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Taiwan Insight

Hackers Facing the Ocean: g0v and East Asian Civic Tech Community

Written by Sam Robbins. Collaboration within Taiwan or transnationally has never been perfect. Like all g0v projects, international exchange is permanently a work in progress, and much more can be achieved by “rough consensus” than by looking for a particular shared interest. The boundaries of this inchoate transnational activist community are still being drawn, and the meaning of collaboration based on cultural and political similarities is still up for debate. For example, the 2020 Meet and Hack made explicit references to the “Milk Tea Alliance” in the posters on display, and I overheard many mentioning the concept.

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Interesting discussion on the short term involvement of civic tech people in the government. It is criticized as tours of duty.
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@chihao some contexts here: I don't think they accuse “civic tech people.” Sorry for my wording. The tweet, in my interpretation, criticizes that some one year civic tech programs embedded in the government market themselves as effective solutions for government and some participants from tech company feel that they have done their duty in public service, so they move on next year while the actual changes in complicated democracy or bureaucracy are hard to be done in just one year.
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@aelcenganda thanks :) I got it the first time, just looking for some insights in the thread but haven’t found any yet.
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Policy Ignites by Canadian public servants. They build the stage for public servants to propose innovative policy concepts. I have been into one and it was very cool like TED talk. There were some senior officers as audience. And this time is online. If you are interested in how they make public servants feel they are super stars with brilliant ideas, you should check it out ( Nov. 4 night Canada time/Nov.5 early morning for Taiwan)


The New Normal - The Never Ending Policy Story

Policy Ignite! is coming to FWD50 2021, looking at the new normal and how policies are going to be shaped to fit it.


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Hi, all
I want share an international forum here. OCF is organizing “2021 Open Government International Virtual Forum” on 11/16 & 11/17. In this forum, we invite governmental staff and civil society from all over the world to exchange their experience and insight about open government issues.

Based on these topics, we organized 3 sessions in this forum. To engage various opinions in the forum, we design “Civic Space” time to call for proposals publicly in “public-private collaboration” and “anti-corruption” sessions.

Now we are open for proposals! If you have any ideas, please do submit it to here. It’s a good chance to engage in with open government issues with international partners!

Call for proposals from now on until 10/27.

Google Docs

Call for Proposal - 2021 Open Government International Virtual Forum (Taiwan) / 講題投稿

In the "2021 Open Government International Virtual Forum", there were 3 separate session will be held on different date and time depending on speaker's time zone. This forum is set to exchange experience between Open Government advocators in Taiwan and abroad. 2 of these 3 sessions also open call for proposal to public, we hope to invite more partners to share their thoughts, finding, works, and experiences related to the open government and session topics. The 2 session topics are: - [Civil Session] _ Nov. 17th Morning - How does “Open Government” improve society? Best practice and COVID-19 control - [Anti-corruption &amp; Transparency Session] _ Nov. 17th Afternoon - Actions for Opening Government : Transparency and Anti-corruption. Call for proposal would end on Oct. 27th. After reviewed by the internal and external committees, the results of acceptance will be announced on Nov. 5th. The sharing format of call for proposal will be a 15 minutes talk in English. It would be great to arrange QA time for about 5 minutes included in the 15 minutes talk. If you have any question, please contact <|> To get the information of "2021 Open Government International Virtual Forum", please click here: <> --------- 「2021 開放政府線上國際研討會」旨在讓國內外推動開放政府的人可以交流經驗。此研討會共有三段獨立議程,其中有兩段議程規劃有向所有人開放徵件的子議程。 開放徵件的兩段議程分別是臺灣時間 11 月 17 日上午時段的「疫情之下如何維持開放空間?最佳案例及 COVID-19 防疫」場次,以及同日下午的「透明、反貪 - 開放政府必經之路」場次。 投稿形式為 15 分鐘的英文短講,建議可以在這 15 分鐘內安排 5 分鐘的 QA 時間。徵件截止日為 10 月 27 日。在審稿委員會審稿後,錄取結果將於 11 月 5 日公布。 若有任何疑惑,請來信 <|> 與我們聯繫。 瞭解「2021 開放政府線上國際研討會」活動資訊,請見:<>

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