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This Thursday, BetaNYC is co-hosting an NYC open data class with Council Member Stephen Levin in Williamsburg, Bklyn. Come learn how to make government information, maps, and tools work for you! The class is free, we're asking you to bring a laptop.


NYC #OpenData 102-103: Essentials of NYC Open Data for community insight

NYC #OpenData 102-103: Essentials of NYC Open Data for community insight (Space is limited and we're targeting residents of Council District 33, and Community Board Members and residents of CB 1, 2, 3, &amp; 6; please join our community to discover more events in your neighborhood.) Learn NYC OPEN DATA! In this intro NYC Open Data training, participants will learn the terms and processes essential to working with NYC Open Data. They will learn how to access and manipulate a variety of NYC open datasets relevant to their local community in a series of "data journey" exercises. Participants will become familiar with technologies and tools that were designed with community boards— like BoardStat, an easy-to-use data analytics tool— to harness NYC Open Data to gain valuable insight into their local community. Come ready to learn, share and get right into datasets and graphs!  What to bring: A laptop and power supply.  We recommend a laptop with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari.  Thank you to our event organizers BetaNYC, The Office of Council Member Stephen Levin, and the North Brooklyn Community! About BetaNYC's Classes: BetaNYC's mission is to increase civic engagement and digital literacy across NYC. BetaNYC's tools and trainings aim to support Community Boards and their constituents in accessing, analyzing, mapping, and using data and technology to inform their decision-making processes. Our insights and curriculum come out of a five year partnership with the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, our Civic Innovation Fellowship program, and funding support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Council Member Keith Powers,  Council Member Ben Kallos, Council Member Peter Koo, Council Member Mark Levine, and the general public, like you! We are passionate about making safe spaces for all and have a comprehensive Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policy for our events. . As part of our effort to democratize access to NYC open data and government operations, some of our supporters have asked us to track attendance diversity. Answers to these demographic questions are kept private and are only used in our metrics and evaluation reporting. If you have any questions about our classes or demographic questions, please email our classes team at . Learn more about our classes here <>&gt;.