Month: 2018-04


katenicholson 04:51:35
This is happening at 630. Hoping to swing by, but a little uncertain...


Saving democracy: tech & face2face

Democracy needs saving, don't you think? That's why I'm convening a panel of experts in the nonprofit, government, and foundation spaces to talk about how they're innovating on voter engagement and also to highlight some of their favorite work in the field. Join Mike Ward, Democracy Works & TurboVote, for a panel on innovation at the government, non-profit, for-profit, and philanthropic level to transform voter engagement. Panelists include:Edna Ishayik, Civic Nation Director of Civic Engagement Activities Keesha Gaskins-Nathan, Democratic Practice Program - United States at Rockefeller Brothers Fund Eric Friedman, Assistant Executive Director for Public Affairs at New York City Campaign Finance Board


lizbarry 01:48:31
just jumped in


devin 05:26:16
Are folks planning to meet up again on Friday?
dzn 07:06:07
dzn 07:06:11
at orbital.
dzn 07:06:50
I have to leave a bit earlier than usual for an event (5:30 or so) but will be there from lunch time.
dzn 07:07:08
@lizbarry @patcon @itsmisscs ^^ have to leave a bit early this friday.
devin 07:18:09
Cool. I want to bring a friend. What time will you start?
usually afternoon. Time is flexible.
I’ll get there around lunch time.
Let’s 2:30 or so to be safe.
Okay. What's the address again?
155 Rivington.
Three. Plus a baby.
lol. Really?
I’ll book a conference room
and also ask people if they mind having a baby around
Ya thx
we could also meet at a coffee shop close by
I will ask and we make a plan
Or my office at 134 spring st
That works for me! My 6PM thing is right there.
Okay I'll invite people for 3pm-6pm
sounds good! Thanks Devin.
Ok so are we meeting at Devin's spot on Fri)?
Im hoping we meet at orbital.
My space isn't as big.
oh! I thought we were meeting at your space.
how many can you host
Just @lizbarry and me in-person on Friday I think. Also @katehnicholson
I didn’t do any asking about the baby.
katenicholson 2018-04-19 11:26:49
Yep. I won’t get down there until 4/5. So keep me in the loop. Also, if people wanted to have it on upper west 😜 I can offer an empty house at that time.
Ooo. So many options 🙂
I think we settled on Devin’s for now. If it gets too crowded we can grab a drink or something close by.
devin 07:18:18
actually two friends
katenicholson 07:34:20
think I could come by after 3:30 :dizzy:
Nikki Sylianteng 09:21:46
@nicole.sylianteng has joined the channel
thebestsophist 22:28:06
(i am in DC on friday for work)
thebestsophist 22:28:38
(but also, the director of who is here in NY would *love* to have time to chat with the facilitation trainers from taiwan when they’re in town)
We’ll send an event doc to pass along soon!
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devin 05:47:14
So the meeting location tomorrow is indeed my office - 134 Spring St #302
devin 05:47:25
Three folks will be joining:
devin 05:48:33
Nathan Storey from the Mayor's Office
devin 05:49:17
and Matt Cropp from the platformcoop and general coop movements -
devin 05:49:42
I told all them to arrive at 3pm
lizbarry 19:48:23
Great! I will leave Union Square to head in at 2:15, will be there just before 3
lizbarry 20:04:10
Looks like we'll need an agenda
lizbarry 20:04:30
If we have new people dropping in, let's do intros for 15 minutes
lizbarry 20:04:48
Devin can you let your team know this is a worksession
lizbarry 20:07:27
At minimum, we have to:
- write script for crowdfunding campaign, pull images from our School of Data slide deck for the video, launch in one week
- re-plan ticket price brackets and how we articulate that if gov people can pay more, they need to.
- check through the budget spreadsheet
lizbarry 20:10:31
Our style guide for the video is Christina Xi's Kickstarter for China youth ethnography
lizbarry 20:10:54
She spent time advising us at last Friday's meeting, and we need to implement
devin 22:53:03
Can you add - "how we're collaborating" to the agenda because it'd be nice to know how to plug into these tasks. Are these on a Trello? Is there an index or share folder somewhere? Who is doing this work? etc
lizbarry 23:38:16
yes, let's add "how we're collaborating" to the agenda
devin 23:59:54


dzn 00:13:13
we can a also do a short intro on the event itself and where we are so far with planning.
lizbarry 03:12:18
Notes for today! starting agenda there




npstorey 21:57:54
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npstorey 22:10:36
Hi. Thanks again for inviting me to the meeting on Friday. I'm excited that you all are organizing this training. I put together a list of NYC gov contacts who I think would be interested and in a position to implement, or push for implementation of some of the vTaiwan public engagement practices and tools. Please let me know if you think any of these people are appropriate to invite to the training and I can reach out to them. Most of them I have a direct connection to, but a few are one connection removed.
This is fantastic. Thank you for putting this together.


npstorey 00:02:53
The people in that list I think all have ideas/experience in public participation / engagement that I think would be interesting to the Taiwan folks.
devin 03:21:19
Great list. Thanks Nathan. Would you like to help us manage outreach?
npstorey 08:21:02
I’d be happy to help with outreach for the people I have contact with, and maybe also with the discussions about formulating the guest list if that would be helpful. When are you hoping to get the invites out?
dzn 12:43:41
Hi @nathan.p.storey Awesome that you can help with outreach. Thanks!!
dzn 12:44:23
We should have the invites out in the next week or so I think


devin 05:18:12
My meeting with Senator Rivera tomorrow was "postponed" so I'm free to work with ya'll tomorrow if that's helpful.
dzn 05:20:06
oh cool!
dzn 05:20:43
I’ll get to orbital at 2:30-3PM.
npstorey 07:09:11
Unfortunately I’m out of town this Friday. I may be able to call in, but not sure. What if you all decide if you want to invite any of the people on my list, and the. I can reach out to them to gauge interest/availability, or to invite them. I can answer any questions about people on that list too if that’s helpful.
itsmisscs 08:14:37
@nathan.p.storey we are aiming to have the application up by next tuesday. we can pass the site with the link for you to send out to your contacts.
npstorey 21:03:33
Perfect. Let me know who you want me to contact and I’ll send them the info next week.
itsmisscs 21:17:27
Since @nathan.p.storey is out of town this Friday, let's meet at Orbital. I will ask Gary about using the 4th floor space with your little one. I certainly hope orbital is the kid friendly type of space.
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itsmisscs 03:03:36
@devin let me know when you get here / before you buzz so i be ready to buzz you up. unless you come with @darshana
devin 03:05:42
k eta 345 for me
devin 03:05:44
patcon 03:32:04
down to open a coworking portal whenever you get time. I'm in for now
itsmisscs 03:38:26
@patcon are you there?
itsmisscs 03:38:33
i’m trying to test audio stuff if you have a second
rats. missed that. had my headphones in, but wasn't hearing anything