Month: 2022-01


chewei 01:16:55

Heya, folks! :wave::skin-tone-4: *<https://codeforall.org/|Code for All >*in collaboration with the *<https://www.ndi.org/|National Democratic Institute >*are designing a research project around the intersection of *disinformation* and *civic technology*. We want this research project to leverage the work being done to tackle disinformation, showcase your experiences in the field, the impact your projects have had, and understand what your hardest challenges have been. Join our :brain: brainstorming sessions and help us define the scope of this project! Register now! :rocket: • Thu, Jan 27th at 14:00 UTC :arrow_right: <https://bit.ly/3GFiXRB> • Thu, Jan 27th at 20:00 UTC :arrow_right: <https://bit.ly/3A63DLm>