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Hi! I’m Eric, arrived in Taiwan few years ago. I’m one of the person who started the Gold Card ( 移民署英文網 ) community. We’ve also started few projects around it to give more visibility to Taiwan visa with , the official government website was lacking informations, we’re also trying to help/organize the community to contribute more to Taiwan (you can check some projects on )

Taiwan Gold Card Community

This is awesome! How do you guys usually coordinate your work? Is it solely through GitHub issues or do you have a chatroom or even regular meetings, that is. Just asking this for people who might want to contribute.
Thanks for asking! we have a private slack channel for now -

There are actually few “outside contributors”, we were thinking gihutb issues might be enough at first, but now I think we should perhaps grant access to people who desire it so they can get more context if needed, and github issue might not be as friendly to ask questions and get quick answer
great service! it helps navigating the all the requirements *a lot*


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Suhhhh I lived in taiwan 2013-2014 when I was working for AIESEC, then spent some time as an English teacher. Now I'm a software engineer and moving back at the beginning of 2021 on the gold card visa 🙂 I really enjoy programming for a cause, so I often hang out with the Code for America people here in San Francisco. Hopefully I can get my mandarin on the level so I can make genuine contributions to this community! Nice to meet you all. (Btw, anybody here ride motorcycles? We'll be buying 2 hopefully as soon as we land hahaha!)
Welcome to Taiwan! Lot's of people here riding motorcycles as major transportation. :)
Haha well on my last trip I certainly saw a lot of *scooters* 😉
Nah though we did meet a lot of really cool riders out there! Crazy how good the roads are in Taiwan
As an american it's really nice to see roads without 5m deep potholes
The good roads are only common in north Taiwan. I'm living in Tainan, another place the citizens keep complaining the road quality. But as the food here is perfect, it's not that bad. ;)
If you plan to stay in major city such as Taipei or Taichung, try shared scooter first before buying you own~ All 6 major cities now provide shared scooter!
These are our bikes haha a scooter isn't enough for either of us :) we already did a motorcycle trip across Taiwan, it's the perfect place for something around 400cc
You still can join g0v community without Mandarin fluency. The next hackathon is on Oct. 24 in Taipei. Come to enjoy the food! g0v Summit 2020 is on Dec. 3-6 in Tainan. You don’t want to miss it. There are some sessions with spontaneous interpretations between Mandarin and English.
The ticket to g0v hackathon is free. Tickets to g0v summit are not, but it definitely worth it.
oh noooo! We won't be moving until january and then will still have to do our 2 week quarantines :(((( Thanks for telling me about those dates! Maybe I can attend remotely?
I think there are online streaming summit tickets. More questions can be answered in #summit channel as I am not in g0v Summit work force
g0v hackathon is bimonthly. You will have chance to join next time!
By bimonthly you mean every 2 months? Sorry I always get confused by bi-something lol
Yes, g0v hackathon is every two months in Taipei. There are other meetups of different projects as week