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devin 01:06:44
I'm in the room -->

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devin 03:47:29
Hi folks. I need a description for the session ASAP. I've written the below (using some text from Liz's Civicist article) as a place holder and for internal use of the organizers to hold a spot for us.
dzn 13:14:43
@devin you’ll have it tomorrow. promise


devin 02:03:47
Great thx
dzn 07:46:55
dzn 07:46:59
let us know
devin 07:53:37
Yes I like it. I'd recommend making the title and first paragraph more specific so it stick better in people's heads.
devin 07:54:24
I bet there'll be a lot of general sounding stuff so best to stand out imho.
dzn 09:19:36
Will do. Thanks! We'll change around and let you know


dzn 02:33:38
@itsmisscs ^^
devin 07:41:34
I like it. My recommended edit to title and summary is here below. Happy to post whatever you like:
devin 07:41:46
Title: Open source as a framework for building high performing healthy organizations and vibrant democracies
Taiwanese society has leveraged open source tools and methodologies to implement transparency, participation, and collaboration, across, within and between government and civil society. The open collaboration across all sections of Taiwan society has resulted in the development of impressive open source tools, processes for civic participation, new media infrastructure and online democracy. Taiwan’s experiments in enacting a responsible, deliberative, direct democracy offer a positive and practical vision for the future of government.
Drawing from Taiwan’s experiments, we will explore ways in which the spirit of open source can be used to build organizations of openness and transparency, collaboration, trust, self-organization and distributed responsibility.
dzn 08:29:33
happy to follow your comments! you know this conference…
dzn 08:40:30
you should go ahead and send whenever
dzn 08:40:50
thanks for taking a look!
lizbarry 23:19:00
(Just getting back to the world after Public Lab's annual Barnraising in the Louisiana wetlands)


ericfrenchmonge 03:17:14
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dzn 04:14:19
@lizbarry you do the most exciting things. I want to come raise barns with you some time!
Haha yes you have to!
Can’t take that back Liz Barry. I’m packing my bags.



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itsmisscs 01:55:25
@lizbarry @patcon brainstorming from last night

Composites Collective

Collaborative brainstorming with Liz Barry and Patcon

[7AAEFFA9-8DEB-4F34-827C-2D8060DEBA69] Peeling back the layers [88E15736-64EF-49B7-B60C-70C520DB24EE] [BBD90841-B3A8-44B9-B0B9-3BB9C7BDC040] [257EAB88-4393-418C-8470-DE8F2D6AFFB4] [05B3F456-8812-4AC2-BDF0-C0058DBDB4D8] [41457B5F-1B80-4691-BC9F-9C22F0FF5E2D]

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devin 05:43:01
nahum.mann 06:16:24
Hey everyone, I got invited into this channel by @patcon. Gonna do some reading up on what you're doing, but I'm from a municipalist movement here in Toronto called Our Toronto. We're super eager to connect with others doing stuff similar to vTaiwan or Barcelona En Comu
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dzn 00:11:48
@nahum.mann welcome!! Sorry for late response. I’m part of the Composites Collective team. Researching interesting happenings at Taiwan and other places and testing stuff out in NYC.


lizbarry 05:49:40
FYI Save the Date: Participate in BetaNYC's People's Roadmap Next event: December 7, 7pm at Civic Hall, co-facilitated by @darshana and @itsmisscs


itsmisscs 00:14:29
This is from #general

MIT Media Lab

City Science Mobility++ Hackathon 2017 / MIT 城市科學【多元運輸】黑客松 2017 ***僅剩15名額*** – MIT Media Lab

​MIT Media Lab&amp;nbsp; Mobility++&amp;nbsp; Workshop【多元運輸】工作坊2017&amp;nbsp; 11月28日~30日&amp;nbsp;In celebration of the launch of City Science Lab @ TaipeiTechAbout&amp;nbsp; MI...

devin 06:42:17
devin 06:47:16
And here's a list of organizations in NYC there made political endorsements and night be interested in supporting/collaborating on participatory stuff.

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devin 06:53:03
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lizbarry 03:32:59
hey vNYC, i'm looking into an easy/fun geographic survey to send out to the #general-en channel to find out more of where people in this channel are in terms of where to hold a training. Either that or we could make it simpler "For a facilitator training in 2018, would you potentially be able to travel to:
a. Toronto
b. New York City
c. other ____________
Please share any decision-making factors regarding potential travel here _______________"
survey would be super useful. also, lets start talking about how to get money for this!!
super super excited to get this piece going 🙂 🙂
itsmisscs 03:39:58
could be nice to gather where people currently are as a touch point, too


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@darshana commented on @devin’s file IMG_20171119_184928221.jpg: what a terrible picture
@null 07:09:33
@darshana commented on @devin’s file IMG_20171119_184928221.jpg: not the company, just the picture
@null 07:09:41
@darshana commented on @devin’s file IMG_20171119_184928221.jpg: company is at the other end of that spectrum
devin 07:11:40
only other decent one


@null 23:18:39
@itsmisscs commented on @devin’s file IMG_20171119_184928221.jpg: speak for yourself 😛 i think they are wonderful captures of fond memories
itsmisscs 23:19:51
@patcon for all we try to move you to nyc, canada gov is far ahead of us. exciting news stirring in metapolis
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patcon 23:23:02
Haha and its funny, bc I've always focussed on city level gov, thinking it would move quicker, but then fed and prov are running with stuff ;)


itsmisscs 04:55:32
Polis in Decidim. Looking good!


Creating a feature on Decidim · Issue #2079 · decidim/decidim

This is a Feature we are working on I told @josepjaume I'd create an issue and document our progress. :tophat: Description About <|> We are building a <|> feature on Decidim. <|> is open source i...

Wooooo! This is currently my favourite issue on github! I regret that I have but one `🎉` to give
devin 05:18:40
Anyone want to go to this with me tonight? I have an extra ticket. -->

Civic Hall

TECH &amp; POWER: Franklin Foer in conversation with Zephyr Teachout | Civic Hall

Come join the conversation this week with Franklin Foer and Zephyr Teachout about Foer's new book, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech.

How was it? Did it make any new thinks happen?
dzn 05:23:50
I wish. Too much stuff though
itsmisscs 05:28:33
I will be waiting for my mom and completing my writing bit for Civicist.


patcon 13:48:50
Wooooo! This is currently my favourite issue on github! I regret that I have but one `🎉` to give
patcon 16:26:56
In case y'all know anyone looking:
thebestsophist 22:31:52
in a weird, but not entirely unexpected turn of events, if y’all have been paying attention to the project veritas/washington post thing, jaime was definitely targeting/trolling spaces that are adjacent to all y’all

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Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 09.25.53.png

i’m not following this. can you provide a bit more context?
thebestsophist 2017-11-30 23:53:19
before trying to run the moore sting, Jaime spent months going to journalism+tech meetups in NY and DC
thebestsophist 2017-11-30 23:56:30
and they went far enough afield to make me suspect that they looked at the civic tech and women in tech spaces in both cities
interesting. thx cordelia!

related: i always thought conservatives were likely to fail the _ideological turing test_, but she apparently passed...

tl;dr. the test is a suggestion that two competing ideologies can be judged against one another based on whether followers of one can understand the other well enough to simulate them -- they have a theory of mind for the opposing ideology that is not distorted, ie they understand the other side enough to mimic it, but still reject it based on that full, unbiased understanding.
thebestsophist 2017-12-01 05:43:38
heh…she really didn’t. folks p immediately were creeped out
Yay! My previous beliefs are revalidated through a non-primary source! (no further questions! Premise accepted!)