Month: 2021-12


canadian_aaron 03:18:18
disinformation about g0v from a pro-China youtuber
canadian_aaron 03:23:20
"If you substitute the number zero for the letter o in the urls of government sites ending in dot gov dot tw you will get an alternative site that offers the same services but in a more interactive and user friendly way. What if i told you that this was not actually an initiative created by and for Taiwan but sponsored by the U.S. government for by and for the U.S. government so that it can fully infiltrate and control Taiwan's political system and more specifically by doing it through controlling information."
I'm actually surprised that it can be interpreted this way lol
and the original text is misleading too (what is “the g0v project”???) … a disinformation on a misinformation lol
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canadian_aaron 03:23:22



pofeng (ocf) 01:09:40
最近紐約時報也刊出 <How Beijing Influences the Influencers> (youtuber)
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canadian_aaron 21:45:31
is there anyone in Taiwan that can check a time stamp for me on Douyin?
canadian_aaron 21:45:45
I assure you, this is not a phishing attempt! haha
canadian_aaron 21:46:34
I've been doing some OSINT work on Douyin, and I'm unsure if the time stamp reflects 北京时间 or the local timezone you are accessing the website from
canadian_aaron 21:47:05
for me, the time stamp says 发布时间:2021-12-02 21:51
canadian_aaron 21:47:20
is it the same time stamp when accessed from Taiwan?
chihao 21:52:22
@canadian_aaron 😅
Image from iOS
canadian_aaron 21:53:06
ah? nothing shows up when you click via phone?
chihao 21:53:11
I reloaded several times
canadian_aaron 21:53:51
i guess the URL only works via desktop
canadian_aaron 21:55:52
thanks for trying @chihao
chihao 21:56:35
I’ll try again when I get back to my desktop
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isabelhou 21:57:22
发布时间:2021-12-03 10:51
isabelhou 21:58:03
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 9.56.21 PM.png
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canadian_aaron 22:01:05
ahhh!!! thank you so much Isabel!
canadian_aaron 22:01:39
So the time does change based on the (IP address?) you access it from.
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chihao 22:02:34
should be expected with these international (???) platforms?
canadian_aaron 22:04:55
that's what i thought too. But WeChat 公众号 reflect Beijing Time.
canadian_aaron 22:06:10
but maybe Douyin is a bit more international
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canadian_aaron 22:10:16




canadian_aaron 22:11:34
i think all news websites from China show the Beijing Time instead of what your local time is for your IP address
canadian_aaron 22:11:50
so, I assume in Taiwan the time also says 2021-12-03 07:08
canadian_aaron 22:11:53
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chihao 22:12:25
another tangential thing that douyin and tiktok are not totally separated as advertised?
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chihao 22:12:55
07:08 yes
canadian_aaron 22:16:13
yep, totally right on @chihao. thankful for Pellaeon's work at Citizen Lab for that 😄
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