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@ronnywang set the channel topic: :globe_with_meridians: 國際交流 :: international exchange
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跟大家報備一下, cofact 的 bil 想申請 Professional Fellows Program ( ) , ocf 可能會以顧問的名義幫她申請, (但週四或周五才會確定)
因為申請這類的計畫, 一個組織通常會有限額, 會有排擠效應, 所以在 #intl 跟大家報備一下
( eg: SITCON 透過 OCF 跟教育部申請經費有限額 )
> The PFP is a two-way exchange, with American participants who have hosted foreign fellows traveling overseas for participant-driven reciprocal programs.

that's pretty rad. that feels like a good approach
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speaking of which, would anyone like to scheme on how some g0v folks can visit Toronto (or Canada) for fellowships in the civic tech community? (ideally reciprocal like the PFP program)


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(抱歉晚回,這週重感冒)感謝大家關心 OCF 國際交流的工作,預計下週會在共筆上補充國際交流的目前主要工作跟發展脈絡
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【IFF 徵件延長!!】 把握機會,延長至 11/19 晚上23:59 (美洲西岸時間)。 特別向台灣社群招手徵件,每年在西班牙舉辦,全球知名,討論網路自由、人權資安隱私的 “Internet Freedom Festival (IFF)” 延長徵件》 <> 參與人數約 2000人,每年引發搶票風潮的...

i've been there last year. can highly recommend it 🙂
@marlene.ronstedt you’re in the g0v slack!!! awww so nice to “see you” hope you’re well
hi CS! i'm fine, back in Berlin! are you coming to IFF in Spring?
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