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Ahmad Shadeed Blog

CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design - Ahmad Shadeed

Ahmad Shadeed - CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design

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你不可不知的10種FB CSS hack
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> Interestingly, the avatars in the home page feed are built using an `<img>` with a `<div>` element for the inner transparent border. Since the SVG technique is being used only for a few places, I guess that the reason of using `<img>` and `<div>` is related to page size.
不,我覺得是 related to 那個 component 有多老 lol


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A general purpose internationalization library in 292 bytes - lukeed/rosetta


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Vue Mastery

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Async is the interesting part
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對 purity 的反思也很有趣
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把整個 component 的 lifecycle,用 generator of JSX 來 present 這點真的 mind blown
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很像 hooks 的風格
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Hooks without React magic XD
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ZEIT is now Vercel - Vercel

Today, we have some very special news regarding the evolution of our company.


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How-To Geek

What’s New in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa”

Canonical released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on April 23, 2020. This Long Term Support release includes a shiny new desktop theme and dark mode. Under the hood, you’ll find an upgraded Linux kernel and a new way of installing applications.