Month: 2020-03


lizbarry 00:41:26
Testing testing, is this thing on?
bitsybot 05:55:16
thebestsophist 06:40:16
oh hai, my brain is now 104% covid-19, 104% of the time
lizbarry 08:47:20
Hi Bitsy and Cordelia!!! So amazing to hear from you!
lizbarry 08:47:39
Can you share the link to your recording of Tools for Democracy from School of Data?
noneck 08:47:53
lizbarry 10:21:10
I have missed you all so much!
lizbarry 10:22:46
Also seems like g0v team upgraded this slack to a full account. I can see all my old DMs :smiley:
thebestsophist 10:26:35
they did the temporary 90 day thing
lizbarry 21:40:31
Hope all are sheltering and part of support networks - if you are not please let us know! i'm glad to hear from you all, and i've also reached CS via telegram.
lizbarry 21:42:36
As many things move online, we can expect to see some required government meetings with the public also show up online, and together, we are ready for these opportunities to upgrade democratic processes for transparency, inclusion, and collective wisdom for the greater good.
lizbarry 21:43:20
I'm appreciating Noel for a very good opening BetaNYC is stewarding with the Borough Presidents, and hope he will keep us posted!
noneck 21:43:29
Thanks for mentioning that. I'm spearheading that with community boards and the MBPO. we only had to get open meetings law suspended!!!
lizbarry 21:43:46
Please tell us more :star-struck:
noneck 21:45:39
RN, all manhattan boards have zoom and are being trained in the fundamentals of using the tool. i'm head back into the bunker to see the next steps. the first VR board meetings were last week. my inbox is filled with invites for more. i need to work with MBPO community affairs to get them to list all of them so we can see them happening.
noneck 21:47:04
@lizbarry thanks for your assistance in the training materials!!!

These are the three documents we produced for the first round.

1. Guides for District Managers &amp; Chairs - < > - in this doc we answer the simple questions like how to create a meeting or a webinar and what is the difference between the two. Also, we deal with the exciting stuff like how do you kick someone out of a room!

2. Guides for Board Members - < > - here your community board members will be introduced to zoom's support center so you don't have to do tech support!

3. General Guidance &amp; Best Practices for Virtual Meetings - < > - Looking to bring order to chaos? So are we! We hope this document helps you guide your meeting participants into the most productive conversation 50 passionate neighborhood members can possibly have via a web chat!

Google Docs

Guide for District Managers and Chairs / Host Guide - Zoom Specific

Guide for District Managers and Chairs / Host Guide URL to this document - <> Last update on 23 March 2020 This document is Copyrighted by BetaNYC and licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution license &lt; <> &gt;. DRAF...

Google Docs

Community Board Member / Participant Guide - Zoom Specific

Zoom Guide for Community Board Meeting Participants URL to this document - <> Last update on 23 March 2020 This document is Copyrighted by BetaNYC and licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution license &lt; <> &gt;. ...

Google Docs

General Guidance &amp; Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

General Guidance &amp; Best Practices for Virtual Meetings URL to this document - <> Last update on 23 March 2020 DRAFT STATUS: This guide is currently marked as 'DRAFT' because it is still in progress. We are releasing a draft version because it contains a lot of useful infor...

lizbarry 21:48:10
I think we have an opportunity to set up "NYC Democracy TV" schedule of online government hosted events in the style of this brochure:
noneck 21:49:49
that's very interesting.
lizbarry 21:50:20
Ya, those are all Zoom meetings, but calling it "TV" somehow makes it easier to relate to.
noneck 21:48:18
If you want to see the practices that are being developed, Manhattan CB 2 ran a damn good meeting. < >.


lizbarry 06:18:47
:deciduous_tree:I asked around and I have several facilitators interested in addition to anyone who's already here in the channel.:cherry_blossom: Can you share any update on this rollout, Noel?:writing_hand:
noneck 06:22:13
the roll out is happening.

Phase 1 — we've been getting feedback from District Manager who have opted to be the facilitators of the meetings. We've published this blog post sharing our insight.

Phase 2 — there has been rumors that NYC gov is going to buy Zoom for everyone and the rumor that they ain't. i'm trying to pin down which way they are going... that's this week's goal.


Virtual Meeting Support for NYC Community Boards

“Necessity is the mother of invention. Community Boards are a fundamental civic platform that ensure accurate information is distributed to the city’s communities. They are our little n…

lizbarry 09:16:36
Thanks Noel! Who is training the District Managers to facilitate?
lizbarry 09:16:40
How has attendance been?