchange program opened at around April. Applicants will be external organizations who want to cowork with a mentoring organization in CfAll network to advance one of their Digital Citizen Engagement projects.
Next meeting will be at 2/11.
喜歡這個形式的會議記錄 \o/ pm5++
Thanks for sharing. pm5++
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有人 4 月會去 PDF CEE 嗎?
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上週在布魯塞爾的資料保護相關的 conf <|>


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