Month: 2021-05


Yao Wei 13:31:29
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Yao Wei 18:36:31
@kevinliao did you test the PR?
kjcl 18:36:58
confirm it's working. :slightly_smiling_face: check out|


kjcl 17:00:05
@medicalwei I've deployed the changes onto the local scraper, so the data from your fixes is now in production. :slightly_smiling_face:
kjcl 17:00:32
I configured GitHub Actions today, so we'll now get Type checking and linting support in both JS and Python for pull requests. :slightly_smiling_face:
kjcl 17:00:39
Getting ready to take this to the next g0v hackathon. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yao Wei 17:43:54
Aaaaand I forgot to add Nantou MOHW into parser list ._.


Yao Wei 15:32:09
@kevinliao seems that the parser I did doesn't work as intended
kjcl 15:32:30
Which hospital? Im on my way home. Can take a look :)
kjcl 15:33:01
We should also think about how to add 公費疫苗資訊
Yao Wei 15:33:32
MOHW hospitals: Keelung MOHW is now fully booked
mrblueblue 16:53:19
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kjcl 17:14:28
Hi, I think conversation is happening in #covid19


kjcl 14:09:38
@medicalwei sorry I've been a little busy with work and havent had a chance yet. Have you investigated issues with MOHW parsers?
tmonk 14:09:50
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kjcl 15:45:23
Dont know if anyone finds this interesting but today the local scraper migrated to async Python and it is now 5x faster.|
kjcl 15:45:54
We are reaching the point where vaccination slots are gone in the minute it takes for us to scrape and put them up so performance really matters now!