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devin 07:44:44
Hi. I'll be in California Dec 13-Jan 13(ish), so if you want to meet up in-person before the year ends, talk strategy, etc, we should plan something.
I’m also going to be out during this time.
Should we plan something on the calendar for 10th or 11th?
katenicholson 2017-12-06 03:27:06
Either evening could work for me.
if do remote, weekend works as well
I will be up for that. Right now, Sunday 10th is the front runner. Does that work?
@lizbarry ^^ what time on Sunday were you thinking?
Oh wow. Responses! Missed them. Yes the 10th works for me.
we’re thinking of starting at 2pm meeting at Orbital. Will post agenda tomorrow. Please feel free to come for all or the parts that interest you.
katenicholson 08:05:36
@katehnicholson has joined the channel
devin 09:24:18
Everyone, meet Kate! She helped with my campaign and is a big participatory democracy fan.
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patcon 09:55:00
hiya Kate! Nice to meet you!
patcon 09:56:42
@darshana @itsmisscs @lizbarry here's a shared gdrive:

in-progress rightscon panel doc in there. due at midnight
due 11:59 pacific.
lizbarry 10:05:55
Hey I'm view only on that
itsmisscs 10:10:38
@patcon me too! can you change link perms?
patcon 10:12:36
patcon 10:12:56
patcon 10:13:03
maybe we can rethink that later..? not sure
patcon 10:14:37
ok, thinking we could write it as someone from Composite Collective just to fit their rubric of one person submission (?)
patcon 10:15:55
but had me thinking about a question for later -- should we de-emphasize composite collective going forward? like should it just be like an LLC that some people use to get paid? I wonder whether it confuses and distracts from what g0v is trying to be over here -- i'm wondering whether CC might seem like a sub-club, maybe, and a confusingly ambiguous "we" that isn't as inclusive
patcon 10:16:06
soooo maybe we should just say our affiliation is g0v?
itsmisscs 10:21:10
they don’t know who g0v is
itsmisscs 10:21:29
I’ve been poking through the speakers from last year
patcon 10:22:28
yay, we're indie!
patcon 10:22:40
is poking through guidelines to choose best format
itsmisscs 10:22:41
i think the g0v angle would be great at tictec, i feel this crowd the focus needs to be on conversation technology (f2f) and its impact/potential to transform gov
lizbarry 10:22:59
"Civic Tech, Citizenship, and E-Governance" bucket?
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itsmisscs 10:23:15
that sounds good
katenicholson 10:23:40
Thanks @devin! Hii <!channel> great to join the group 👋😀
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patcon 10:24:25
oh wait, what about "The State of Global Civil Society". i know some ppl have reaction to "civic tech".
patcon 10:25:19
meh. i guess this is all just a guess. could fall under a few 🙂 civic tech it is!
patcon 10:27:48
are we going to try to wrangle more than 60 minutes somehow? i'm feeling a little dissonance about how we were talking about this before, and what the timeslot might impose. so how does this translate? is it just like a short orientation of how citizen facilitation works?
itsmisscs 10:29:02
@darshana and i cannot fathom doing a rights con proposal and not an event in nyc. in that case, i see it as a big of a run through? still record it but maybe tailor the workshop
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itsmisscs 10:29:23
i don’t think we could run through all the training in 60-75 min, right @lizbarry?
itsmisscs 10:29:43
i like idea of orientation but also want folks to go away with something
lizbarry 10:30:06
"Orientation to newly filmed and translated materials"
would nyc come first or after?
What is the NYC vision? The inflatable in McCarren park? 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
I think it's whatever we can make happen
What do you want?
i guess it depends on what they are available for
patcon 10:31:00
(Like!) So might it be framed as like an intro to a kit/package/course, where we invite participants to investigate/organize trainings in their local communities?
patcon 10:36:33
fwiw, a group in toronto raised $30,000 on kickstarter and build a kit to help people run grassroots municipal campaigns. I was thinkin about that with the "kit" mention:

DemocracyKit | Open Democracy Project

Orientation @DemocracyKit

Complete the @DemocracyKit orientation. Open politics from the ground up.


DemocracyKit | Powerful campaign tools for civic leaders.

patcon 10:37:38
happy to park that thought though. just thought it might be relevant to framing shorter talks around this thing we're trying to organize 🙂
itsmisscs 10:39:27
taking a look
lizbarry 10:42:47
Hope that me writing fast as this plane taxis isn't putting anyone off! I ideate proposals fast then clean then up
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lizbarry 10:45:26
My use of the pronoun we is very collective minded
itsmisscs 10:47:34
@patcon i’m curious how this goes tomorrow! pls report back


Civic Tech Toronto hacknight #121 with Quayside community brainstorm

12/5, 7:00 PM: A civic tech community brainstormWe&amp;#39;ve seen a lot of excitement -- and some concern -- about the Waterfront Toronto + Sidewalk Labs project (<>) at Quayside.

i was hoping to shim some reflective phase exercises in, but its so little tiiiiiime
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itsmisscs 11:08:06
> Finally, while competition is steep and you should put your best foot forward, remember your submission doesn’t need to be set in stone on the first go! Think of this as your concept note. If accepted, we’ll work with you to fine tune your session for the greatest impact.
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itsmisscs 11:08:13

Access Now

The rundown on RightsCon: 5 reasons why you should lead a session (and how to do it) - Access Now

We want you at RightsCon Toronto on May 16-18! Here's how to prepare and submit a session proposal.

lizbarry 11:30:01
alright i did a bunch of edits. Does someone think they can do the final pass?
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lizbarry 12:20:50
Ok just chatted with @patcon -- I am handing the baton off. .. to whom? Who will actually submit?
patcon 12:35:55
@itsmisscs and/or @darshana wanna do a call and just get this submitted in draft form?
patcon 13:50:00
done and done! thanks for provoking the last minute submission blitz, @itsmisscs!
patcon 14:46:21
should we officially invite audrey using I feel like that's a public place that she would appreciate:


katenicholson 03:26:38
Nice work-- have sifted through the channels, my interest is piqued. Would love to get together for quick run down / hello.
Hai 👋🏾 thrilled to hear. we’re tentatively thinking about a get together to discuss facilitation project plans and some other topics the second half of sunday. would you want to join either IRL or remote?
ps. excited to meet and talk and say hello
katenicholson 2017-12-07 09:13:21
🙃 Looking forward to it too. Yep, Sunday should work for me.
katenicholson 2017-12-07 09:13:31
I’m down with real life if you’re planning that.
patcon 14:54:26
Relevant tweet:


Obama: "I'm very interested in how online communities can move offline. How this incredible power to convene through hashtags [etc] eventually leads to people meeting each other and talking to each other" <;;t=28m34s>

katenicholson 2017-12-07 02:48:01
I wonder what Obama thinks of WeWork buying MeetUp 😬
yeah, i feel ya. i'm hoping this kicks the tech-capable communities on that platform to start building more open alternatives. wework might be decent stewards in the near future, but i'm still uncomfortable with what feels like a vertical market grab 😕
katenicholson 2017-12-07 13:23:26
I like that thought. And I guess i’m not actually too disgruntled :] — the intentions are def worthwhile, and my view of WeWork is pretty NYC-centric— it’s less loathsome in places where workspace open to anyone is hard to come by. so yeah, :raised_hands: let the people bump into each other in work and meeting up.
patcon 14:59:21
anyone else on this google group? (just applied to join, but not sure what it entails!)!forum/vtaiwan


patcon 08:58:36

anyone here familiar with SDD? Might it have informed any part of vTaiwan architecting? <>


itsmisscs 06:21:38
anyone know of


Home - Sovrin


itsmisscs 06:21:52
LOL what a lovely site meta description they have there
patcon 06:57:13
LOL I don't know why but i find that way too funny
itsmisscs 08:14:40
Join in!


The People's Roadmap; future of NYC's #civictech &amp; #opendata - MANHATTAN Edition

lol "freedom to internet"
can this be the livethread???
@noneck I was trying to screencap the several moments of pure glee that you entered when you realized there was an extra 10 minutes, but my screencap software effed up 😢
@darshana livestream is GREAT! is there an other virtual spaces that I could tag along in, particularly once breakouts start? or might livestream keep going?
i would love to eavesdrop!
I’m here
what do you want to know
@noneck😂 every community is smart
@patcon they don’t have cams for the breakouts, yet
i think the stream will stop and then pick back up.
would be so cool to get a livestream in a box setup
oh yeah
that will be cool
i’m curious how pdis and watchout record their events
people are engaged. which is great
nice way to reach out to internet society
lots of questions
that’s fantastic!
sounds that way. more than others
@darshanaare folks using slido?
More proactive people
no uptake though
either people don’t feel the need to use it or we are not explaining it right
is it up on a screen?
breakout time
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:06:05
this is awesome. i’m a few minutes behind.
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:06:11
sooo many questttions. lol. Jump in people! 🙃
me too. i'm behind, because i got distracted by a youtube video in the sidebar :facepalm:
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:12:17
haha. i was distracted by a tea kettle i forgot about.
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:12:51
will they be returning to the stream?
> would be so cool to get a livestream in a box setup

have the same need at civictechto. another friend does it, but she wants to make it more of a rotatable role, and figure out some good gear. def interested in connecting y'all on that if we wanna talk about some sort diy kit! 🙂
we played with for sending to all live services (twitter, fb, youtube) but ran into some glitches. worth revisiting though
> nice way to reach out to internet society

@itsmisscs like or just the term? :slightly_smiling_face:
> will they be returning to the stream?

@katehnicholson i think @darshana said they were
@katehnicholson yeah, after breakouts…so in 30-40.
@patcon yup, them 🙂
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:19:01
@itsmisscs @patcon cool thanks
@patcon have you played with twitch?
@itsmisscs it seems like the thing most like, but since we weren't up to running such inclusive events (just working on livestreaming), haven't had a chance to dive in..!
they apparently allow non-gaming now? although their categories didn't quite fit vefore, so i wasn't clear if we were within the rules
ah, i don't think i read through these full docs before, but they're helpful for twitch:
(reading now)
oops. wrong one. but the creative faq is hilarious

> *Q. Can I broadcast building furniture for my office?*
> A. Assembling office furniture is not allowed. However, if you are building out your broadcast studio or customizing furniture, feel free to use Twitch Creative.
gonna move twitch convo out of thread 😁
yup yup!
@darshana did it end?
itsmisscs 08:14:54
@darshana is facilitating
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patcon 08:48:30
can this be the livethread???
patcon 09:40:18
re: using twitch (from thread):

I was thinking our category would be one of these:

- ~Creative~
- Not Playing (not listed in any discoverable mode)
- Talk Show

Might be other options though
despite how it looks, talk shows apparently don't need to be about gaming...
man, it'd be fun to livestream a VR work session if we figure out how to work on our projects in that environment 😉
like notch, but with consultation processes...! that would make me soooo focussed and productive
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:46:06
@patcon Like we could be roaming around the room right now tapping peoples shoulders and joint the sessions?
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:46:12
Joining *
omg, i wasn't even thinking about how this could revolutionize hallway testing for designing consultation experiences...!
(aside) re: twitch. 3d modelling might be a place we could work on twitch for certain types of work on this...
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:51:25
Haha. Dig it.
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:54:18
Presenters could share 3D room models showing where sensors are stationed in key locations to roam to. Then people could put parallel sensors in their home or on a mountainside and just like participate whrever.
katenicholson 2017-12-08 09:54:54
I don’t really know what I’m talking about but, just to throw it out there.
haha no worries -- i'm figuring this out too
had a chance to use a VR setup yet? i feel like getting in there clarified soooooo much about how it might work in practice

as a group, maybe we could make effort to give everyone interested in these projects a "first go" with really nice gear, so we're all maximally equipped to start thinking on how VR could be put for these things we care about together!