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@patcon set the channel purpose: For discussion of the very first, simple steps along the way to the exciting participatory democratic wins happening in Taiwan and Spain (Madrid).
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@patcon set the channel topic: docs:
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Truly a pleasure to meet everyone tonight. I’m so happy we are connected and connecting our projects ✊🏾
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Great meeting everyone last night, sorry I had to dash out to catch a train!
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devin 07:46:41
Hi everyone. Really enjoyed the conversation and looking forward to more.
itsmisscs 11:24:20
@patcon What tool does vTaiwan use during the first phase of ORID?


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hey @lizbarry, I've got to get those note cards off you to add to the notes!


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ah Noel owns ``. Worlds are colliding


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@patcon @lizbarry: @darshana and I got in pretty late. Would it be okay to push to 10:30? Orbital 155 Rivington St #2, New York, NY 10002 between Clinton and Stanton on the south side of the street. Thanks in advance!
patcon 22:33:28
@itsmisscs @darshana hey, yeah, of course! Unfortunately this is a little late, but we were hoping to wait until the rain breaks at 11:30, so arrival for 11:50. That work for you? (Wish I'd sent this earlier, before you'd possibly slogged through the rain already...!)
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i've added two more resoruces to the above spreadsheet.

1. BetaNYC has a slack with over 600 memebers.
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noneck 23:23:10
2. we're actively planning on updating our people roadmap to a digital new york city. - this document has be turned into legislation and we've many political wins from it.

The People's Roadmap to a Digital New York City | BetaNYC

BetaNYC is building a connected New York City by the people, for the people, for 21st Century. We are NYC's civic technology and open government vanguard. Since 2009, we have worked with elected officials to engage NYC's technology community. We have helped pass transformative open government legislation, and have supported NYC's civic oriented startups. This is a roadmap oulining what we want to see from New York City's adminstrations.

noneck 23:24:10
out of the 34 issues. we've gotten 14 pieces drafted as legislation. 7 have passed council and signed into law.


itsmisscs 00:05:42
@patcon no problem! smart call on waiting for the rain to break
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@patcon @lizbarry works! See you soon
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@noneck thanks for info. Will take a look
itsmisscs 00:09:35
@noneck We’re adding our presentation from DC and materials to our repo which I’ll post here shortly
noneck 00:10:00
I should point out that the roadmap will have inperson listing sessions in all 5 boroughs w/ an online component to solisit more ideas. then, it will go into a collabrative writing / edtiting process. this is what we did 4 years ago... before all of this TW branding came about.
patcon 00:30:55
@darshana @itsmisscs Running late, but on track for 1pm 😊
lizbarry 00:48:36
Two blocks away
patcon 03:46:03
<!here|@here> journalists using polis for policy discussion (lot of docs)

No sugar coating: what should we do? | Scoop News

Welcome to our first interactive HiveMind exploration on the important topic of 'sugar and obesity' in New Zealand. We have provided some background to this issue and identified six potential perspectives below. Is your view represented? Do you ...

itsmisscs 04:33:29
@noneck I don’t know the specifics of betanyc’s interaction with CB’s. I know you work extensively with them.
noneck 04:33:50
@itsmisscs this is a great outline. do you know about the work BetaNYC has been doing with Community Boards?
noneck 04:34:18
this is the research we've done on the technology tools within community boards.
noneck 04:36:26
this year, we worked on a number of tools and outcomes.
itsmisscs 04:36:26
@noneck ty! Will check these links out.
noneck 04:38:25
if you watch that video, starting at 12mins, you'll see that there is alignment with your vision. we are very passionate about reforming community boards and building new proceeses that are more democratic.

we're in the process of mapping out a multi-milion dollar grant proposal to sustain 3 years of work with community boards... we'd love to work with you on this.
noneck 04:39:28
we've spent the last two years stepping on all of the instututional land mines. now, we have buy in from the borough president and several of the boards.
noneck 04:41:53
@itsmisscs we've been cloaking our conversation within a narative of "open data tools" bc that's what has been deemed accessable. here's a higher snapshot than the demo of the tools we've presented.


Video: Represent NYC: Probing Open Data to Solve NYC’s Problems

For the last two years, BetaNYC has partnered with Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer to create the Civic Innovation Fellowship. This program has created the City’s first open data an…

noneck 04:43:01
FYI - we've tested out more radical naratives and have been kicked out of the room.
itsmisscs 04:48:41
@noneck This is excellent! I will take a look through the videos and PDFs tonight. Thrilled to hear about all of this.
noneck 04:48:47
Also, i'm really confused as to what is a "district" are you talking about a council district or community district?
itsmisscs 04:48:55
What were the more radical narratives?
noneck 04:49:19
@itsmisscs anything with the word "people power"
itsmisscs 04:49:44
@noneck ah, why does that not surprise me
noneck 04:49:52
"decentralized" "open source" "agile" "lean" just about any of the words we're comfortable with...
itsmisscs 04:50:05
What words have you found they are comfortable with?
noneck 04:50:29
@itsmisscs watch the videos and read the reports.
noneck 04:50:53
we're really careful with our language.
itsmisscs 04:51:02
@noneck 👍🏾 I will go through them tonight/tomorrow.
noneck 04:51:40
Also, I really want to talk about tomorrow's meeting over the phone. can we do that?
itsmisscs 04:52:56
@noneck Wednesday’s meeting, right? ya. you free? i can give you a call
noneck 04:53:24
not right now. about to go into a meeting. i'm free at 5:30
itsmisscs 04:53:43
okay. i’ll call you then
noneck 04:54:05
i'm at <tel:937.218.2422|937.218.2422>
noneck 05:01:03
@itsmisscs @darshana in your context, what is a district? Community District? Council District? Your slides use them interchangabily and they're two distict things. They are counter power objects to each other.

Also, i'm really confused as to what is a "district" are you talking about a council district or community district?

itsmisscs 05:05:25
@noneck I’m not aware of the difference. Can you explain? We were looking at district as the area a city council member represents. and each district has a cb, as we we understand it
They are two distinct objects.
council members sometimes have mulitpule community districts. there is no 1:1 ratio
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Welcome @hsiao-a
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itsmisscs 05:33:06
@noneck i need 10-15. saying goodbyes
noneck 05:33:19

<@U6CTD443X> I’m not aware of the difference. Can you explain? We were looking at district as the area a city council member represents. and each district has a cb, as we we understand it

They are two distinct objects. <>

noneck 05:34:01
@itsmisscs i have to leave here at 18h00
noneck 06:03:25
<!here|@here> it seems like there are several complementry ideas swurling around i hope we all get a chance to get on the same page. it would be great to have more allies working to improve democracy at the hyper-local level.
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itsmisscs 01:08:34

July 31: City Council District 2 Candidate Forum | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side

If you live in City Council District 2, there's an opportunity next week to assess the candidates running in the upcoming Democratic Primary to replace term

noneck 01:14:53


How Liège gathered 95K votes on its civic engagement platform in less than 4 months

“We have been pioneers in citizen participation, but this time we really want to accelerate and change paradigm so as to hit a milestone.” - Jean-Christophe Peterkenne, Strategy Director of the City of Liège. And they definitely did. With its CitizenLab platform #RéinventionsLiège, the city of Liège (Belgium) collected more than 1,000 proposals and 95,000 votes. Almost 30,000 visitors browsed the platform which represents around 15% of the city population. The online citizen participation project After an open call to ideas on the online platform #RéinventonsLiège, the City opened the votes. Ultimately, the best ideas will be designated and will

hsiao-a 01:15:38
Hey everyone! and Hey Noel, good to see you again! I am still catching up on this thread but it's super interesting and exciting!
itsmisscs 01:24:35
++ to second point. communication/propaganda of the cause is necessary. their outlined points of success easily map to success of Taiwan process
itsmisscs 01:52:10
In the spirit of g0v: Today I met with @noneck for a very NYer breakfast. It was tremendously informative to learn about all their work with NYC gov and city council. @darshana and I are going to have a call with Cordelia Yu, an independent researcher who has been looking deeply at g0v movement and its importance in vTaiwan. We are going to record and share out the convo. Then we are chatting with Devin. We are not endorsing any one candidate. We are going to learn more about his approach and platform; it is a follow-up from Prog Code introduction.
noneck 01:57:40
This wed, BetaNYC is carving out time for those of you who want to talk about the vNYC process at our weekly leadership meeting. I know that @patcon @lizbarry @itsmisscs have all expressed interest in participating.

BetaNYC's meetings are held at Data & Society Research Insitution, 36 West 20th st. We meet from 7:15 till 8:30. Our meetings are collectively driven and run democraticly. If anyone else is interested in joining us for this week's Wed meeting, let me know.

devin 03:30:42
I'll be there
lizbarry 03:41:49
me too


itsmisscs 06:59:30
@noneck ^^ preso
lizbarry 07:22:07
@darshana and @itsmisscs starting here at the BetaNYC meeting
lizbarry 22:03:51
Hey folks, please review these notes that i took of you all last night ^^
lizbarry 22:57:22
And have a chuckle at this actual NYC Gov Twitter account that Ingrid retweeted


NYC Conflict of Interest Board remains the greatest city government twitter account <>


Leaking leaks about leakers with leaky leaking leaks  that leaked leakers' leaks leaking from leaky leakers. With a side of leeks.

devin 23:55:10
COIB can afford to be caddy on their Twitter because they have indepth financial information about everyone who's ever run for anything (and their spouses) in this city and can release that information at their discretion.
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devin 23:56:54
Also - reading about the borough board. interesting stuff -->

Borough boards of New York City

In the New York City government, each of the five boroughs has a borough board composed of the borough president, City Council members from the borough, and the chairperson of each community board in the borough. The borough boards can hold or conduct public or private hearings, adopt by-laws, prepare comprehensive and special purpose plans and make recommendations for land use and planning, mediate disputes and conflicts among two or more community boards, submit a comprehensive statement of the expense and capital budget priorities and needs, evaluate the progress of capital developments and the quality and quantity of services provided by agencies, and otherwise consider the needs of the borough.


devin 00:06:30
Also of note - the Brooklyn Borough President's office has a budget of $4.6 million (twice public advocate) and gets to allocate $61.8 million in capital allocations.
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lizbarry 00:40:17
Another NYC person who i've invited here is Alexis who currently works somewhere in NYC gov and who wrote -- i was alerted to her existence via Joel from ProgCode four weeks ago

Alexis Wichowski | Columbia | SIPA

Alexis Wichowski is an adjunct assistant professor in Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, teaching in the Technology, Media, and Communications (TMaC) specialization.

devin 00:41:42
Nice. Speaking of flattening hierarchy. I just reached out through the COIB twitter @lizbarry posted to ask some disclosure questions and got direct contact with high ups that knew answers to my question in 15 min.
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itsmisscs 04:22:56
@lizbarry fabulous. great article. Has she joined?
lizbarry 06:00:31
seems like not yet!


lizbarry 22:53:06
So I have to travel for work this Wednesday through next Friday but will be online. I am working though a draft article started by @au's teammember "Avross" about her facilitation of the recent and greatly contested "nonconsensual pornography" topic on vTaiwan as the case study for writing up their freshest facilitation methods