Month: 2019-05


lizbarry 08:16:18
hey all, I wanted to mention an interesting, fast growing movement that has a particular point of tangency with our interests: Extinction Rebellion.
lizbarry 08:19:06
The third of three "demands" of Extinction Rebellion (XR) is "give power back to the people" -- this specifically means this model of citizen's assemblies AKA sortition, and this is where i think we can connect some dots across some participatory democracy projects.
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lizbarry 21:03:50
Hi @nathan.p.storey let's reconnect abt your case study when you get a moment :)
Hi @lizbarry - sorry for the delay. I will be ready to talk case study soon - working on finishing the case study this week. I’ll let you know when I can share a draft...
Hi @nathan.p.storey, i heard abt your case study through Colin last week. I guess it's time for us here in NYC to circle up and shareback?
Yes! @lizbarry let’s connect over email. I’ll send you something a little bit later this morning.