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devin 05:37:30
I've been invited to organize a panel/event for Open Camps in NYC about vTaiwan and participatory democracy. Anyone want to be on the panel/help design it? More info about Open Camps is here: @lizbarry ??
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dzn 14:07:15
Hi!! I'm up for helping! CS and I were chatting earlier today saying we hadn't heard from you in a while and were planning to find out what you've been up to. So... good to hear from you! I'll look at opencamps tomorrow. Let's meet, plan etc.


itsmisscs 01:54:27
Rad, congrats @devin! How did your facilitation event go? I’m down for participating in anyway! Let’s catch up soon. Video chat works too!
devin 02:01:12
My facilitation event didn't happen unfortunately. I just didn't have the bandwidth to get it done.
sorry to hear. completely empathize though. had to table things for the very reason. where are you working from these days?
devin 02:42:40
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dzn 05:46:51
@devin Open Camps looks great. Will be a really audience for speaking about participatory models. Let us know when you would like to meet.
devin 08:56:50
Want to have a call to discuss tomorrow or Tuesday before 2pm?
dzn 10:43:53
yep! either is fine. CS and I should be in the same place. just send us a message on slack


dzn 01:03:57
@devin will tomorrow 1PM work for you?
devin 01:08:44
dzn 01:09:25
dzn 01:09:34
we can use slack
devin 01:16:42
Not this one. It isn't paid so there is no voice option.
itsmisscs 01:20:50
darshana and i will be in the same place together
itsmisscs 01:20:53
it works for 1 to 1
dzn 01:20:54
CS and I will be in the same place
dzn 01:21:02
lol. jinx
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dzn 01:21:07
we can also do —

Video conversations with up to 8 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at <>

lizbarry 02:03:53
I'm in transit today so will miss it but should also be able to join as well as @patcon I think
lizbarry 02:04:17
For Nov 18/19
devin 02:07:14
FYI the session will be on Nov 19.
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itsmisscs 02:09:32
tangental, but @lizbarry will you in patcon be in town for and do you want to go?
lizbarry 02:09:48
Oo I just saw that. Looks awesome
lizbarry 02:10:02
Do you think it's worth the $52 odd dollars? I do want to go
itsmisscs 02:34:00
i was going to see if we could volunteer and/or apply for the scholarship tickets they are giving out.
itsmisscs 02:34:42
i’m intrigued 🙂
itsmisscs 05:02:04
Thread to discuss activities weekend of 18-19th
@lizbarry @patcon @devin @darshana hiya folks, started a thread to plan what’s a happening that weekend (, panel, hacking on polis? co-sharing where we are at…
In advance either way it would be good to have a call before to get a chunk of the catching up out of the way 🙂 can’t wait to see everyone!
Okay - so we're planning on having a call tomorrow at 1pm correct?
If so, and more people want to join, then we can use this the -->
cool. 1PM on
okay I'm in... I think.
are there notes i should read now that i'm back in NYC?
Welcome back liz. Currently CS and DZN are doing two sessions at Open Camps - one Taiwan related and then they're helping with BetaNYC's People's Roadmap too. Maybe you should discuss with them if you'll join the Taiwan session. And then let me know what is decided. If you're going to be a panelist/participant then I'm supposed to pass your info on to the Open Camps point person.