Month: 2021-03


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hello again
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looks good


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With the help from @이준수 and @rest515, I'm setting up a bridge between this channel and #facing-the-ocean on http://join.g0v.tw/
@null 13:22:06
This means that all messages here will be passed on to the other side on g0v Slack, and vice versa
@null 13:22:24
Hello from Korea!
@null 13:22:36
I hope this wouldn't cause trouble for anyone but if you are concerned about this pls let me know
pm5 13:23:12
And this is me on g0v Slack 👋
ael 13:23:18
Hi from g0v.tw channel
@null 13:39:46
good to see you.
@null 13:42:40
Wow, so many members in this channel
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Wow. hello, g0v friends!


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Hello from Canada!
patcon 13:13:09
In case helpful, this is the doc I linked in the channel topic on each side, to explain how the room works: https://hackmd.io/AVz5MJzbRYukZDtAWhjHAw


Slack Bridges: What are they? - HackMD

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pm5 19:50:46
@patcon is the one who developed a slack-matterbridge-googletranslate service some years ago during his residency in Taiwan
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patcon 02:17:18
Ah yes! Thanks for sharing that context @pm5 :)


@null 12:20:47
[thread]: long time no see! We’ve met at g0v summit in 2018. :wink:
patcon 13:32:28
YES! GJ! I missed your initials in the scrollback, but of _course_ i remember you!! 😄
patcon 13:33:05
oh heck, bridges are the best 🌉
@null 21:41:26
Hi, friends. Do you have any methodology for 'Civic Hacking'? Or any reference would be welcomed. There are many new comers in Code for Korea theseday. I want to prepare something to make them feel comfortable in our community and make some our aims real with them. Any comment would be helpful for me. ^^
ael 21:50:43
You meant onboarding guidelines or open collaboration principles? How you can start to contribute? Beginner guide?