Month: 2018-01


itsmisscs 02:31:05
Happy New Year for those in the future and for those in the near future!! Just want to say that I’m so grateful for all that happened this year. It is hard to imagine that we just met this summer! It feels like we’ve been friends forever. I am beyond excited to continue dreaming, experimenting, and adventuring with y’all. ❤️ ❤️ Thank you so much for being the best of friends.
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devin 10:50:36
YESSS Happy New Year to you all!
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patcon 13:41:14
@devin @itsmisscs So much happy! and new years too! You meow-cats are great
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katenicholson 05:13:54
Happy new year people! 2018 is looking fine. xx
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itsmisscs 06:50:30

Suraj Patel for Congress

Suraj Patel for NY-12 Congress

Suraj Patel is an entrepreneur, activist, lawyer, and ethics professor living in New York's 12th Congressional District. We're running to bring new ideas and new energy to NYC Democrats. Our mission is to make politics more accessible and inspiring in order to build a proud new electorate. Suraj is

itsmisscs 06:51:35
He’s not in my district (if anyone here is in District 12 they are looking for subjects for a shoot) buut i kinda think he’d be down to listen to our vnyc plan
patcon 18:47:14
Question: does anyone know if citizen contact in NYC with departments happen through email, or is it some central system (311-ish) or webforms or something?
@benjamin.blair.chrobo or betanyc folks may know the answer to this
cc @noneck :)
I do not have an informed answer but poking around a bit it looks like some departments have a pretty robust email system (ex. Buildings) while others direct you to 311 and a main office phone number (Education)
Rats. That means piping "our" communications into their existing comms processes would be a bit complicated.

Thanks so much for that, @benjamin.blair.chrobo!
I wouldn't trust me much though -- I'm still very much learning the ropes
Fwiw, as mentioned in prior meetings, the thought is that, should they use email, we could repurpose mySociety's to be an email middleman more suited to vNYC goals
You can find email addresses for thousands of city employees here:
patcon 18:48:28
I ask bc email is essentially an open api and a system departments already use daily, so we can build on that for the "contact departments" portion of the vtaiwan process
patcon 18:50:08
But if NYC uses webforms or other arcane comms, with no emails available, then we're more at their mercy in terms of them having to set something up for us (short of an order to compel departments to talk on discourse forum, like in Taiwan)
fiorella 23:00:29
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devin 11:39:27
Hi folks. I want to announce that the first version of is now live and I hope you all will check it out.
devin 11:39:51
It is an open source Laravel/MySQL app fed by two different AirTables.
devin 11:41:03
It connects data from a variety of datasets: NYC Capital Projects, NYC Expense Report, NYC Greenbook (for contacts) and the NYC's massively underutilized Services API.
devin 11:42:03
Slack doesn't link .nyc tlds I guess - but please copy/paste the url to check it out:
devin 11:43:35
My next step is to improve the design. I hope folks will help. And I'm also excited about incorproating a FOIL tool. NYC already has a bit of one here:
devin 11:45:00
Github is here:



Contribute to data-mygov-nyc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Nice!! Will look at it!!
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lizbarry 00:59:39
Hi NYC! Greta Byrum of Community Mesh in Red Hook has offered to join an evening get-together on Tuesday, January 23 --- does this work for folks? goal is to advance understandings of and hands-on experiences with both IPFS/QRI for distributed data storage/sharing and mesh networking.
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katenicholson 02:03:26
@lizbarry sounds interesting, I should be able to make it!
katenicholson 02:04:14
@patcon i like shared calendars. I think there’s also a slack integration where you can automatically send out updates on events happening that week/day etc.
katenicholson 02:06:22
(Might require a nyc events channel though… to sift it out from the noise— alternative suggestion would be to rename vync-articles to vync-weekly/dao;y)
katenicholson 02:06:27
itsmisscs 02:09:10
How about an events channel if we are worried about noise? Articles is nice for reading shares.
katenicholson 02:12:38
@itsmisscs down with it so long as people don’t think we’ll have macro channel noise 🙃
Macro channel noise?
katenicholson 2018-01-05 03:37:39
Funny choice of words- sorry- I just meant noise at channel level vs noise at char level (within a channel). Down w whatever.
katenicholson 2018-01-05 03:37:46
hmm i’m not sure i totally get what you’re saying. apologies!
i am also fine putting events in#vnyc too
katenicholson 2018-01-05 03:57:22
no worries at all - i was weighing benefits of each option. not important -go with what you please, it’ll be right ;]
ah. k. easy enough to move these integrations around


lizbarry 08:34:35
Hello! tomorrow night @patcon @darshana and I are going over to ProgHack Night like we did back in July for . It would be great to see anyone else there! @devin this could be a perfect place to share back your work on and generally to hear updates from everyone cc@katehnicholson !
Thanks but I'm in LA until Wednesday
ok well get home safe and on Friday plan to join us at New Lab all day -- info posted in vNetwork channel
katenicholson 2018-01-16 23:07:59
@lizbarry heya, tonight’s no good for me. Friday I’ll plan to tune in during day at points and wiggle out of work a bit early to say hi in person. Regarding dinner, that sounds like lots of fun. I’m down pending on a dinner plan w a friend in town for a hot min. Should know later today!
sounds good and hope to see you soon!
itsmisscs 08:35:05
lizbarry 08:35:30
Looking ahead to the end of the week, this Friday Jan 19 will be another all day worksession in New Lab and all are invited. (going to crosspost in vNetwork)
itsmisscs 08:35:49
cool. i can chime in remotely
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lizbarry 01:04:59
Hi #vnyc, here's the invite for next Tuesday (not tonight! the 23rd) for going over to New American and discussing community mesh and data justice -- please rsvp
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lizbarry 02:04:04
@katehnicholson @devin ^^
lizbarry 04:05:41
FYI random but anyone know working with the Bronx boro president
nope! but just eyed the feed
worth getting to know
i should add these folk to the stakeholder outreach spreadsheet later
patcon 06:50:20
hey all, thoughts on bridging one of our rooms here across slack networks? thinking betanyc and proghacknight slacks. Would love to defragment communities and allow people to participate/discover from where they are 🙂 cc @noneck
Sounds good to me but how do you do that without a paid Slack account?
learning so much from you @patcon
patcon 09:30:27
no livestream yet, but notes here:


Meeting Notes on vNetwork: Task Tracker

in Resources on vNetwork: Task Tracker

livestreaming now here:


devin 00:24:40
Hi folks. Just wanted to ping the list to say I'm back in NYC.
I’m back tomorrow morning. Time for some f2f hellos.
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devin 00:25:17
And that last night I became chair of the Brooklyn Libertarian Party 😀
👏🏾 👏🏾 i look forward to seeing what you do with this
katenicholson 2018-01-20 02:20:04
Haha Devin! This is haaaamaazing.
yeah! congrats devin!
whoa! wow 😄
oh man. Is it time for some real mischief?
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lizbarry 08:08:29
planning to see you guys this friday afternoon?!? i will be fresh off my first day of class 9-11:40am and needing some lunchhhhh
dzn 11:43:35
sounds good to me 🙂
dzn 11:45:53
Hey. Here’s the application for BetaNYC School of Data conference —

School of Data submission - HackMD

@lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon I put in the discussion from prog hack night into proposal form. take a look please!!!
Thanks Thanks
I think the proposal reads very well
Thanks for taking it on @darshana!
oh yay. good! Title though? That’s your forte 🙂
dzn 11:46:02
take a look, let me know
dzn 11:46:50
for those who were not there on Tuesday at Prog Hack Night. The idea is to stir up interest in facilitation in NYC
dzn 11:47:33
we are a bit passed the deadline so last minute scramble but hopefully BetaNYC will be lenient 🙂
dzn 11:47:57
also, let’s please as many of us try to make it to prog hack night as much as possible?
dzn 11:48:16
Great venue for meeting and we should find a way to gather regularly.
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dzn 11:48:33
for those out of town… remote chats please!!
dzn 11:58:09


NYC School of Data 2018 - Idea Proposal

This year, we will host conversations around four key areas: digital literacy & privacy, smart & wise cities, effective & open government, and lastly, civic & g


lizbarry 03:05:37
sounds good! the form is so short i gues they didn't need all the detail we worked out last week, hmmm?
it was super useful! I pulled the framework directly from there.
a title?
I am not good at catchy title
Resilient/Dynamic Conversations: Methods and Tools for Consensus
Dynamic Conversations
we don’t mention dynamic conversation anywhere in the text. we will need to define it if we do
I like the second!
Maybe — Lessons from Taiwan: Methods and Tools for Governing the Commons??
@itsmisscs @lizbarry @patcon ^^
Everything after the colon
great! done 🙂
Consensus-based Methods and Tools for Governing the Commons (OR) Consensus-building Methods for Governing the Commons
Option 2, if you're still asking! Both are good!
Still asking :) Alright!
I'm sending in tonight
That title gives me spine-tingles! Yassss nailed it 🐌
lol. spine-tingles are good news
++ great title
@lizbarry @patcon @itsmisscs betaNYC just got in touch, they would like organizational affiliations for us. CC, Public Labs, what else? Also, have vNetwork??
I’ll probably see them at Data&Society tonight
also, they need organizational logo if possible
i have to ask my Public Lab team if we can join. what are we joining?
this is for the BetaNYC conf submission
just let me know what you are comfortable with
devin 05:16:10
My friend is doing a webinar with practical advice for running exceptional meetings. He comes from startup land but his insights are relevant for nonprofit, community, business, Highly recommended. I'll be there. Use code "Otters" to get in freeeee. -->


Four Steps To Running Better Meetings

Many of us spend over 30% of our day in meetings, whether it be at work, with community organizations, in book clubs, or marathon training groups. But are your meetings really working? Does everyone contribute equally? Do the participants openly share ideas and obstacles? Is everyone being held accountable? Have you built trust? Whether your goal is to build a great work team or host an effective study group, the questions above matter. With over 2+ years of research and hundreds of hours of meeting facilitation, the team at Circles has developed a framework for running deeply engaging meetings that produce results. In this 45 minute introductory session they'll share these learnings with you so you can start running meetings that really matter and stop wasting your time.  What You'll Leave With: An Understanding of how The FACT framework can help you run engaging meetings Less anxiety for your next big meeting A recording of the webinar to be viewed at any time Discounts to the four part Circles Workshop on Building Stronger Teams by Leading Better Meeting This class will be hosted online and links will be sent to participants 48 hours before it begings.

katenicholson 2018-01-23 07:24:24
Thanks! Reminded me of something from this book the collaborative imperative. Just uploaded to the google drive.
katenicholson 2018-01-23 07:24:45
--> PDF #2, page 140
katenicholson 2018-01-23 07:25:14
Also i wont be able to attned the webinar but will you have access to it beyond the event
katenicholson 2018-01-23 07:25:35
If so, would love to see it.
thank you!


lizbarry 23:18:44
Great to see @itsmisscs and @darshana at the decentralization convo last night. I have the photo that Lenny took, in it @itsmisscs is visible, @darshana is not. Is it OK if i share this photo?
D should be thrilled
lol. I totally am. And… it’s not accidental that I’m not in the picture 😉
haha! you have survival skills
@itsmisscs is it ok with you tho?
i could put an emoji smiley face on your head instead
Yeah totally fine


dzn 00:40:46
hi hi @lizbarry Was so good to see you. Thanks for organizing that excellent event!! Such an amazing group of people.
dzn 00:41:01
also, cute haircut!!!! 🙂
devin 05:14:19
Hi folks. Do we have any interest in CRM? Affinity.Works is a "rad" open source CRM project. I applied for beta access and finally got a response from them that they want to have a call so...
i have a huge interest in CRM for Public Lab and would love to "solve" the problem twice in one shot and get us set up really well as well
I got a demo. Not the best thing ever but it's improving. It currently relies on syncing contacts for email with Action Network
devin 05:14:38
It could be used for this group or I could find another.
dzn 06:34:25
Hi everyone. I’ll be at Data&Society this evening if anyone wants to join. It’s the best party in town on a Wednesday
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devin 06:41:07
what's the event?
lizbarry 07:10:56
"whiskey wednesday"! (i've never been )
devin 07:11:25
I'm pro whisky and in the city. When's it start/end?
dzn 07:57:33
I kinda missed it today 😕
dzn 07:57:51
got a bit side tracked with work
dzn 07:58:06
starts at 5, ends at 7:30-8
dzn 07:58:34
@devin where are you?
dzn 07:58:42
close to D&S?
devin 07:59:04
I'm in Soho. just finishing up here
devin 07:59:15
my friend is doing some bowling in Bk so that's my plan now 😉
dzn 07:59:35
Kk. Another whiskey wed
dzn 07:59:41
happens every week!
devin 08:12:04
ya good to know. Do they actually supply whiskey?
They used to. Not for 2018 😞
Beer/wine then>?