Month: 2021-04


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#1 [Parser] Add support for NTU Yunlin Hospital.

*Context* We are writing parsers to populate data on appointment availability. *This Pull Request* 1. Adds the website for making appointments for NTU Yunlin Hospital COVID-19 vaccines. 2. Sets kjcl as the point-of-contact for the hospital 3. Adds a parser. *Test Plan* ☑︎ `yarn tc` passes with no errors ☑︎ `yarn lint` fixes formatting errors. ☑︎ Load up the site and confirm it's working. <|Screenshot from 2021-04-28 18-55-24>

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I added a parser with a PR to give everyone an idea of how to build one


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Very close to announcing it in the channel
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I need help with Taiwanese Mandarin and Bahasa translations