Month: 2018-07


Andy 04:43:11
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itsmisscs 01:47:55
Here at Orbital.
itsmisscs 01:51:08
We have the space for coworking. We don't have the space until 9pm due to my failure to check that the request had gone through. So we only have the floor 2 space until 7:45.
katenicholson 04:31:56
Hey @itsmisscs @devin Buzz me in please!
thebestsophist 08:16:14
drat, did y’all skidaddle?


sla(rric)k 04:15:18
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lizbarry 10:25:14
Anyone up for a Friday afternoon gathering?
katenicholson 23:57:16
I can’t this week, but appreciate the invite! What day are we having the next formal meeting sesh?