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Hey <!here>! Is this the sort of place where this tool discussion would be appreciated?

(*matterbridge* is a tool for bridging chat ecosystems.)


Allow transformation of messages via Google Translate · Issue #499 · 42wim/matterbridge

Describe the solution you&amp;#39;d like I am interested in whether matterbridge could be used to help unfragment international communities for which language barriers make collaboration difficult. It ...

ael 23:22:47
Hi 想問這邊有沒有人有興趣幫忙翻譯台灣因為智財權想要封網的事件,翻成英文讓外國人知道台灣有過怎樣的討論?可以到這個文件來協作喔

【翻譯坑】經濟部智慧財產局研擬封鎖境外侵權網站事件 - HackMD

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