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isabelhou 10:33:46 有沒有人想投今年的TICTeC?2/14截止。


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Call for Proposal deadline of Code for America is on Feb. 23rd. This year topic: Designing An Equitable Government Together

Code for America Summit

Call for proposals — Code for America Summit

We’re excited you’re thinking of submitting a proposal for our 9th annual Code for America Summit.

Joshua Davis 2021-02-20 07:35:44
is the website down?
Joshua Davis 2021-02-20 07:53:19
I need help submitting my proposal.


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Hello! I’m the convener of the Transformations Conference 2021, a global forum for discussing transformative change towards sustainability. g0v community is extremely inspiring and we would much appreciate if someone could present the experiences and some of the learnings of the community. There is more info about the conference here, but please DM for for details. Thanks!


chihao 12:20:06
NDI 正在徵求⋯顧問? 好像是想辦一系列關於「實在資訊」(info-tegrity 這種複合字真的不知道怎麼翻譯⋯)的線上工作坊,「串連東亞利害關係人」。我先幫忙接收並公開訊息 cc @ronnywang @bil @mrorz @pm5 @isabelhou

NDI: Looking for a consultant to setup INFO/tegrity workshops - HackMD

喔耶 👍🏼 那個,我把對方的需求 pdf 附在 hackmd 裡了,還有對方的 email(已取得對方同意),可以自由聯繫哦 💚
覺得 @bil 超適合的啦
更新一下資訊我跟Maeve 連絡上囉~~=D
@isabelhou ++ 我覺得這像樣 mediate 「國g0v 際社群的事務」似乎是個不錯的做法呢 🤔 唯一的缺點可能是效率⋯
欸 slack 的textbox 是怎樣有 bug 哦
爛死了 XD
🙌 1 🦒 2 😮 1