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Hi @thebestsophist 🙂
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@thebestsophist hello hello. good to see you here!!
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patcon 00:40:45
Fyi, discovered a thing today via another proj using this feature: github org-wide "projects" are only currently readable by org members :/ cc @itsmisscs
itsmisscs 00:41:36
@patcon oh noes. i wonder if there is a setting for that. well, if not, that makes a good case for trello.
itsmisscs 00:42:14
thanks for the deets
patcon 00:51:48
True say. Or alternatively, we could super-liberalize the github org member access (e.g. a little one-sided form where anyone can themselves, or a chariot command or whatevs)



devin 04:23:28
Hi folks. I've been prototyping a new layout for "Conversation" pages for NYSpeaks and want to share the results:
devin 04:25:38
Basically pages now have a sidebar with two elements: a facilitator who provides a human face who manages the conversation, and a place for research to be posted below that. The facilitator is responsible for the moderation of statements, promotion of the conversation and completeness of research.
devin 04:27:13
Below that is a section called "Activities Resulting from this Conversation" which any activities related to the three phases of activities that a conversations generates: proposals for what to do that can be supported, specific action items that can be voted on, and actions that our campaign/office performs.
devin 04:28:11
I'm very interested in engaging in conversation with more people about this direction so please let me know what you think and consider getting involved with my campaign for PA.
devin 04:28:54
Also - our NY Speaks app is now available in Google Play and Apple App stores. Please download them, test them out and let me know if you see any bugs. Thanks!
dzn 08:30:57
@devin Thanks for update. Will take a look!


dzn 06:44:10
@devin. My thoughts —
1. Would be nice to have an introductory paragraph when I get to the ‘conversations’ page. Something that points to your purpose of setting this up (motivation, aims, something like that)
2. In the link you sent up top, the slide show on the right under your picture, is it mean to be a static image? I expected it to be a slide show and the image threw me off.
dzn 06:44:53
also, what’s the order of things?
dzn 06:45:08
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.44.21 PM.png
dzn 06:45:17
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.44.44 PM.png
dzn 06:45:23
that’s the order?
dzn 06:45:40
the first page looks unfinished?
dzn 06:45:54
should I be only looking at the second?
devin 06:47:03
Thanks for the feedback!
devin 06:48:13
So first - I should have added some context. There are two systems here styled to look the same: WordPress at and Consul at I'm moving the "Conversations" feature from Consul to WordPress so I have more layout flexibility.
devin 06:50:09
So the top page is the Consul generated one which is being migrated away from ( and instead we'll have a WordPress index page that is much more flexible (


Direct democracy and open government for New York City

devin 06:50:34
On that new page I'll take your advice and add text and better explanations to introduce the user to the feature.
devin 06:51:56
as for 2 - yes it's a Google Presentation with one slide so it should have many more. The intention is that this would be a presentation explaining the framing of the conversation and that below it would be additional links to resources about the Conversation. This is still a bit of a demo so I just left it as a placeholder.
dzn 06:58:05
ah. that makes sense
dzn 06:58:16
yes to content and to presentation
dzn 06:58:53
also, I think your intro should come on whichever is the first page or just moved out to a separate ‘about and bio’ section
itsmisscs 06:58:56
google slides as demos ++
itsmisscs 06:59:01
we’re a big fan of that, too


devin 06:12:22
I added a short intro to the conversastions page. Please let me know if you think that text is sufficient and addresses what you'd like it to:
devin 06:12:24
devin 06:12:37
I really really appreciate any and all feedback.
itsmisscs 06:27:40
@devin Curious what your thoughts/feedback on Consul are. You mention that you have to port to wordpress for more layout flexibility—is it difficult to modify their rails app?
devin 06:29:29
No it's pretty easy but for rapidly modifying layouts WordPress is instant.
devin 06:29:56
Once I naildown layout patterns I'd plan to implement them in consul.
itsmisscs 06:37:23
oh no, rails is instant for more. i am lost in wordpress
itsmisscs 06:38:07
that said…i have to setup an org with wordpress…oy vey
itsmisscs 06:38:28
good to know that consul is easily customizable.
itsmisscs 06:46:12
One day I hope our cities have open source, by the people run interfaces that ask us questions to personalize delivering civic/community news to us….
itsmisscs 06:47:26
@patcon: at least once a week @darshana and I discuss the need to start on your idea for open source/people led ID/auth system
As shucks! And you should feel free to do it! Or maybe we could just be concerted in documenting the possibility and paths, and try to inspire another group/lead to run with it...? The pieces to make it happen are literally sitting around, having been built by much larger teams :)
I really like the "dig a hole" aspect of g0v, especially in situations such as this...!
i like that idea of documenting 🙂 is that what g0v means with “dig a hole”?
how was your trip?
🎊 🌳 🚴 🚴 🌳 🎄 🌲

was great! 325 miles in 4 days! but real glad to be back 😉
and i don't think it necessarily means doc'ing, but it's the idea that the idea of decoupled from the doing. It's a-ok to think of something, and then tee it up for someone else in some fashion, for someone unspecified to run with later 🙂

at least that's how i understand it!
whoa that’s quite the trek! dope though. Do you bike on older highway roads?
heh. super later, but the pittsburgh toDC trek was almost purely on decommissioned rail paths and then the tow lane alongside some canal from the 19th century! so much nature! barely any highways! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
so basically what I'm saying is that you should TOTALLY do it someday.
😊 1
itsmisscs 10:27:13
@lizbarry is this you

Talk to Me (NYC)

Talk To Me is a cultural phenomenon first observed in New York City. In 2002, Bill Wetzel (of Wetzel's Pretzels) and Liz Barry started hanging out in lawn chairs on New York City street corners with a sign that said "Talk To Me". What surprised many was that the couple appeared genuinely interested in the subjects that were addressed and that there was no ulterior motive to their project. Wetzel came up with the idea for this project in February 2002 out of the desire to get to know a stranger. The duo spent more than three years in various New York City neighborhoods with their sign. They worked small jobs, and lived in part on an anonymous donation who provided them with one year's worth of their daily stipend, $7. They also hosted a Talk Party in Bryant Park where they shared their experiences. In 2005, Barry and Wetzel spent thirteen months biking from New York City to San Francisco, pausing en route with their sign and leaving from New York with only $2,000.

lizbarry 11:54:21
Lol yessss. Years I traveled w that sign.
lizbarry 11:55:21
I come home tmrw! Hello from new Orleans :)
itsmisscs 12:00:22
👋🏾 How is it down there with flooding? Are you there to cover/work/report on it?
itsmisscs 12:01:50
I knew it was you @lizbarry! I was like “how many Liz Barry’s are there in nyc”. How exciting that you are back tomorrow for you are filled with wonderful stories and adventures. Let’s hang once you are settled. Safe travels!
lizbarry 12:21:06
The local staff have ongoing flooding and stormwater projects here, but it's also PL HQ and all staff are in from all over for a scheduled retreat unrelated to flooding
itsmisscs 14:09:54
ah, right! Remember you mentioned it was PL event.
itsmisscs 14:10:16
D & I really want to go to Are you planning on going @lizbarry or @patcon ?
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dzn 14:26:30
let’s all go!!!

But I don't think I have the budget in me to get my keister (aka butt) to taiwan 😞
we’re trying to see if we can get scholarships to the conference and fund our travel. maybe maybe we could help cover you travel 🙂
i have NOT been checking this slack enough, but that was so wonderful of you to offer @itsmisscs! bummer that I was occupied with other things and not minding this place 😉
so are you there already??? EXCITEMENT
We are taking off friday morning. so very exciting!!! and we are seeing liz tomorrow night ❤️
dzn 14:27:08
!!!!! (a thousand million zillion exclamations will not be enough)
😍 2
dzn 14:33:57
@devin your site stuff — people coming on won’t be familiar with so a bit more specificity would be nice. As in, what does ‘interact with conversations’ mean? Safer to break that down. also what do you mean by sufficient size. Otherwise having an into paragraph is hugely helpful
> As in, what does ‘interact with conversations’ mean?

yeah, the "conversation" term that uses is great in many ways, but naturally leads to confuzzle-speak like that :wink: cc: @colinmegill
@colinmegill speaking of which, is there an issue for public discussion of terminology and mental models? i realize that renaming things is NOT short term priority, but might be nice to have a place to aggregate thoughts on how the concept of "conversations" are understood, for if/when you get to the blue-sky milestone of rejigging the terms 🙂

happy to create an issue if ppl feel similarly
dzn 14:35:41
Also, I still think it is odd to have your bio and picture appear on the internal page (the survey page). Why not on the main conversations page or a separate page altogether?
Okay - so I added more specificity to the conversations browse page: When I have a video I'll put it up there also,
As for the specific conversation page, I clarified that I'm a "Conversation Facilitator" - so my role is specific to this conversation. Like a host. This way I can approach other candidates and subject matter experts and try to get them to take responsibility for managing a conversations.
I feel like that might be a good way to get more people involved. Then I can pitch people to "facilitate a conversation" on NYSpeaks.
Does that make sense?
that's an interesting angle, that would be good to test and see in action! I'm totally curious how it plays out. i know there was some focus in taiwan on facilitators being impartial (related to maintaining the integrity of the final recommendations)... but perhaps with explicit coaching on what the facilitator's role is, a candidate or subject matter expert or less invested citizen facilitator could perform interchangeably? curious to hear others thoughts!
lizbarry 20:12:14
!Ah! I was so close to having two conferences lined up back to back so I could use the travel support from one to get to southeast China, then it would be so much less expensive for me to get to civictechfest. But then the funded conference rescheduled to December.
We must chatz 🙂 There could be a ticket in your future. I’ll be back in town next week. Co-work day? hangout post work? all the things!
oh! can i call you tonight?
yeah. I’m in a cell dead zone. Try me at 917 740 7723. If that doesn’t go through, text me on Signal and I’ll call you back asap. Heading out with the dog. Will be back around 7/730



lizbarry 04:50:27
Rapi from ProgHackNight just emailed to ask if we would be running a Breakout Group at ProgHacknight tomorrow night. I can't come because i have to go to HackManhattan's space on behalf of Public Lab, but is anyone else here planning to go? if so i will copy you into Rapi's email ...
itsmisscs 06:00:38
We are going to be at Civic Labs for an evening event. Forgot that ProgHack is tomorrow. Gah. Speaker looks rad.
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itsmisscs 05:02:28
Participatory Design Conference CFP
itsmisscs 09:29:49

Open Source Politics

Outils numériques de démocratie participative : nous mettons en place des solutions civic tech open source et des méthodes efficaces pour faciliter la participation citoyenne.


lizbarry 01:17:48
@itsmisscs what is the link to the github repo? Limited internet access and I can't get github to load to get it myself!
@lizbarry sorry for the late reply! been out at debates and interviewing candidates. Assuming you want the project repo? Or are you asking about Decidem
Thanks! I should have written in when I got the link !
All good. I will add to the pins :)


itsmisscs 23:57:54
Update from g0vNYC project
@null 23:57:54
@itsmisscs commented on @itsmisscs’s file Update from g0vNYC project: Hi Folks,

We wanted to give you a short update on the project. Learnings from our initial experiment have helped us hone in on a four-year strategic plan that centralizes on setting up a community-run multi-media platform to hold district officials accountable and push for participatory models in NYC district governance.
Update from g0vNYC project


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