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pm5 09:48:16
為了申請補助寫了一點 Code for Japan Summit 的介紹,CC0,歡迎修訂補充 @lisa @yutin

Code for Japan Summit 介紹 - HackMD


chihao 08:11:33
我開了一個《每月社群大小事》的共筆,一樣 CC0,共筆整理出來的內容可以作為各種用途,包括 cfall monthly newsletter,歡迎協作 :muscle:

每月社群大小事 - HackMD

ronnywang 10:09:45
我覺得這件事可以跟 這個行事曆做整合 XD


<|> 是一個推動資訊透明化的社群,致力於開發公民參與社會的資訊平台與工具。2012 年底開始成形,截至2014年初已有 26 場工作坊、受邀演講 30+ 場、媒體報導 20+ 次、500+ 遍佈三大洲的貢獻者,成果皆以自由軟體模式釋出。將 gov 以「零」替代成為 g0v,從零重新思考政府的角色,也是代表數位原生世代從 0 與 1 世界的視野。<|> 以開放原始碼的精神為基底,關心言論自由、資訊開放,寫程式提供公民容易使用的資訊服務。資訊的透明化能幫助公民更確實了解政府運作、更快速了解議題,不被媒體壟斷,也才可有效監督政府,化為參與行動最終深化民主體質。

ronnywang 10:10:12
g0v 行事曆空空的好久了 XD
chihao 10:21:01
在寫訊息的時候就覺得「這件事怎麼可能沒有人做過」,果然出現了 XD 來來來


ronnywang 11:03:16 社群治理這邊 那段應該要修改了

g0v 社群治理流程綜合討論 community g0vernance general discussion - HackMD

isabelhou 11:33:57
chihao 17:22:10
pm5 21:10:15
社群裡之前是不是有人投過 SXSW?


Conference | SXSW Conference &amp; Festivals

The SXSW Conference features a variety of programming tracks for attendees to explore what's next in the worlds of film, culture, music, and technology from the March 13-22, 2020.

pm5 21:10:37
SXSW 2020 7/19 投稿截止
stella 14:50:45
超想參加這個conf XD

code for japan 的 mami san 好像去年有試著投稿過?


chihao 12:49:14
名字裡有個 X 好潮喔
isabelhou 12:50:16
bess 15:57:39
我把 SXSW 的表格拉出來了
要來看看要不要一起申請個 panel 嗎


HackMD - Collaborative markdown notes

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@mami.takesada 之前有提過code for Japan 有興趣跟g0v一起開一個亞洲公民科技軌
bess 22:51:14
isabelhou 23:09:43
來去fto telegram問一下。
chihao 19:00:57
bess 19:05:59
bess 19:06:13
Mami (Miley) 20:39:30
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pm5 09:02:58
chihao 09:11:38
@mami.takesada san :smile:
chihao 09:12:03
@leechiasan.bess g0X
Mami (Miley) 10:04:52
Because i asked Lisa to entry the speaker of SXSWedu or SXSW interactive about the gender of education before, she invite me here!
isabelhou 10:39:21
@mami.takesada are you interested in co-organizing a panel this year?
Mami (Miley) 12:16:53
yes, but I have to study English more if I will be there as a member of the session:muscle:
littlepah 17:23:54
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pm5 15:48:35
@isabelhou @chihao I might not be able to attend the cfall ExCo meeting today. Is anyone of you going to join the meeting?
isabelhou 16:24:28
I will join the catch-up and the bimonthly meeting,


Nao.m 12:54:21
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Nao.m 13:05:03
Hello! This is Nao from Code for Japan.

We will host Code for Japan Summit 2019 in Chiba, Japan on Sep 28-29.
*Sorry, the website is only available in Japanese :cry:

We had many friends from g0v last year.
This year, we have international track for the first time.

In this track, all sessions are in English.
One of the session is about Facing the Ocean Meet &amp; Hack which is a hakathon-like event we had in June in Okinawa, Japan. Pm5 will be one of the panelist.

We are also looking for “nobody” from g0v who can talk about your project in g0v :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe you can enjoy the summit more.
If you are interested in joining the event pls feel free to contact me :slightly_smiling_face:

Code for Japan Summit 2019

Code for Japan Summit 2019 – Spark Joy!

国内最大のシビックテックのイベントが千葉で開催。今年のテーマはSpark Joy!!

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