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pm5 11:55:10
Just in case g0v Summit isn't enough for you(?), there is also MyData Online 2020 on 10-12 December

MyData Online 2020

MyData Online 2020 Conference - 10 -12 December

MyData Online 2020 will gather 1000 personal data professionals and people interested in the data economy. We bring together business, legal, tech and societal perspectives to create a sustainable, fair and prosperous digital society. The online conference will provide a quality programme, networking opportunities and social connections.

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親愛的 (Friends from Universe) 21:16:47
✨外星人有可能只靠吃光就可以過活吧? 😆 哪天辦一場星際食物交流也很有趣 👽說不定那會在UFO上!!!


constmoon 15:49:23
Hi. I’m from NullFull in South Korea and I’m trying to register in For Rem0te Participation page (I’ve also received invitation code from speaker). But the remote participation page is closed at 404. Is there a way to register on remote? 🤔
oops. Fixed.
It works well. Thanks a lot!
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chihao 22:04:44
Making tomorrow’s FtO opening slides here: :smile: Any one interested?
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pm5 09:24:22
FtO Google photo album for today

Google Photos

FtO Tainan 2020

New photo added to shared album

ael 09:45:07
@sampeterrobbins online text translation here

Facing the Ocean (FtO) Tainan 2020 - HackMD

wildjcrt 14:10:53
to zito

Ptt 批踢踢實業坊

[閒聊] TRPG的安全措施:X-Card

在解釋何謂X-Card前,先說說我怎麼會發現這個東西。 前幾天,我在版上被推坑了藍鬍子的新娘這系統,在下載Beta版時,發現他有段聲明: 遊戲中存在著若干較為成人的內容,包括但不限於:對女性的暴力、性、血腥獵奇等等, 在完整的規則書中,會指引玩家如何安全地遊玩這些主題,在那之前,請考慮使用John S tavropoulos的X-Card,或者其他你喜歡的安全措施。

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Felipe 15:16:17
Anyway to get access to the summit at this point? Super interested in participating remotely but wasn’t able to purchase a ticket in time.
chihao 16:30:22
@phiven ticket sale has closed 😢 sorry... all videos (excluding those without speaker consent) will be published on g0v’s YouTube account after the event!
ok sounds good looking forward to it
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chihao 16:40:00
FtO is having a final presentation in about 20 mins at 5pm (UTC+8) & 6pm (UTC+9), please join us! :))

Jitsi Meet

Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge

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pm5 10:23:57
Code for All 的 exchange program 申請到 12/31 止
@pm5 I want to double check that there is no Code for All members based in Korea? I am thinking to apply this program with #herstory project to make it more sustainable
AFAIK there is no CfAll member in South Korea
Thanks for the information!
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Peter 19:46:02
Peter 19:46:24
vTaiwan 意見徵集目前有一個移工議題的提案
Peter 19:47:54
嗨!我来自马来西亚 Sinar Project. 有什么可以帮到你吗?
其實應該是想做意見徵集平台的多語言化,還有問卷的編譯等等,不過目前可能要看方向怎麼訂xd 有明確需求會再上來求助~
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