Month: 2018-10


patcon 17:57:33
I only have it running locally (so it won't be actively working when anyone here visits), but just wanted to say that i've gotten translation working using matterbridge and google translate:
#i18n-test-en #i18n-test-tw
patcon 18:01:08
once i get it running on heroku, does anyone know any smaller channels that we might be willing to pilot it?
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patcon 15:18:22
yay! translation is officially working nonstop in
πŸ”Έ #twc-g0v ↔️ #twc-g0v-en
πŸ”Έ #vtaiwan ↔️ #vtaiwan-en
πŸ”Έ #i18n-test-tw ↔️ #i18n-test-en (use this for noisy experimentation!)
patcon 15:19:12
@aelcenganda do you know who I might talk to about adding it to #general-en / #general
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ael 15:21:46
@patcon just put this in #general. Always ask questions publicly instead of trying to find the right person
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RS 16:38:44
Neat! Kudos to Patrick! (*Β΄βˆ€ο½€)
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