Month: 2018-01


thebestsophist 03:39:05
anyone know folks in India’s civic tech community? a couple at the airbnb I’ve been staying in, a senior engineering manager and a data scientist are trying to figure out how they can contribute their tech skills to digital journalism and civic good in their community
dzn 03:57:08
These guys do some really good work —
dzn 03:57:26
met their CEO Viraj Tyagi at Civic Tech Fest, taipei
dzn 03:58:01
you are in india???
thebestsophist 05:16:50
that’d be amazing, but sadly no, one of them works for a company here in boston so they’ve been visiting for the last month
dzn 05:28:06
Ah! Well.. some day :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 05:28:27
Also, here is the talk Viraj Tyagi gave at the conference —
dzn 05:28:43
They can see a bit more about what they do.
dzn 05:28:54
They have a lot of buy-in from government it would seem
dzn 05:29:16
Also, Happy New Year!!! :confetti_ball::tada:
dzn 05:29:19
thebestsophist 05:53:12
happy new year!
patcon 17:10:01
Cross-posted to CodeforAll slack, and Sheba Najmi says:

> DataKind has a Fellow in India. I have contacts at Code for India but they’re not really civic tech.
thebestsophist 22:23:53
oooh…code for india would be *perfect*
patcon 06:41:54
Oscar Montiel from Open Knowledge Foundation posted something else:

> i can put them in touch with the Open Knowledge India people and Nisha from Datameet.

I'm thinking maybe best just to relay names, but if you think your contact is really interested, happy to coord explicit intro (?). Your call :)