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@yuxuanlin599 set the channel description: 歡迎大家在這邊自我介紹 Please introduce yourself in this channel :slightly_smiling_face:
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@yuxuanlin599 set the channel description: 歡迎大家在這邊自我介紹 Please introduce yourself in this channel


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1. 與你有關的三個關鍵字 / Give us three keywords about yourself:
2. 怎麼知道 g0v 的 / How did you know about g0v?
3. 平常從事的職業或熟悉的領域、專長/ What do you do?
4. 有興趣的議題 / Issues you care about:
5. 怎麼聯絡 / Leave your contact here:
6. 想說的話或想做的事 / Anything you want to say
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1. 三個關鍵字:彰化、好像沒了
2. 怎麼知道 g0v 的:萌典上的 Logo
3. 熟悉的領域:讀了一年半的職能治療、學一點點電腦的東西
4. 有興趣的議題:心理健康
5. 怎麼聯絡:slack @guo-jim
6. 想說的話:掉到 Archive 兔子洞找到的


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Ku 13:21:16
Hi all, I'm Ku, I am a student, I can write code. Happy to be here.
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Hi Ku!
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陳柏軒11Eric 13:25:41
Hi all.i'am Eric. I am a student.
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Gil 16:03:56
Hi I'm Gil. I've been in Taiwan for a year and a half now and I'm looking to get involved in some projects to make a positive difference. My Mandarin is no good, but I can speak English and Spanish. I've got strong organisational skills and am happy to put them to use for a good cause. If anyone is looking for someone to help out with something then please get in touch!
Welcome! There may be some translation work. For example, you can try translate g0v English intro into Spanish?
Or introduce some really cool civic tech tools in Spanish world. I know there are a lot of interesting things going on in Spain and Latin America
I don't know much about the civic tech to be honest, but send me what you want translated and I can take a look at it
Heh maybe I'm wrong, but I'm guessing translation may not be a specific page, but more like "feel welcome to be a bridge with other spanish speakers and make invitations and connections that only you can make" :)
Also, hi! I'm in Canada, but visited a few years ago for some months, and really want to make it back for a stretch :)
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Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Anna, I work for Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, which is a German liberal foundation, I am heading the foundation’s relocated Global Innovation Hub which now is located in Taipei (before: Hongkong). We are not yet fully functional, but once we are, we want to work (amongst other things) on the question of how to foster democracy in the digital sphere.
@anna.marti can’t wait to see you in Taipei!
Come to g0v hackathon on May 22 in Academic Sinica, Taipei
Yeah, can't wait to see you.👋
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@anna.marti can’t wait to see you in Taipei!
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