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Hi I'm Jady Liu from mainland. Undergraduate student and freelancer with ADHD.
Will you have any interesting in #adiz_alerts project?
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Colin Hodge 17:15:18
👋 American entrepreneur in Taipei with checkered past (😉). Now part of Snowball, the Impact-focused community improving human rights & freedom in Asia :earth_asia:
We’re putting together a fun, informative event around the pineapple drama soon - if you want an invite, just let me know!

Snowball TW

Join the movement to meet :handshake: brilliant minds :brain: and warm hearts :heart:. Learn more about human rights & freedoms in Asia. Discuss :speech_balloon: how to empower regular people :family: with positive :heavy_plus_sign: impact. Organize and build :hammer: effective pressure to secure :lock: a bright :sunglasses: future for Asia.

@colin.hodge sounds interesting ~~
Colin Hodge 2021-03-12 19:00:22
great! @aelcenganda would love for you to join the discussions 🙂
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Hi all, I'm Ted Lu, you can call me Saxode, I am a programmer/engineer/saxophonist/composer/designer/multimedia editor/photographer/drone enthusiast/Individual biomedical engineering and imaging researcher from Taiwan with Tourette Syndrome and OCD, currently 13 years old, now a podcast producer of Init Kaobei Engineer and founder of FirSTEM. Happy to be here.

Saxode is working on his biomedical research (@saxode0111) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Saxode is working on his biomedical research (@saxode0111). 13 yo Biomed engineering/imaging researcher, web, soft, hard dev, sax, composer, photographer, drone player, multimedia designer, self-learning neuroradiology.

Wait you're 13? 👀👀👀
Ted 顥天 2021-03-18 20:31:15
yea xD
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weihsunc 12:18:38
Hi All - I am Wei, currently a product designer at Facebook working in Bay Area. Originally from Taiwan. Besides work I also evangelize user experience practices and know-how with a couple of friends via UX四神湯.

Super thrilled to join the channel!


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Welcome! I love UX 四神湯 so much! Are you looking for g0v projects that may need your contributions in product design or UX improvements?
BTw, there will be an online hangout before g0v hackathon on March 19 Fri. 21:00-22:00 Taiwan Time. Feel free to join if it won’t be too early for you. The link will be posted in #general
6am PT, but _i believe in you_ @weihsunc (says the guy in Toronto who only has to get up for 9am ET 😁 )
Thanks for the reply! Haha that sounds super early i will try my best if work isn’t crazy. Project wise that really depends on my bandwidth, would love to contribute or help connecting to designers in our network😀
Good to know the UX四神湯 group. 🙂
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I’m Dave. Building a residency for top engineer founders here in Taipei and we will be hosting open invite hack nights every friday night moving forward. Emoji react or dm me if you want the invite!

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