Month: 2018-05


lizbarry 00:14:04
FYI here's a topic where many stakeholders are trying to get to policy: urban ag in NYC. There's been a zoning waiver proposed for commercial entities, and the community growers' needs are not met by this:
devin 00:18:47
Is there an open question around what issue the event should address?
lizbarry 05:26:18
which event?
lizbarry 05:29:06
I wasn't proposing this related to our NYC training, just keeping an eye out for urban issues with many stakeholders as one day there may be an opening for us to run a process
devin 07:09:05
Oh ok. I have some ideas too for issues. Maybe we keep them on a vnyc Google doc?
lizbarry 22:08:55
that would be cool! does such a doc exist anywhere yet @darshana @itsmisscs?
dzn 22:10:32
This is the doc we have been using to proposing issues for the training —
dzn 22:10:33
NY workshop_PDIS
dzn 22:10:43
if it’s not for training, no doc yet
lizbarry 22:56:37
thank you! sounds like we could use a place to gather potential issues that could benefit from a more rigorous deliberation


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