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Hi everyone! It's so nice to be here and part of this community! Thank you @thebestsophist for the invite!

My name is|Caroline Smith and I'm a Design Strategist with the|US Digital Service. I'm supporting the|Centers for Medicare and Medicaid with a mutli-year effort to modernize. Part of that is enabling Interoperability. Another part of that is transforming the fee-for-service technical infrastructure to allow for paying for Value Based Care.

It's no secret that the USA's health care system is massively dysfunctional. I recently finished this great book by T R Reid called "The Healing of America" where he went to countries with great healthcare systems around the world. The stories he told of France's Carte Vitale or Taiwan's complete and successful overhaul of their healthcare system in the very recent past made me drool!

I was wondering if there was anyone on here who might have contacts of people who work at Taiwan's Ministry of Health, specifically who work on the technology side. We at USDS would love to learn about your technical environments and design decisions and best practices as we look to transform our own tech to support different ways of paying for care, at scale, and also support Interoperability.

While our country might not have the political appetite to move to universal healthcare just yet, we at USDS are hoping to build the tech infrastructure to enable it, should the day eventually come :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to reply to me here, to DM me or to send me an email to <|>! Also, if you want to learn more about USDS or our work at CMS, happy to chat! This work is so important and we're just trying to do our best!!

United States Digital Service

The United States Digital Service is transforming how the federal government works for the American people. And we need you.

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