Month: 2018-06


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noneck 02:03:14
right now, new york city is hosting a charter revision commission hearing on civic engagement. i will spend a portion of my testimony talking about open source, open algorithms, service design, civic tech, and the vTawian process. You can tune in live and read my testimony here.


BetaNYC’s Testimony to NYC Charter Revision Commission Civic Engagement Hearing – June 2018

To: NYC Charter Revision Commission From: Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director of BetaNYC Subject: Civic Engagement and Independent Redistricting Thursday, 21 June 2018 Where we are now: The 1989 Chart…



noneck 02:27:06
hey <!here>, who is up for a weekend picknic in a few weeks? i'd love spend more time with you.
devin 02:36:44
We're working on a plan right now to get everyone together - but a picnic isn't currently involved.
devin 02:37:05
That said - I'm all for picnics
bitsybot 02:38:35
i love a picnic
katenicholson 02:43:56
So into picnics / park hangs.
dzn 03:32:59
only if there is a boom box
katenicholson 03:51:50
I got a jammypack


CX 00:26:53
I got bluetooth speakers too!
devin 02:22:19
Lots of us have bluetooth speaks, but who has a boombox?
devin 02:25:46
I guess this is what they look like now -->

Phillips Bluetooth Boombox Speaker - Rugged, Portable, Wireless Radio, USB, AUX, and CD Music Player - 50 Watt, Dynamic Bass, Digital Display, Light Up Speaker - Model PX840T

Blast music with authority using Phillip's trusted wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker fully equipped with everything you need to get the party tunes flowing all night long. Our sound system is fantastically designed machine that provides you with the clear and crisp audio experience that will sat...

devin 02:25:51
Sorry got on a nostalgia kick
dzn 14:34:26
whoa. is that a boombox or a cousin of Optimus Prime? Either way. Count me in for that party.


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