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Jared Scott 10:17:33
Hey everyone! I would like you all to know, we are hiring. . This is remote work, and the hours are typically 14:00 to 24:00. Specifically we need Full Stack software engineers with Angular or React experience. We have employees in Taiwan, Los Angeles, New York, Argentina, and India (among others). If you are interested, please message me directly.

Also - if there is a more appropriate channel for me to drop this, please let me know 🙇

Cross-Channel & Incrementality Measurement | Reporting & Data platform - Measured

Home - Cross-Channel & Incrementality Measurement | Reporting & Data platform - Measured

Leverage Measured to inform the TRUE INCREMENTALITY of paid media via our innovative experimental design, cross-channel reporting, and decisioning data platform.

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noneck 02:39:00
This weekend kicks off NYC's Open Data Week and Data Though Design, a companion art show featuring NYC’s open data. We are excited to announce the 2021 program, with more than 85+ community events now available for you at < >. We recommend finding a comfy chair and settling into your week with it. When you come across an event of interest, click it and follow the RSVP link to the organizer’s registration page. 

For more information about Open Data Week, Data Though Design, and Mozfest, a festival the week after, check out BetaNYC’s blog post. < >


Hottest week in 2021 = NYC’s Open Data Week + Data Through Design + Mozfest

Open Data Week is a week-long festival of community-driven events organized and produced by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) and BetaNYC. Every year, New Yorkers come together all ac…



caleb 14:15:14
We're throwing a pineapple party to support local farmers on Friday and were wondering if maybe we could throw together a donation drive for something while we're doing it. Any farmer related non profits y'all are aware of?
Check “News and Market,” social cooperation news media that focus on the farmer, agriculture industry, and land issues. They don't accept donations but I think you can buy some of their products to support the news reporter.
Colin Hodge 2021-03-12 17:07:49
this is awesome @caleb! how did it go?
Apparently I ate so much pineapple I caused throat sores and had to go to the doctor lmao
But it was lit
Wanna come to our 7/11 snack tier list generation party? The data will be released under gpl3
Colin Hodge 2021-03-12 17:15:57
lol hardcore
Colin Hodge 2021-03-12 17:16:07
sure! when is it?
Probably the 19th it might move later though. Dm me your facebook!
Jady 17:59:39
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caleb 13:01:55
Did the hackathon already sell out? 😱
But it says there's only 13 attendees?
Awesome I got one now :)
isabelhou 13:10:31
Check this link:

g0v Hackath43n | 台灣零時政府第肆拾參次源力犇騰黑客松

g0v 第肆拾參次大黑客松將在 2021.03.20(六)於中研院資訊所舉辦,歡迎公民、鄉民、憤青等諸眾,帶著熱血來盡一己之力,開源協作參與社會。

Ooooo thanks! Is it ok to share with civic tech folks in Toronto?
Sure. Please do so.





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caleb 09:01:09
Any other english primary language people going to the hackathon? :O can't wait to submit Taiwan's hacking scene to my awful mandarin lmao
irvin 09:34:27
Hi, our community run a free venue Mozilla Community Space Taipei ( ) in the center of Taipei near 光華商場.

These are the regular meetups and events currently,
irvin 09:35:57
and we would like to invite more people to make use of the space. If you need a place to host events, meetups, workshops or other idea, please apply here:
irvin 09:38:39
We are considering to reserve every Wednesday night for English events, so people can come regularly to social and meet. We will be happy to provide service if anyone is interesting to apply.
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RS 09:55:15
@caleb Hi! We will be hosting an online chatroom for English speakers today. Connection is a little bit glitchy here, but we’ll post the link ASAP once we get it set up!
RS 10:21:14
<!here> We’re hosting an online chatroom today with @sampeterrobbins and Kevin! Feel free to tap in throughout the day!

Jitsi Meet

Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge

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ael 10:22:04
@sampeterrobbins ++ 你完全社群化了
patcon 13:04:42
i did it! i joined!
patcon 13:05:10
current status: looking for @pm5’s docs for his matterbridge translation bridge work! golang here i come
chewei 13:29:31
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bess 12:00:31
@besslee set the channel topic: Next hackathon: 22 MAY @ SINICA | Sync’d with IRC | Note: This channel has public logs. | Self-invite: | 日本語 #general-ja | 한국어 #general-ko


caleb 19:53:09
I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start getting my blog translated into mandarin. Obviously, I'll need to pay for this to be done lol. Does anybody have any good translation services they recommend? It mustn't be Chinese (PRC) based
Colin Hodge 2021-03-31 22:28:52
i saw someone suggest italki teachers. i’ve only used them for classes, though. here’s an invite if ya want:
Colin Hodge 22:29:35
Hi everyone - we’re starting a community of *developers, entrepreneurs, hackers, activists,* and others who are tired of feeling helpless when it comes to *human rights & freedoms in Asia*.  Our team member @lynn520 mentioned us a bit before, too.

We took g0v’s projects as an inspiration and would LOVE for some of you to join the conversation with us!

One area that we see potential is with products that make it easier for regular people to have an impact with their purchases, by steering a cohesive group toward better behaving companies.  Perhaps we can organize a brainstorm & hackathon around this to bring people together…

We have an upcoming in-person event (Taipei) to get to know the community on Apr 21, as well as discuss the boycotts related to Xinjiang.  We have a famous activist also speaking at our event:

If you’re interested, feel free to react to this post, comment, or message me.  You can also join the community at (mention g0v so we let you in sooner from the wait list!).

吾爾開希 Wu'er Kaixi (@wuerkaixi) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from 吾爾開希 Wu'er Kaixi (@wuerkaixi). An exiled Chinese dissident in Taiwan. 流亡台灣中国异议分子。 Executive Deputy SecGen, Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission. Fearless is a valid option. 台北

I missed this event but this is something I'm very interesting in contributing to!
Colin Hodge 2021-04-26 14:30:39
awesome @caleb @patcon @mrorz ! would you be interested in a workshop to brainstorm / work on ideas for products to help this?