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krzysztof.madejski 23:38:00
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krzysztof.madejski 23:40:11
Hi g0v folks! Krzysztof here from Poland, I'm International Project Manager at ePanstwo Foundation. We do open data, advocacy, watchdogging, community building. Former Code for Poland coordinator, now mainly involved in international projects:, Code for All, and such.
yay! you joined 🙂
krzysztof.madejski 2017-10-09 01:20:28
I've been wondering what's happening in Taiwan after the event
krzysztof.madejski 2017-10-09 01:20:36
Also I'm looking into possiblity to move to Taiwan for some time
yay! always welcome 🙂
oooooOOO #lucky
haha @krzysztof.madejski you totally get around, don't you? congrats on codeforall work! (@krzysztof.madejski participated in the mozsprint and contributed to another project I work with 😉 )
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itsmisscs 00:05:33
hey @krzysztof.madejski 👋🏾
itsmisscs 00:07:19
I just created #tictec-taipei as a space for those of us that attended this year
what about wishy people? can i come too?


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krzysztof.madejski 16:51:29
Hi everyone <!here>! I see you have a Slack-IRC integration here at g0v. Could you connect me with someone who set that up? I'm wondering can IRC be use as a bridge to connect multiple Slack organizations channels now that Slackline is closing any day.
Slack introduced this ability natively but I do believe it is contingent on having a paid tier
wildjcrt 16:52:48
@krzysztof.madejski checkout



Logbot - Simple IRC logger with realtime web-based viewer

wildjcrt 16:54:39
sorry, that looks wrong. this one:



slack-irc-plugin - Slack plugin to sync IRC with your <|> account

krzysztof.madejski 16:54:48
But that logs IRC not slack right?
krzysztof.madejski 16:54:49
wildjcrt 16:55:35
too many repos 😅
krzysztof.madejski 16:58:19
Does it depend on or is it a plain slack's HTTP API?

Slack Help Center

Connect to Slack over IRC and XMPP

For people who prefer to use a third-party messaging client, Slack offers an IRC and XMPP gateway. Turn on gateway access Here's how to turn on workspace-wide gateway access: Click your workspac...

wildjcrt 17:20:55
sorry, I don’t know this part. I didn’t join to set up.