Month: 2022-01


@null 06:23:53
[thread]: Happy New Year!:sparkles:✨✨
@null 17:58:38
Happy New Year \o/


@null 11:12:10
Are we having FtO e-lunch today? 👀
Miley_c4jpn 11:53:29
omg… I forgot about e-lunch…
I wish we could have 12 and 19 to prepare 1/22 e-FtO.


@null 09:39:33
[thread]: No worries! I might have another meeting during that time but I will let you know.


Miley_c4jpn 09:57:51
If preparations are too difficult, we may postpone the event to February (it will be exactly two years since the Tainan event).
Miley_c4jpn 09:59:18
In that case, we can have e-lunch on the 19th instead of forcing it to be held on the 12th.
@null 20:05:52
[thread]: Ok. I will have fixed work schedule next week. Because i might work during 12-1pm so I will let you know about my availability next week. :)


ael 13:02:00
FOSSASIA is calling for speakers til Jan 22. The summit will be in April, where you can meet free and open source communities across Asia

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bess 16:28:26
The connection from Code for Japan to g0v is broken.
ichieh 17:06:42
@pm5 🆘
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pm5 18:11:30
pm5 18:11:30
@null 20:56:53
[thread]: I'm available on both 12th and 19th. :)
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@null 09:31:43
Miley_c4jpn 09:35:00
If we will held e-FtO on Jan., both 12th and 19th lunch meetings are necessary to prepare. if we will postpone to Feb., 19th is ok.
@null 10:26:58
[thread]: Did you invite speakers for FtO? What about postponing to Feb? Let’s have e-lunch for a little while. decide it together!
Miley_c4jpn 10:32:27
how about talking 10-15min. today? @mee @Dasol
@null 10:57:25
Yes! It works for me.
chihao 11:28:41
Hey all! mami san, dasol, mee, and myself decided that we are having a Happy New Year meeting on January 22nd! https://g0v.hackmd.io/pEYuv6D3QMO1qqJHiuCA_A


FtO Happy New Year 2022! - HackMD

chihao 11:29:20
Because of c4j event schedule, we propose that we meet at 10am that day (Saturday), could we do it? :))
chihao 11:30:09
The idea is to keep sharing our thoughts with one another UNTIL we can travel again.
chihao 11:30:33
So please sign up in the HackMD! https://g0v.hackmd.io/pEYuv6D3QMO1qqJHiuCA_A
@null 11:33:24
Thank you Chihao! I’m up for it 🙂
chihao 11:35:08
Yay! mee \o/
chihao 11:35:43
Once we have enough people, I will also share this to #intl for more people!
chihao 11:36:09
If that time is very bad, please also propose other options :))
chihao 13:20:19
@mami.takesada I imagine 9am TW time would be difficult for most people, unless we are all very excited! Let’s maybe also think of other option?
Miley_c4jpn 13:21:38
chihao 13:42:21
What if it's 1/23 Sunday afternoon? Anyone?
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@null 20:34:41
I can join 23 afternoon:)
chihao 21:12:47
chihao 21:13:33
Let me first tag some people... @isabelhou @pm5 would you like to share your recent work during the Happy New Year meeting? 😛
isabelhou 21:15:26
I can also join 23 afternoon.


chihao 07:33:51
chihao 07:34:35
ok I added mee, mami san & isabel to 23 afternoon :))
@null 12:34:19
good \o/ I also tag some people @ohyeon @Dasol Hong could you join Happy New Year meeting(1/23 Sunday afternoon) ?
@null 14:27:52
Yes. I'm in!🖐️🏻


pm5 16:26:08
1/23 afternoon looks good for me