Month: 2018-02


lizbarry 00:23:43
this sounds like a great person
thebestsophist 2018-02-01 07:08:58
mollie is, in fact, a fantastic human bean
devin 01:08:42
how about whiskey wednesday meetup tonight? I'd like to go.
katenicholson 04:31:30
😬 i’m a super sleepy person today and gotta take a chill pill tonight. can do next week and or the next, etc. whiskeyallthetime.
itsmisscs 04:36:14
too too busy here with looming trip to mexico next week
devin 05:24:32
K y'all have convinced me to stay warm instead of going. :)
katenicholson 05:28:40
nooo. well. warm whiskey wednesdays, remote.
dzn 06:01:11
oi. Mad day for me too!! 😞
dzn 06:01:37
but yes to warm whiskey wednesdays, remote 🙂
thebestsophist 07:10:08
oh hai, nyc. i am moving to you on saturday
devin 07:50:34
where to?
itsmisscs 14:29:49
Cordelia is caring for my plants 🙌🏾 and about to enjoy, or loathe, nyc walkups.
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devin 04:09:40
for how long?
thebestsophist 06:34:10
the plan is to find a place in brooklyn. I can only promise that y’all have me for 2 years, renewable for two more, contingent on good behavior 😘
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itsmisscs 07:01:40
Yay!!!! So excited to have you in nyc @thebestsophist
thebestsophist 2018-02-02 09:12:56
eeee thank you!
katenicholson 2018-02-03 04:26:30
Hii, looking forward to hanging.
katenicholson 2018-02-03 04:26:38



devin 06:28:01
Folks - do we want to try to meet this week?
katenicholson 07:01:56
I think people are mostly away, right? Or just @itsmisscs and @lizbarry ? @darshana when do you head to Taiwain?
lizbarry 08:25:38
I'll be back!
itsmisscs 09:57:22
@darshana and I are in Mexico this week. Carry on though



lizbarry 03:43:45
Friday afternoon after lunch?
devin 05:27:44
Is that a proposal for a meetup?


lizbarry 00:43:48
devin 01:02:54
I'm down. I'll be in midtown.
katenicholson 02:23:20
Unfortunately have a few meetings tomorrow afternoon. Don’t let that stop you guys from catching up though!
thebestsophist 02:30:20
(anyone going to the better tech for a better congress discussion this evening?)
devin 03:04:01
not planning on going to that
devin 03:04:23
@katehnicholson @lizbarry could you both make it if we did it in the evening?
devin 03:06:41
or at least later than the afternoon
katenicholson 03:29:18
Yah, do you guys want to join up for dinner? Casual catch up with a few others? I have plans to grab a bite at 7:30 with this girl i met during a layover. My buddy Alex also wants to hang so is coming along (@devin audio guy i tagged on your fb post). Location tbd, but was thinking upper west as Alex will be up this way and we might jam out after in harlem (which you’re all also invited to).
katenicholson 03:29:25
lizbarry 03:49:58
@thebestsophist just hearing of it now -- very interested and would love to read your notes or hear a debrief. I have to prep for my class in the AM so i really shouldn't go anywhere tonight
lizbarry 03:51:24
for Friday afternoon, i might haul uptown to this -- i know a few of the presenters
lizbarry 03:52:04
ah unfortunetaly i already have Friday dinner plans with collaborator Philip Silva
katenicholson 03:53:38
Oh that thing at columbia looked interesting.
katenicholson 03:54:10
If you and philip want to join dinner plans, open to that.
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lizbarry 03:56:59
ah i would! but he and i are oooooooold collaborators and we have lots of catching up to do so gonna keep this one just us
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katenicholson 05:04:11
@lizbarry what kinda time do you think you’ll have between columbia event and dinner?
lizbarry 05:04:31
hmmmm not much there....what's your schedule
katenicholson 05:06:53
Could make time after 5:30/6
devin 08:27:46
Tomorrow I've got a 5pm meeting in midtown so expecting to be free by 7.
katenicholson 08:46:48
Coolcool, @lizbarry let us know what time you’ll be leaving the upper west liz and maybe we can meet up in hells kitchen or near columbus circle. My dinner plans changed from having a time…to not ( the girl can’t make it anymore, so just winging it w alex). Flexible on my front.
lizbarry 10:54:52
Thanks Kate!!! I will write in here tomorrow


lizbarry 01:18:06
Hey, just checking in.
katenicholson 01:38:52
howdy, how’s the conference
lizbarry 02:35:40
Hey, just finished teaching and a recovery lunch. I kind of exhausted myself working three projects yesterday and today (missed dinner and breakfast), don't think I'm even going uptown anymore.
katenicholson 02:42:07
No sweat, lady. Rest up and eat up.
devin 03:58:02
If you folks want to engage with the "left" you might want to do a session at Left Forum:
left forum is great. are you going as the libertarian chair?
I've done empty sessions there before. Would happily do it again.
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itsmisscs 10:46:39
Hi Friends, take a look at our friends and vInspiration 👏🏾
itsmisscs 10:46:40
Image uploaded from iOS
devin 10:47:16
I've done empty sessions there before. Would happily do it again.


katenicholson 06:48:01
@channel if anyone’s trying to go to this event w sidewalk labs at SIPA, at 620pm, here is a ticket:
Image uploaded from iOS
itsmisscs 07:56:17
Did anyone go? curious about thoughts.


katenicholson 03:31:16
Looks like there was a tiny bit of twitter action w sidewalklabs and SIPA. Not sure if it was anything groundbreaking or just more, what’s up.
katenicholson 03:31:33
Probably some interesting folks though.
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itsmisscs 06:02:16
``` Coop Fund is an experimental funding platform that accumulates financial resources through member subscriptions and redistributes funds through a cooperative decision making process. Established in early 2018, the organization's founding members are Elsa Brown, Emma Hedditch and Lydia Okrent.

Beginning tomorrow, Coop Fund is hosting a series of workshops at Artists Space with the expanded membership and other interested parties. These will be a place to further develop Coop Fund and its constitution. Each workshop will provide a basic introduction to Coop Fund, detailing how it was started and how it is set up at present.

Workshops will be held at the following times:

Wednesday, February 14, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, February 28, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 14, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 28, 7 p.m.
Future Plans

The capacity of each workshop is limited to 20 participants.
RSVP to attend at

For more information click here```


lizbarry 00:14:24
WNYC is talking about joining Community Boards, Gail Brewer and Eric Adams are recapping DeBlasio's speech and I hope someone addresses this new job DeBlasio mentioned creating "Chief Democracy Officer"
katenicholson 2018-02-16 01:01:03
hm. loving these new titles. can we get a chief storyteller? detroit has one!
itsmisscs 00:33:35
am also listening to this!
itsmisscs 00:34:47
the CDO’s role is to tackle low voter turn out 👎🏾 and it will be appointed.
thebestsophist 21:10:14
ooh. tho coop fund reminds me of the Enspiral Network


katenicholson 01:00:14
Hey people, i just signed up for a few sessions during open data week march 3-10. Join up:
which ones did you sign up?
katenicholson 01:28:52
I was looking at these. I registered for the free ones. Will make my mind up about the others.
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.27.24 PM.png
devin 03:29:21
I love how there's no open data on their site. No iCAL feed for events, no downloads of partner info, no RSS news feed.
devin 03:30:01
literally have to click 20-30 times on a little arrow to see all the parnters
katenicholson 2018-02-16 03:34:31
There’s Lotta work to do...
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itsmisscs 03:53:07
Ooo march 5 one I will def go to
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itsmisscs 03:53:22


itsmisscs 01:21:31
There’s a VR headset at New Lab and the lab tech said he’d be more than happy to let us use it for holopolis
🎉 1
itsmisscs 01:21:41
@darshana @lizbarry ^^
lizbarry 01:22:38
lizbarry 01:22:47
How do we do it?????
dzn 01:24:29
Sweeeet!! That will be awesome :)
itsmisscs 01:28:19
We just show up 🙂 i told him we’ll need to access it through steam and he said it was fine. i’ll reconfirm with #holopolis folks
my experience with holopolis+steam is that the holopolis server doesn't yet work with it -- hifi support seems to think they're running a dev version of server, but @sylin doesn't think that's the case
there's an open todo to figure it out. one sec. will dig link
ok, created an issue that won't disappear in slack backscroll 🙂
itsmisscs 01:28:44
no one uses the space. he said they were trying to get more usage and seemed happy that we had a use case
itsmisscs 01:36:27
in other news,

Grub Street

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Is Hot, Heady, and on the Rise in New York

The Taipei street-food staple has everything you could ask for in a soup designed to serve as a meal. (Though we could do without the two-hour wait.)

dzn 01:36:57
Soooo good.
dzn 01:37:17
We should get back there soon
dzn 01:37:53
By the, I'm on my way to orbital @itsmisscs @lizbarry see you both soon!
itsmisscs 01:38:50
i’m still at new lab. hoping to wrap up in next couple hours
lizbarry 01:48:13
I'm having a physical therapy check on my shoulders and ten heading down
dzn 02:59:16
sounds good! No rush on my end
lizbarry 03:34:11
I'm at the door, can u let me in?@
lizbarry 03:55:56
We opened up but we're not really doing anything yet :upside_down_face:
katenicholson 04:06:17
Fun - i’ll say hey in a bit
katenicholson 04:51:03
HIII. i see you but i don’t think you see me


devin 02:35:24
Hi everyone. Following up on our call Friday where we discussed a project-based organizing structure (discussed more here: ... do you want me to set up some templates so we can play with using such a structure?


How to Run Collaborative Projects That Don't Fall Prey to Bureaucracy

Today, when people call something "bureaucratic," they usually mean that in a negative sense, but bureaucracy didn't always have this negative connotation. About 100 years ago when many professional bureaucracies were being built, they were seen as a means of bringing quality control, predictability, and integrity to administrations. But bureaucracy has taken on a life of its own since its inception, and now is often viewed as self-perpetuating itself in thoroughly mediocre and banal ways.

katenicholson 2018-02-21 09:09:55
Sure, show us some templates! And just to get clear, would you say the goal of this is to align our various pursuits/work/interests in a supportive way that helps them succeed and not get bogged down?
Yes and to give us a structure for getting other people with projects aligned with our work.
Creating a document like this is a first step:
katenicholson 2018-02-22 01:04:32
I can dig it. Think this is pretty similar to a lot of agile/lean methodologies and design- centric orgs. Manifestos > employee handbooks.

Do you have any thoughts on how it’s worked well in the past and how it hasn’t?

What do the others think? @lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon @darshana
katenicholson 2018-02-22 01:44:51
🙌 2