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透明國際 EU 即將在下週三、四(12/6~7)在布魯塞爾的歐盟議會舉辦 Money & Politic 研討會,討論全球政治貪污、國會倫理、政商遊說與政治獻金透明化。講者包括世界銀行 World Bank、開放政府夥伴聯盟 OGP、美國陽光基金會 Sunlight Fundation 等關注國際透明政治、經濟與民主的組織。議程草稿在此:
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patcon 16:06:48
A little last minute, but RightsCon 2018 is happening in mid may, and proposals due by end of day Dec 4...! But the topics all seem very aligned with g0v projects and topics that have already being tackled by community :)
patcon 16:08:21
ttcat (not_staff) 16:16:04
@ggm @mrorz ^^^ 要不要跟我們去加拿大
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@ttcat pls do let me know if anyone from g0v (or even just Taiwan) is already planning to attend :)
ttcat (not_staff) 2017-12-01 16:19:49
yes, me and pellaeon from OCF
ttcat (not_staff) 2017-12-01 16:19:55
at least
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@patcon set the channel topic: :globe_with_meridians: 國際交流 :: international exchange
patcon 16:23:23
@patcon set the channel purpose: :globe_with_meridians: 國際交流 :: international exchange
mrorz 17:40:06
Sounds interesting
mrorz 17:45:27
Maybe cofacts would qualify a tech demo session I think?
canadian_aaron 2017-12-02 01:11:38
let me know if you need any help looking over an application, or writing out the proposal. Although the proposal is due this Dec. 4th
@szeming is actually the co-chair of the demo room and would be very happy to see the submission of the cofacts team 😉
Thanks @canadian_aaron and @pellaeon for the notice! I found that it's quite challenging to submit proposals at RightsCon. The successful submission examples all look so accomplished and professional.

On the other hand, as we targets for demo / lightning talks, I am not sure how we can fill in "Who will be joining you in this session? " and "What outcomes would you like to achieve?" questions in the registration form.

Any advice on this is appreciated.
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 09:53:22
@mrorz, do you have something already filled out for these items?
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 09:53:55
it might be easier for me to simply edit or expand on your original idea on it.
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 09:54:25
“who will be joining you in the session” means will there be any other guest speakers in your proposal?
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 09:54:49
and then “what outcomes would you like to achieve” means: what do you want to teach the audience?
Thanks @canadian_aaron!
I will submit one after work.

I think there won’t be any other guest speakers.
And I can elaborate some of our thoughts about the balance between free speech and fact-checking in the “outcomes” section 🙂
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 10:53:59
if you’d like, i can review the sections you already filled out, and make some suggestions 😄
It couldn’t be better if we can have you review our submission!

I’m not available in the following hour, but I think I can find time during lunch to draft the submission 🙂
canadian_aaron 2017-12-04 10:59:18
@canadian_aaron Here is a quick draft for the submission:

> Please describe what you want to do in your session

In this session we will present Cofact, a collaborative fact-checking system combining a LINE chatbot with a hoax database, supported by civic tech grant. Out team grew up within 8 months, soon becoming a 200 volunteering editors fact checking community, and more than 20k people using the chat bot to reporting 150 news every week.

(More info here: )

We plan to cover the following aspects:

- Consumers of misinformation in Taiwan
- Cofacts’ methodology of collaborative fact-checking
- How the system is designed to bring different voice to the users

> Who will be joining you in this session? Have you confirmed their participation? Who will be moderating this session?

This is a tech demo / lightning talk session that is hosted solely by Johnson Liang, Web developer, g0v community, civil tech, Taipei, Male, founder of the g0v project Cofacts.

> What outcomes would you like to achieve with your session, and how will you transition these activities into post-conference action?

Current effort of fact-checking focuses on authoring fact-checking reports, which is distributed by social networks and with search engines. There is a substantial amount of people that does not have the access to such information, such as senior citizens with limited digital literacy and social network connections.

This project tries to bridge the gap between the existing fact-checking reports and the digital immigrants in a crowd-sourced and open-sourced way, while striking a balance between free speech and fact-checks.

Compared to posts on Facebook and Twitter, misinformation in closed messaging chatrooms is under-researched. Cofact's database, released under CC0 and comprised of voluntary submissions of messages, can shed lights on how misinformation is like in these previously unseen environments.

> How long would you like this session to last?
Under 15 minutes (Lightning talk)
ttcat (not_staff) 2017-12-04 20:10:50
@canadian_aaron you’re already there, did you submit any proposal
ttcat (not_staff) 2017-12-04 20:10:54
I have submitted 😄

I also mentioned about @ttcat’s submission in the "Anything else we should know?" section. They may look duplicated, so I asked them to merge the two proposals (or just use mine :P) for us
canadian_aaron 2017-12-05 08:07:02
Yeah, it looks good @mrorz, i wouldn’t have made any suggestions
canadian_aaron 2017-12-05 08:07:14
@ttcat i’ll submit a lightning talk for
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patcon 05:59:44
@lizbarry @darshana @itsmisscs and I submitted a proposal too, plus might have some undetermined vtaiwan-related guests if they'll accept forthcoming invites :)
itsmisscs 21:17:50
anyone remember/know when rightscon sends out acceptance notice?
ttcat (not_staff) 2017-12-06 23:00:57
Early February
Not that diff, but fwiw:

> Status-of-proposal announcements will be made in late January 2018. :slightly_smiling_face:


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