Month: 2021-05


chihao 15:18:22
fto fto fto
@null 15:20:32
fto fto fto (from :kr:)
chihao 15:21:09
fto fto fto (from TW)
chihao 15:21:13
pm5 ++ for linking these channels
@null 15:25:08
Pm5 +++
ael 15:25:20
fto fto fto from TW
@null 15:25:22
chihao 15:31:52
how are you people of fto :smile:
@null 15:37:26
super busy. haha.
@null 15:37:42
how are you ?
chihao 16:50:40
Just installed Slack to my new laptop :smile:
chihao 16:51:00
Less busy these days. It’s good. More time to think and write.
isabelhou 16:52:08
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tmonk 16:52:24
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ichieh 16:52:36
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chihao 16:53:47
Adding more people from the g0v side!
isabelhou 16:53:59
great to hear from you!
@null 17:02:33
Oh, Isabel! :slightly_smiling_face:
@null 17:03:01
[thread]: oh.. great.. you’re in Japan now?
chihao 17:10:45
@null 17:13:42
[thread]: this thread. :)
chihao 17:20:44
I don’t see thread here :(
chihao 17:21:12
What I see here
Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 5.20.58 PM.png
isabelhou 17:52:23
busy too.


pm5 07:58:18
bridge doesn't work very well with threads yet :disappointed:
@null 09:16:36
ah ha..
chihao 12:38:08
single thread (the main thread) it is!
pm5 20:29:14
fto fto
isabelhou 20:40:39
fto fto
@null 21:11:21
fto fto (single thread)
chihao 21:11:33
ft ft fto
chihao 21:11:44
I miss all of you
@null 21:29:17
Same here \o/
@null 21:29:32
It was hectic days for me whenever fto meet & hack . I just thought we will have next meet & hack.
@null 21:29:52
I should have enjoyed meet & hack and talked more with you all. Those were the days.
@null 21:30:19
Hope to see you all soon anywhere :pray:


@null 14:21:55
Maybe we can meet next year in Jeju? :)
chihao 15:11:33
I would love that
pm5 18:58:08
@null 20:42:47
Let’s go :)
Mars / Kevin Chen 23:30:33
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chihao 19:22:58
@chihao set the channel topic: No threads. Yet.
chihao 19:23:16
@chihao set the channel topic: No threads. Yet. Connected to KR.
isabelhou 20:59:23
ok. no threads.
chihao 21:52:40
chihao 21:53:00
isabelhou gave a talk yesterday


@null 07:46:26
what’s the topic of talk? :slightly_smiling_face:
isabelhou 11:13:37
g0v geeks’ dream: the Nerd Politics in Taiwan
isabelhou 11:15:03

Pluto Press

The Rise of Nerd Politics

The irruption of WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Snowden and other tech-savvy actors onto the global political stage raises urgent questions about the impact of digita...

chihao 12:58:40
chihao 12:58:54
in the best sense of the term :sunglasses:
chihao 12:59:38
maybe let’s host an online chat to talk about nerd politics in each of our countries?
chihao 14:11:59
What about the night of June 4th (Friday)?
chihao 14:12:09
What about the night of June 5th (Saturday)?
chihao 14:12:22
What about the night of June 6th (Sunday)?
chihao 14:12:48
Ah... this is a bad idea... I forgot emoji reactions doesn’t work across slacks...
chihao 14:15:15
Maybe we can vote like this: 4 & 5 & 6
isabelhou 15:44:12
&6 will work for me. g0v Sch00l has a workshop for senior high school students on &5.
chihao 17:44:34
Roger that
chihao 17:45:04
now 6/4 +1
6/5 +1
6/6 +2
chihao 17:46:11
also, although a bit far-fetched, would anyone be interested in submitting a talk to COSCUP this year? https://pretalx.com/coscup-2021/cfp It’s the largest and longest running open-source conference in TW :slightly_smiling_face:


COSCUP x RubyConf TW 2021

Schedule, talks and talk submissions for COSCUP x RubyConf TW 2021

chihao 17:46:29
Call for Proposal closes in 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


@null 08:12:35
Oh. June 6 will be good for us. :slightly_smiling_face:
chihao 12:34:56
Alright! 6/6 +3 :orange_heart:
chihao 16:07:23
Also sent info to cfj Slack because they are not connected here yet