Month: 2017-09


devin 06:52:35
Thanks for the update. It's pretty amazing that there is no central repo of candidate forums. The NYCCFB certainly has the staff/resources to make something like that happen.
devin 06:53:29
From my side - I give myself a 90+% chance of getting on the ballot. It'll be official Sept 6.
itsmisscs 06:53:53
@devin NYCCFB couldn’t even keep their site up
itsmisscs 06:54:08
it’s pretty abysmal…twitter has proven to be the best bet for finding them
dzn 06:54:22
@devin we would love to interview you for the platform!!
dzn 06:54:32
make that 90%, 100%
itsmisscs 06:54:34
all good lessons. we are more equipped for the next run in 4 years.
dzn 06:55:11
yeah. lots and lots of fodder for the big push
devin 06:55:46
Yes I'm here. Was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it over the last two weeks so stopped moving forward on a few campaign related things but now that it's looking like it's happening I'm spinning my operations back up.
devin 06:56:14
I'm happy to play along with whatever you have cooking.
dzn 06:57:07
dzn 06:57:20
(on the playing along aka joining forces)
dzn 06:57:32
What do you need for the last 10%
devin 06:57:52
not to get sued by anyone by Sept 5.
devin 06:58:10
It's a whole process.
devin 06:58:30
Phase 1: BoE looks to see how many pages you have and if its plausable you have enough signatures.
devin 06:58:47
if you don't they knock you off the ballot.
devin 06:59:07
Phase 2: Anyone can inspect the petitions and they can "object" to candidates.
devin 06:59:19
Objecting is the first step for a challenge. They objected to me.
devin 06:59:25
They = a GOP lawyer.
devin 06:59:43
Once they object they have a certain amount of time to file a "specification" for their objection.
dzn 06:59:46
damn. what was the objection
dzn 06:59:57
ah. that hasn’t come yet then
dzn 07:00:02
the specifics
devin 07:00:18
The specification outlines all the signatures they think aren't valid.
devin 07:00:48
So they have to sit there and be like, "volume 1345345, page 23, signatures 3 and 4 aren't valid addresses"
devin 07:01:05
They have a limited time to do that. And their time expired. So now I'm cool.
dzn 07:01:14
that is good
devin 07:01:30
BUT they could also sue in state court on grounds I don't really know
devin 07:01:46
Their window to do that closes Sept 5.
devin 07:02:02
But that's I think a lot harder so if they didn't go through with the challenge then we're probably all good.
devin 07:02:28
But it's worth my keeping a low profile until after Sept 5. So no press releases or anything like that until after.
itsmisscs 07:03:12
Whaaaa. is this some BS to prevent you from running basically? Are they only targeting you?
devin 07:03:27
no its just the game
devin 07:03:34
I mean - yes it's just the game
devin 07:03:39
they knock off people all the time
devin 07:03:59
if you want to be "challenge" proof you need to get 2x the signatures you really need
itsmisscs 07:04:48
the shit that goes down at the local level is disgusting
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dzn 07:05:12
definitely worth it to play safe
devin 07:06:13
ya -->

The New York Times

In Brooklyn, Challenging the Party Establishment

The New Kings Democrats, formed in 2008, continue to lobby for reform with the Democratic Party and to engage more of the community.

devin 07:06:18
why I don't roll with the dems
itsmisscs 07:07:41
parties at the local level is another one of the shams
itsmisscs 07:08:48
i’m reading the article now…
dzn 07:09:27
so silly to break it down to 2 parties in city politics
devin 07:13:30
its a pretty comprehensive system of control
itsmisscs 07:15:53
dzn 07:16:14
and of money laundering
itsmisscs 07:16:18
but! it has points of failure
devin 07:29:50
definitely hope we find those
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lizbarry 23:56:08
@patcon or someone can you add a link to an example document with "fact" "feeling" "idea" structure? i want to use it for something


patcon 01:37:23
Just on the move right now, but def when I'm back at comply!
patcon 02:37:17
@lizbarry ok, so this was the sample one I was preparing for CivicTechToronto, but haven't been around the city long enough to introduce it and steward it through the whole process: (explicitly intended to share hackmd's "edit" link, as opposed to static "publish" one, to lean a bit more toward encouraging contribution)

this is the convo: (i didn't intend to link it from the doc before phase 2, so as not to intimidate people who don't yet know polis. Seemed simpler to ask people to dump some things in a doc, and then will later be filled with lots of things they're already familiar with, and so I thought it would be more likely to garner a favourable opinion of the tool, because it's already set up and ready to participate on via simple voting)

Should organizing CivicTechTO be more transparent and/or horizontal WITHIN our membership? - HackMD

Should CivicTech Toronto have a non-private organizer's channel?

This is a space to express any feelings related to this decision. ### How to Vote * If you're unsure, or think it’s a badly written comment, just PASS. ### How to Comment * Please view all existing comments before adding new ones. * Please click “Share your perspective…” to add your comments. * Comments should strive to be about feelings and subjective beliefs, not necessarily facts – please try to start comments with “I feel...

would you consider making this a more general document about this phased process?
patcon 02:37:53
in retrospect, might make sense to ensure the question is the same for both.
itsmisscs 03:10:48
@patcon when is CivicTechTO?
I'm late! but every tuesday 🙂
devin 05:22:48
Hi <!channel>. Do you have ideas about what we could do to help the homeless? Please let me know by responding to and posting statements on NYSpeaks. 😉 Also - meta feedback would be amazing. Thanks!!


Help the Homeless

This conversation is active. Share how you feel about this topics by agreeing or disagreeing with the statements below. If you want to add statements to this topic, read “How to Post Statemen…

lizbarry 05:49:17
i voted and added another statement
devin 05:58:00
yay Liz thanks
itsmisscs 06:05:59
I also voted
itsmisscs 06:07:43
Following Devin’s lead, if you haven’t taken the housing survey <!channel>, we’d love to hear from you: Getting some interesting opinion groups!

NYC Housing Issues

This survey is designed to ask citizens about their personal concerns regarding the NYC housing crisis.

dzn 06:13:19
I voted too and added a statement
devin 06:14:00
Hmm I'm planning to do a housing one too. Is there any way we could combine forces?
devin 06:15:05
I want to do a criminal justice one too, and transit. I think 5 is more than enough for this election cycle.
dzn 06:22:22
let’s do that!! embed the ones we have on nyspeaks? We have 21 people for housing and 4 for the transportation one
dzn 06:22:45
the transportation one was made with Mary Silver, Council Candidate District 2
dzn 06:22:49
cool lady
dzn 06:22:59
big on participatory models
lizbarry 06:26:40
dzn 06:29:03
lol. I like that Liz. I will memorize
dzn 06:29:21
itsmisscs 06:29:23
@devin the repo is public with the embed code. we are adding the transportation survey tonight on but it is live on Mary’s page already.
itsmisscs 06:29:53
would be great to join forces on those two since we’ve got them started. also, would be neat to show how to candidates in the race are using polis 🙂
itsmisscs 06:30:24
we’d be happy to promote your homeless and criminal justice ones
dzn 06:30:27
Mary’s page with pol.is

Mary Silver for Council


itsmisscs 06:30:30
with a linkback to nyc speak
dzn 06:32:16
Also, would be great to interview you. We’ve been speaking to and recording Dist 1 and 2 candidates regarding participatory budgeting, how they envision expanding such models and about
dzn 06:32:31
will be excellent to have your thoughts in video form
devin 06:33:02
do you want to ask Mary first? Folks might not be so happy about me embedding their poll...
dzn 06:33:28
we will ask Mary.
devin 06:33:45
I am now and have always been happy to be interviewed. 🙂
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dzn 06:35:14
excellent!! Will have to be after Taiwan unfortunately. we leave early this Friday and return late on the 25th
devin 07:44:09
Cool. I'm sure Taiwan will be amazing. Wish I could make it. Hope to have good energy going in NYC by the time you get back.
devin 07:45:04
Would be great to know if Mary is okay with sharing the embed. Whether or not she wants to I'd happily talk with her about all this stuff.
dzn 07:47:45
We’ll bring back stories and as much fodder as possible
dzn 07:48:55
Will let you know about I am pretty certain she will be thrilled to collaborate but best ask.
dzn 07:49:34
You should chat with her outside of the stuff. A good ally. We will make introductions.
dzn 07:50:07
Hopefully she gets the district 2 city council seat. That seat is heavily contested.
dzn 07:50:26
Jasmin Sanchez from that district is great too


aimee 21:39:05
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itsmisscs 03:01:17
@devin How did primary go for you?
itsmisscs 03:01:24
are you advancing?
devin 03:13:33
The Libertarian primary was many months ago. We got on the ballot through the independent nominee petition process not the major party primary process.
devin 03:13:40
That's why we had to get 4000+ signatures. 🙂
itsmisscs 03:17:23
I did not know that
itsmisscs 03:17:33
That’s…confusing in some ways
itsmisscs 03:17:44
but great for you 🙂
devin 06:49:54
It's cool that it was a close race in 1


devin 07:44:02
If you're looking for a depressing podcast here's the Max and Murphy one where they lament that all the incumbents won and the general election might not have a single close race. Go Democracy!

City Limits

Max &amp; Murphy on the Primary Results and the Fall Campaign

Does the mayor face a general election challenge? What do the results in his race and all the others mean? Does low turnout diminish the victors?

devin 07:44:29
also my first press release went out today -->

Devin for Public Advocate

Devin Balkind runs for 2017 NYC Public Advocate

“I’m running as a politician you can reach with your smartphone — a ‘facilitator’ rather than a ‘representative’ — to give New Yorkers a voice and new ways to participate, reach consensus, an…

devin 07:44:38
So far no press inquiries.
devin 07:45:36
and on that note - if you want to get more involved with the campaign, join our Slack --> !!

Devin for Public Advocate

Slack Invite

Click the Slack icon below to receive an invite to our chat system:


itsmisscs 10:01:30
all the fucking incumbents won. all of them.
itsmisscs 10:01:42
cuomo thinks the results of the primary are “democrary”
itsmisscs 10:06:21
> “Some elections people turn out heavily, sometimes they turn out in less volume,” he said. “I just think that’s democracy.”


itsmisscs 12:22:54
hi hi friends, we’re taking the steps to start collecting all our notes/research etc on hackfoldr
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itsmisscs 12:23:22
still fumbling my way around it…still not quite sure i’ve got it but hey, content is saving and appearing
itsmisscs 17:42:37
PDIS team interviews
itsmisscs 18:54:31
@lizbarry will send you the link to the video as soon as it uploads! Thank you for the introduction to avross. We had a wonderful afternoon


olivebranch.a 14:38:08
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dzn 21:52:06
@lizbarry hi. here is the link to the videos we took of the wonderful conversation @olivebranch.a , @itsmisscs and I had at the PDIS office —



Shared with Dropbox

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lizbarry 21:52:19
HIIIIII!!!!! ____!!!!!!
let us know if you like anything else covered
we will be meeting again on Thursday 🙂
with Avross?
are you still in taipei???
yeah. Going for a facilitation meeting on drone policy
it’s so so fascinating
lots of stories for you
still in Taipei
will leave Taipei for Taroko gorge over the weekend
and back in NYC monday night!!
lets have another gathering soon after we get back 🙂
sounds like a plan
are you going to also film the drone facilitation? please do get at least notes!!!
and if you can, talk to that facilitator, ask them about their personal journey
taking notes for sure (everything in Mandarin though, so content will be minimal)
will film though
also, the whole thing will be live streamed
we should definitely invest in transcription
we also have a film of Avross’s facilitation from last Thursday
Will chat with facilitator if possible! Might be a bit tough though. It is from 7-9PM and everyone is ready to bolt by the end
will try!!
We filmed most of the last one. It's not the most interesting footage and as D mentioned everything is live streamed and posted to Facebook. Those cameras are much better than hours. I try to focus on stills.
We sit in a corner. Limited mobility and we have a fixed camera lens. Not the most interesting captures but the experience is ++
dzn 21:55:56
@olivebranch.a the link has the unedited videos. Give us any additional thoughts/comments you have!!
olivebranch.a 2017-09-21 18:11:12
Woah, behind me were all beautiful orchids!
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patcon 22:01:28
wiiiiild! thanks so much for posting the video, D!
dzn 22:29:21
hi @patcon 😁
dzn 22:29:40
we have so many good stories from here…on video
dzn 22:29:47
we should all gather, get drinks and watch!!
dzn 22:29:58
they will all be posted
dzn 22:31:07
will publish all the unedited stuff under cc license so people can use it as fodder for their own content
patcon 22:48:50
yay! yay! yay! bahhhh... i'm bummed that I'll be gone by monday, so i will have to drink and watch the videos in toronto
dzn 23:09:40
not to worry. we’ll hunt you down patcon 😉
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itsmisscs 01:05:44
Last time you stayed more days...
chihao 17:03:13
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olivebranch.a 21:21:39
Image uploaded from iOS
olivebranch.a 21:21:45
Image uploaded from iOS
olivebranch.a 21:22:04
Image uploaded from iOS
olivebranch.a 21:22:15
Image uploaded from iOS
ky 21:23:04
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itsmisscs 00:45:22
lol the caption for the last photo is "wait for Darshana". ❤️ thanks @olivebranch.a for posting
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olivebranch.a 07:34:45
And we had the picture of founding father behind us, so inspiring! Hahah
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devin 00:28:47
I've been talking with James Lane, who is the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate, about self-organizing debates between all the PA candidate. We'd ideally love to do one in each borough - but we'll have to organize them ourselves because no one but Tish qualified under the Board of Election rules to participate in the "official" debate. Maybe folks in this channel would be interested in helping with such an endeavor? I'm sure we could find interesting ways to insert some g0v elements into format. Let me know. Thanks.
itsmisscs 13:59:37
Those rules are so ridiculous. A debate means more than one person 😡. I think it would be great to organize one. We’ve picked up some information on tools and layout vTaiwan uses.
itsmisscs 13:59:53
Currently at a participatory event facilitated by Chia Hua.
itsmisscs 13:59:57
@devin what’s your timeline?
dzn 14:42:30
@devin we will be back on Monday 25th night. Definitely interested in helping with an endeavor. Let us know timeline
dzn 14:42:42
@itsmisscs WHAT THE FUCK
so fucked up